Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1398 – Demon King

Chapter 1398 – Demon King

Even after Big Yellow advanced to the late Golden Immortal realm, Big Yellow’s Qi didn’t show signs of slowing down. Seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. The situation was exactly the same as he had expected. The foundation of Big Yellow was just too strong. It was only normal even if he advanced to the peak of late Golden Immortal realm in one go.

At last, Big Yellow’s cultivation base halted at the pinnacle of late Golden Immortal realm, leaving him only a step away from half-step Immortal King. Naturally, Jiang Chen was happy to see such improvement from Big Yellow. They were now heading for the Eastern Profound Domain, a place that was swarmed with powerful experts, totally incomparable to One-Line-Sky. In order for them to establish a foothold in Eastern Profound Domain, the only way was to have strong cultivation base. As such, it was very important to raise their cultivation base at this point.

“Stupid dog! You sure are making rapid progress.” Jiang Chen stretched his hand to touch Big Yellow’s head.


Big Yellow was infuriated. He opened his mouth and bit on Jiang Chen’s hand, which scared Jiang Chen, and he immediately withdrew his hand.

“Thought you claimed that you aren’t a dog.”

“How many times have I told you not to touch Master Dog’s head?! Let me bite you to death now!”


Big Yellow felt very angry about Jiang Chen constantly touching his head. Despite that, on the journey, Jiang Chen’s huge palm continued to touch Big Yellow’s head at random times, causing the man and the dog to chase after one another like cat and dog, which made their trip less lonely. Very quickly, a month’s time pa.s.sed by.

During this time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t remember how many miles they had flown, which only made sense because the distance was really unimaginable. During the journey, they had experienced countless hurricanes, encountered mighty demonic devils and even primeval barbarians.

But these obstacles weren’t worth mentioning to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, as they were easily resolved with very minimal effort.

On the peak of a mountain stood Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as the wind blew. They gazed ahead at an ethereal region across thousands of mountains and forests. All of a sudden, a sense of indescribable pleasure rose inside of them. Once they pa.s.sed these mountain range, they would arrive at the boundary of Eastern Profound Domain.

“Immortal World is similar to Saint Origin World. It’s a complete world of its own, but with different domains. Furthermore, the difference in Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi is too great. Even before reaching Eastern Profound Domain, I can feel that the richness of Immortal Qi here is already ten times the Immortal Qi in One-Line-Sky. No wonder the cultivators here are so strong. The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants, this saying is true after all. This is why any expert above the Immortal King realm weren’t willing to go to a miniature place like One-Line-Sky, and why the experts from those small places will venture into Eastern Profound Domain once their cultivation base reach a certain extent,” Jiang Chen said.

It had already been quite some time since Jiang Chen entered Immortal World. He had basically understood the situation in this world. Of all the nine Immortal Domains, each domain was an independent Immortal World that was separated by a spatial flat barrier.

But that was fine. If all the Immortals of the nine great Immortal Domains were to gather around, no one knew how much chaos it would create. In the vast Immortal World, Ethereal Immortal Domain alone was boundless in size.

“Beyond this mountain range is the Eastern Profound Domain. Let’s not delay anymore.”

Big Yellow said, turned into a ray of golden light and flew forward. Jiang Chen followed without delay. They had taken almost one month of time to travel from One-Line-Sky upto here, and their destination was already visible ahead of them at last.


Just as both of them approached the mountain range, an earth-shaking roar was heard all of a sudden from the depths of the mountain range. The mountains trembled and the lands shook.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

Subsequently, innumerable roars of demonic beasts rang. Even from a distance, Jiang Chen could already see the intense battle taking place inside the mountains. Blood was spurting out continuously from below. Some reached as high as a hundred meters.

*Hua La……*

Countless trees and vines were cut off. In the blink of an eye, all creatures within a hundred miles of the mountain range were emptied. Not even a plant or gra.s.s was left.

Innumerable demonic beasts were startled and began to flee for their lives, making the whole scene like the end of the world.

Given Jiang Chen’s and Big Yellow’s incredibly sharp senses, they could feel the strong aura of a demon king, a demon king of Immortal King realm.

“Dammit! Is this the extent of Eastern Profound Domain’s scariness? There’s already the existence of an Immortal King in a small mountain range like this. How ridiculous!”

Big Yellow felt the urge to spurt out blood. This was just the edge of Eastern Profound Domain, a small place that no one would normally come, but a demon king existed here. That was to say, the cultivation base of the experts would be beyond their imagination if they reached the inner part of Eastern Profound Domain, they were also afraid that Immortal Kings could be found everywhere.

“This isn’t right. It looks like there’s only one demon king here. The other demonic beasts are apparently weaker than him. But I’m clueless what made this demon king so mad that he has to conduct a ma.s.sacre here, as if he’s going to destroy the entire region. To the demonic beasts of this mountain range, this is undoubtedly an apocalyptic devastation.” Jiang Chen said.

“Wahaha! Submit yourself to me. All of you have to submit yourselves to me.”

Laughter rang from below. It came from the demon king. Its domineering Qi soared up to the sky. Within its domineering Qi existed a strong sacred Qi.

“That’s a very strong Saint Qi. It seems like this isn’t an ordinary demon king.” Jiang Chen’s expression changed.

“Let’s go and have a look.”

Big Yellow showed excitement. If there was only one Immortal King in this mountain range, it wouldn’t attract much of their attention, but they could sense a strong Saint Qi from the demon king’s Qi. This fact alone indicated that the demon king was an unusual one.

The two of them concealed their Qi, and drifted towards the interior of the mountain range. A mighty demon king wasn’t something they wanted to mess with.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Inside the mountains were the echoes of wails of demonic beasts. The sacred Qi was getting stronger. It had almost enshrouded the entire mountain range. All of the demonic beasts were bouncing up and down. Some weaker demonic beasts that couldn’t stand this pressure sprawled onto the ground with their body trembling.

They then saw a giant beast radiating golden light wreaking havoc on the place. In terms of size, it wasn’t particularly large. Its body was the same as Big Yellow’s Dragon-Horse form. The giant beast’s body was clad in golden scales. Surrounding around his body were red flames. It had two dazzling golden horns that looked mystical and a pair of fiery red eyes that seemed sacred and inviolable.

The giant beast shook its body, unleas.h.i.+ng its aura of King wantonly that made it look like the King of this Heaven and Earth.