Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1397 – Heading for the Eastern Profound Domain

Chapter 1397 – Heading for the Eastern Profound Domain

The word White Dragon Temple came out of Tyrant’s mouth and Jiang Chen and Big Yellow already understood it. White Dragon Temple was the only Buddha Sect in Ethereal Immortal Domain, and also the holiest place of Buddha Sect. It was the dream and pursuit of almost every monk. So it was absolutely normal that Tyrant would go there.

“White Dragon Temple was the supreme holy place of Buddha Sect in the Immortal World. If you go there, you will definitely obtain tremendous benefits, but a place like White Dragon Temple will have intense compet.i.tion. You’ve got to be careful when you reach there.”

Jiang Chen patted Tyrant’s shoulder. This was what they called brotherhood. No matter what his brother wanted to do, he would gain unconditional support from the others. Moreover, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had no reason to not support him. After all, the reputation of White Dragon Temple was widespread. No one had never heard of White Dragon Temple before.

But White Dragon Temple wasn’t a place where anyone could just go. Given Tyrant’s gift, he wouldn’t have a problem entering White Dragon Temple.

“Little Chen, Big Yellow, the reason that I wanted go to White Dragon Temple was not because in pursuit of the prestige of White Dragon Temple or the supreme status in the temple. If that was the case, I would rather go to Eastern Profound Domain with you guys. Fighting side by side with you two is certainly much more exciting than that, but recently, I have obtained guidance from the G.o.d Trembling Monument. It was directing to where White Dragon Temple is. My instinct tells me that there’s something mysterious that there are humongous benefits waiting for me in White Dragon Temple.” Tyrant said.

After hearing this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s eyes perked up. They had seen the power of the monument before, especially Jiang Chen. In his eyes, he was afraid that the level of the monument was on par with the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. A supreme treasure like this must have a certain spirit. Since it was the monument that gave Tyrant the direction, there wouldn’t be a mistake about it.

“Good, Tyrant. This is a good thing for you. The G.o.d Trembling Monument will definitely not harm you. Furthermore, given your current condition, heading to White Dragon Temple is an excellent choice. Your growth will be beyond imagination there,” Jiang Chen said.

The role of White Dragon Temple in Ethereal Immortal Domain was the same as the role of the Great Lightning Tune Temple in Saint Origin World. Both of them were known as the holy land of Buddha Sect. Although the sect normally acted in a low-profile manner, none of them would dare to look down on the existence of White Dragon Temple. Each person that walked out of it was an eminent monk, a figure that could shake the world.

“You son of a b*tch must do well after going there, so that Master Dog can be one of the Masters when I go there in the future.” Big Yellow shook his st.u.r.dy tail and said smugly.

“Don’t worry. Brothers, I will now take my leave. You two have got to be careful when you reach Eastern Profound Domain, but I think there’s no need for that, because it will be those geniuses who will have a headache all the time the moment you two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds arrived there. It’s imaginable that Eastern Profound Domain will be thrown into chaos soon.” Tyrant said with a smile. Instead of worrying over Jiang Chen, he should worry over the geniuses in Eastern Profound Domain.

After a moment, Tyrant left without leaving a trace. Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stared at where he had left and only regained their senses after a long time of staring. The brothers had reunited for only a short while before they parted again. They didn’t know when their next meeting would be. Therefore, it was impossible for them not to feel a bit of sadness from it.

“Let’s go, we’re heading to Eastern Profound Domain,” Big Yellow said.

“Yes, we still have loads of things to do.”

Jiang Chen kneaded Big Yellow’s head with force. With this dog with him, he would never be lonely. No matter where and when, Big Yellow would always stay by his side. Too many things had happened along the way and the only thing left unchanged was the relations.h.i.+p between him and Big Yellow.

“Little Chen, I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?”

“Next time, can you not touch Master Dog’s head? Master Dog’s head is very precious. Your behavior is a serious disrespect to Master Dog, and it has severely hurt my dignity. No, I’m not a dog.”

“Okay, okay. I won’t rub your head again next time.”

“Jiang Chen, f*ck you! Take your hands off me!”


This pair of walking treasures quickly disappeared in the sky above Han Spirit Zone.

Jiang Chen’s trip to the Eastern Profound Domain foreshadowed the beginning of a new journey. Grudges and vengeance were doomed to happen soon. Jiang Chen had long been used to all of these and was fully prepared.

Besides, he did have things he wanted to do in Eastern Profound Domain – news about Wu Ningzhu, healing Tianji Zi and the matter of Yan Chenyu and the relations.h.i.+p between Yan Chenyu and Immortal Execution King. There was still a long way to go before Jiang Chen could uncover the secret within it.

As such, the most important thing for him right now was to get stronger. Eastern Profound Domain was exactly where he should continue his cultivation.

Han Spirit Zone and Eastern Profound Domain was too far away. None of them had any idea how many millions of miles it was. Even with their speed, they were afraid that they would need a month of travelling in the sky non-stop.

Along the way, one man and one dog were boisterous, totally forgetting the feeling of loneliness that they should have.

On this day, the noisy Big Yellow suddenly became silent, not saying even a word. His eyes seemed dazed. His body was constantly emitting golden light that flickered divinely.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. This was a great thing to Big Yellow. It was the sign of his advancement. Big Yellow had once absorbed tremendous amount of essence of the Immortal Execution Sword that had been hidden in his body, being refined from time to time. Previously, Big Yellow’s foundation continued to stabilize until he could finally advance at this time.

This time, Big Yellow was advancing to the late Golden Immortal ream or even the peak of late Golden Immortal realm from peak intermediate Golden Immortal. Adding the fact that Big Yellow had a strong bloodline, even if he was only at the peak late Golden Immortal realm, he could still kill a half-step Immortal King with ease. Even if his opponent was an ordinary early Immortal King, he wouldn’t have any problem fighting against it. If he used his terrifying innate ability, he would be strong enough to suppress any ordinary early Immortal King.

Of course, he still had the scariest trump card of all – the Immortal Execution Sword. Once he activated a trace of its power, killing an Immortal King was just effortless.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Not long after that, waves of golden wind began to surge continuously from Big Yellow’s body and his Qi began to climb. As his Qi soared, the bottleneck of intermediate Golden Immortal realm was broken past. At this point, his cultivation base had successfully reached late Golden Immortal realm, but his Qi had yet to stop.