Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1400 – The Saint War

Chapter 1400 – The Saint War

The fire of the Qilin was the sacred fire of Heaven and Earth. So naturally, its power was incomparably astonis.h.i.+ng, almost on par with Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flame. Currently, the Fire Qilin’s maw was carrying a strong sacred fire. If Big Yellow was devoured by the beast, even if Big Yellow wasn’t eaten, he would be burned alive.

Unfortunately, despite the Fire Qilin being a powerful Immortal King, it was impossible for it to devour Big Yellow in a gulp.


Big Yellow’s Qi had also undergone a tremendous change. Scales appeared outside of his body. In the face of the mighty Fire Qilin, he didn’t dare show any neglect. Though both of them were of the same level of divine beast, there was still a huge difference between them. This difference was too huge to be overcome. If Jiang Chen wasn’t present, Big Yellow would surely be no match for the Fire Qilin, because in this battle, Jiang Chen was still the main force.

A ray of light shot out from Big Yellow’s dragon horns, heavily colliding with the Fire Qilin. The enormous collision had torn the void around. The Fire Qilin closed its maw rapidly, but Big Yellow was just too fast. He fled away from the Qilin’s maw of fire.

That, however, didn’t make Big Yellow feel any relaxed. After suffering a powerful tremor, his Qi began to lose its order, and this was merely the wave attack of the Fire Qilin. Big Yellow’s current’s combat strength was already sufficient enough to fight ordinary early Immortal Kings. This Fire Qilin was definitely no ordinary early Immortal King. Even Tian Muyun would be no match for this beast.

“For G.o.d Sake! It’s a worthy Heaven and Earth Saint Beast. I’m no match for it at all.” Big Yellow said in dismay.

“Never thought a d.a.m.n dog would have such a powerful Divine Beast bloodline. Sure enough, this is a miracle. How wonderful! That means my trip isn’t in vain today. If I’m able to eat this dog, it’s going to benefit me boundlessly. My cultivation base will then be able to advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm.”

After discovering the Qi of Big Yellow’s bloodline, the infuriated Fire Qilin turned delighted. Due to both of them being divine beasts, they were able to sense each other’s mighty n.o.ble bloodline.

There was no way that the beast wouldn’t be excited, it had come out today only to have fun by destroying the mountains, forests and creatures. The Qilin never expected to encounter such unexpected harvest – a divine beast.


Just as the Fire Qilin was ready for another attack, Jiang Chen unleashed all of his Qi, and transformed into his dragon form. In terms of momentum, he was definitely not any weaker than the Fire Qilin.


Upon Seeing what had happened, the Fire Qilin exclaimed once more, staring at Jiang Chen in disbelief. From the beginning until now, the beast hadn’t bothered to even glance at this Golden Immortal human. In its eyes, Golden Immortal humans were like ants, some were even worse than ants that could just be eradicated by just sneezing.

The beast had never thought that this incredibly puny human would turn into a frenzied and lifelike dragon in the blink of an eye.

As a matter of fact, such transformation technique wasn’t surprising. Some major powers once had such secret art that could absorb the bloodline of divine beast and transform to achieve a temporary boost of power. What truly shocked the Fire Qilin the most was that the Qi of a true dragon could be sensed from this human.

There was no doubt about it. It was the true dragon Qi. Most people couldn’t sense such a Qi. Dragons were the King of all beasts, the true King of Heaven and Earth, the n.o.blest creature. The Qilin was one of the few divine beasts that could match dragons. That was why the Fire Qilin was able to sense the true dragon bloodline, just like how it detected the Divine Beast bloodline in Big Yellow’s body.

“Not possible. How could this be possible? This guy is obviously a human. How could he become a true dragon after the transformation? This is the bloodline of a true dragon. I can’t be wrong on this. How unbelievable!”

The Fire Qilin’s thought went wild, as if it had just seen the most unbelievable thing in the Heavens and Earth, that a True Dragon Bloodline could actually exist in a human’s body. Of course, the beast wouldn’t know that Jiang Chen had already achieved the full dragon transformation after he cultivated the dragon transformation skill. Currently, he had become a true dragon, a n.o.ble and real dragon.

“It must have been this guy’s great fortune. I have no idea what he had encountered that allowed him to absorb the bloodline of a true dragon. My luck today is certainly too good. These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have bloodlines of strong divine beasts, especially this human brat. His bloodline is even above mine. If I can absorb all of his bloodline, my cultivation base will surely improve by leaps and bounds, and my bloodline will become even n.o.bler. The Heaven is truly helping me. Sure enough, I have the most heaven defying luck in the Heavens and Earth.”

The Fire Qilin was incomparably excited, instantly s.h.i.+fting its attention from Big Yellow to Jiang Chen. The beast was planning to eat this dragon human first, then the yellow-furred dog. To the Qilin, both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were as weak as an ant. Despite them having divine beast bloodlines, they still wouldn’t be a match for him, because the gap in their cultivation base could never be offset.

“Brat, I advise you stand there and let me suck all of your blood. What do you say?” The Fire Qilin seemingly having a discussion with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was stunned, confirming that this Fire Qilin was definitely an idiot. What kind of stupid thought was that to ask one’s opponent to just stand there and die? Could it be that the beast really thinks that it had reached an unparalleled strength?

“True Dragon Palm.”

Jiang Chen wasted no time. The commotion here was too great and the Saint Qi of the Fire Qilin was too obvious. If it attracted the other experts from Eastern Profound Domain, they would surely be in trouble. So what he needed to do now was to end the battle quickly by taking down this Fire Qilin with the sharpest means.

*Hong Long……*

Jing Chen struck out the terrifying True Dragon Palm. An enormous blood-red dragon claw pressed down like a piece of barrier.

“Truly powerful.”

The Fire Qilin’s face changed. The beast had never expected that this human’s attack could be so terrifying, even more terrifying than the dog.

Of course, the True Dragon Palm wasn’t the reason for the Fire Qilin’s fear of Jiang Chen. As a mighty Saint Beast, it never knew what fear and dread were. In the beast’s mind, it was the absolute king that was inviolable.

The Fire Qilin moved, lifted its st.u.r.dy sharp claws, colliding against the True Dragon Palm.

*Hong Long……*

Irresistible force spread in all directions like raging waves, breaking the void into inches. Their attacks were too powerful. The residual waves alone that were emitted out were already destructive.