Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1399 – The Saint Beast Qilin

Chapter 1399 – The Saint Beast Qilin

It was the innate Qi of King. The sacred aura emitted from the giant beast wasn’t any different from Big Yellow’s Divine Beast bloodline. To put it another way, the bloodline of this giant beast was a bloodline of divinity.

The giant beast was precisely the demon king. After Jiang Chen and Big Yellow got a clear look of the beast’s appearance, they couldn’t help but exclaim. “Fire Qilin.”

Whether it was Jiang Chen or Big Yellow, they were utterly shocked. They wouldn’t have thought that they would meet a legendary Saint Beast before they even arrived in Eastern Profound Domain.

That was right. This giant beast ahead was precisely the Saint Beast Qilin that existed in legends. There are five divine beasts of different elements, namely Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise, Qilin. Fire Qilin is the strongest amongst them and the most aggressive one as well, endowed with Divine Beast bloodline.

According to the legend, Qilin represented auspicious omen, and sacredness, therefore, it was also called the Saint Beast.

In this Heaven and Earth, divine beasts were already extremely rare, let alone the divine beasts of the five elements. Although they weren’t extinct yet, it was simply impossible to see one. Coincidentally, the beast that emerged in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow right now was precisely a pure Fire Qilin.

No one knew where this Fire Qilin came from. It didn’t seem like an adult Qilin. If it was a fully-grown Qilin, its strength must be earth-shattering. This Qilin in front of them was merely an early Immortal King, but that didn’t make it any less terrifying.

“My Goodness! There’s actually a Fire Qilin here. The emergence of a Qilin is a real sign of good fortune, but sacred creatures like Qilin are highly profound beings. Why would it run into this lowly mountain range to wreak havoc?”

Jiang Chen seemed puzzled, but that didn’t reduce the astonishment brought by the Qilin.

“Haha! Yes! It is fun, it’s too fun!”

The Fire Qilin spoke in human language, seemingly overjoyed with the havoc it created.

It instantly made Jiang Chen and Big Yellow speechless, knowing that this Fire Qilin had appeared here for the sake of playing, but the fact that it was playing with the lives of the creatures in this mountain range was too cruel.

“It seems like this Fire Qilin must be a Saint Beast of some super great sect. It has come here to seek some fun.” Big Yellow guessed.

“Big Yellow, there is no one below now.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow. His eyes glittered, the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of smiling intent.

“Dammit! But this Qilin isn’t easy to deal with. I’m afraid it’s even harder to deal with than Tian Muyun. Not even you and me combine can be its match.”

Big Yellow said. How could he not know what Jiang Chen was thinking? This was a Saint Beast, Qilin. The benefits of absorbing a Qilin’s blood was simply unimaginable.

Even though Big Yellow replied in such a manner, his eyes seemed more excited than Jiang Chen. The two brothers exchanged a glance and made up their minds.

Let’s Do It!

If they chose not to make a move, they would feel extremely sorry for themselves, because they might not have a chance to encounter such a fortune again after this. Just like Big Yellow had said, this Qilin was probably a Saint Beast of some super huge sect that had sneaked out of its territory and had come here. Therefore, this would be the best chance for them to strike. Once the beast returned, they would lose all their chances.

Of course, this wasn’t only a matter of audacity. The key had to depend on one’s strength. When both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow made up their minds to target the beast, it indicated that they had the capability to do so. Although the Fire Qilin had powerful combat strength and was very difficult to deal with, the two of them had already come this far and had experienced numerous fierce battles and incredible opponents. They wouldn’t know if they could defeat the Fire Qilin without trying. Besides, if they really couldn’t deal with the Fire Qilin, they would have no problem escaping.

One man and a dog made a quick estimation, concluding that they wouldn’t lose anything from this match. Moreover, being able to fight a mighty Saint Beast Qilin was also a rare experience by itself.


A large ma.s.s of stout trees were destroyed by the Fire Qilin. The huge body of the Fire Qilin appeared in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. By this time, over a thousand miles of the mountain range was destroyed by the beast. When the man and the dog emerged in front of the beast abruptly, it dumbfounded the beast.


As it regained its senses and realized that neither Jiang Chen nor Big Yellow had the intention of making way, the Fire Qilin roared angrily. To the beast, these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were courting death. Choosing not to run upon seeing it was an absolute disrespect to its existence, totally not putting the beast in their eyes.

“You two ants! How dare you block my path?! Are you seeking death?!”

Fire spurted out from its beastly eyes, showing that it was really infuriated .

“This place was opened by me. The trees here were planted by me. You have to pay a certain amount in order to cross this place. Bulky dude, did you know that this entire mountain range is Master Dog’s? How dare you come here and destroy all of my plants?! That’s totally not putting Master Dog in your eyes.” Big Yellow said composedly.

Upon hearing what he said, the Fire Qilin was stunned and had the sudden urge to spurt out blood. Where did this yellow-furred dog came from? Who gave this dog the permission to talk to it in such a way?

The Fire Qilin was truly angered, the beast felt that it had lost much of its face. Who was this beast? This beast was the dignified Qilin Saint Beast, but now, it was being looked down by a dog and called it ‘Bulky Dude’. How could it bear such an intolerable remark?

“*Roar……* You d.a.m.n dog! You dare to challenge my Saint Might! You are definitely courting death! After offending me, you won’t have the chance to live anymore in the Heavens and Earth. I want you to kneel down and apologize to me now. Then, I will devour you in a gulp, so that you won’t suffer horrendously.”

The Fire Qilin’s fiery eyes went wide open as it roared at Big Yellow. It was a Saint Beast with incomparable pride and has a very n.o.ble bloodline that was treasured by some super sect. Its lawlessness and destructive behavior regarded all creatures and humans as insects that could be killed with a single step. Jiang Chen would never be polite to such a divine beast.

“Go and kneel to you grandma. I suppose that you probably still don’t know Master Dog’s reputation and power. I’m afraid that you’ll be scared to death if I say it out loud. Forget it. It’s pointless to converse anymore with you. If you take the initiative to bleed and let Master Dog have a satisfied drink, Master Dog will spare your life today.” Big Yellow extended his claws and pointed rudely at the Fire Qilin.


These words had infuriated the Fire Qilin completely. The flames on the surface of its body instantly turned into a sea of fire, spreading towards all directions. All the flowers and trees within a hundred miles were incinerated into nothing.

At the same time, the Fire Qilin opened its maw, intending to bite this d.a.m.n dog to death. Only in this way could it vent its hatred.