Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1396 – Tyrant’s Idea

Chapter 1396 – Tyrant’s Idea

After departing from Skycloud Pavilion, not a single penny was left on Jiang Chen. This had undoubtedly put him in a difficult position as Immortal Meta Stones were indispensable in cultivating his dragon transformation skill. He must always have large amount of Immortal Meta Stones with him so that he wouldn’t miss a critical moment of advancement.

Asking for a hundred million Immortal Meta Stones was no doubt equivalent to robbing their wealth. It was a heaven defying amount of fortune, but Jiang Chen knew that these Immortal sects would be able to provide this amount of fortune. He knew this was within their financial capability.

Each of the five Immortal sects was like Skycloud Pavilion. One should know that the spatial ring given by Ouyang He had also contained one hundred million high grade Immortal Meta Stones.

“What? One hundred million? high grade Immortal Meta Stones?”

The half-step Immortal Kings widened their eyes and exclaimed, doubting their hearing ability. How dare this son of a b*tch ask for ONE HUNDRED MILLION Immortal Meta Stones?!

“Dammit! Kill me now, would ya?! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really knows how to ask. He’s the most shameless person I have ever seen. That’s ONE HUNDRED MILLION HIGH GRADE IMMORTAL META STONES! This is no different than murdering someone.”

“This is complete robbery instead of extortion. How brazen!”

“Ai! Let’s learn how to be contented in our lives. Compared to our sects’ fate, one hundred million high grade Immortal Stones are considered nothing. If all of us die, these wealth are surely going to fall into someone else’s hands later.”


Many of them had the urge to cough up blood. The way Jiang Chen extort was too frightening. The astronomical number alone freaked them out. That would mean five hundred million high grade Immortal Meta Stones altogether. How heaven defying was that?! Jiang Chen had truly become invincible.

But at the same time, some people felt relieved. After all, the cost wasn’t too great as compared to their lives.

The six half-step Immortal Kings revealed awkward expressions on their faces. After all, this wasn’t a small amount.

“What’s wrong? You are unable to come up with that amount? If you can’t, I will have you all killed now.” Jiang Chen’s body fluctuated, unleas.h.i.+ng his murderous Qi abruptly.

Seeing Jiang Chen getting angry again, the half-step Immortal Kings wiped the beads of cold sweat off their faces and said in a hasty manner: “No-no. We-we can come up with that amount. But Young Master, we don’t have so many fortune with us right now. How about I send someone to the vault to collect now?”

“My time is limited,” Jiang Chen said impatiently.

“Don’t worry Young Master Jiang, it won’t take long.”

A half-step Immortal King said, then late Golden Immortal experts were sent back to collect the stones from each sect. With the speed of the late Golden Immortals, it wouldn’t take much time for them to get back. So, Jiang Chen could wait with ease. After getting the five hundred million worth of fortune, Jiang Chen fundamentally wouldn’t have to worry about Immortal Meta Stones for a period of time.

Sure enough, it took less than five minutes for those late Golden Immortals to return with the astronomical number of stones. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s means, they didn’t dare show any neglect. To them, Jiang Chen was like a devil king that would kill if there was disagreement.

The late Golden Immortals that returned didn’t look so well. It only showed that although they had taken out a hundred million high grade Immortal Meta Stones, it had too much weight on their minds, that amount was almost all that they have. Now that the stones had been taken out, no one knew how long it would take for them to recover this much of fortune.

Of course, it was considered not bad that they had the chance to recuperate. If they refused to give Jiang Chen the fortune, they might be killed by him. In that case, they would lose everything.

“Young Master Jiang, here are five hundred million high grade Immortal Meta Stones. You can count them.”

A middle-aged patriarch came near to Jiang Chen, then pa.s.sed the Immortal Meta Stones respectfully to him with his s.h.i.+vering hands. This was like buying one’s life with wealth.

“En, there’s no need to count them. I want you all to retreat from Black Demon Cliff now.”

Jiang Chen waved casually. Now that the five Immortal sects had suffered serious injuries and been traumatized, they wouldn’t be able to recover within a short period of time. The first thing that they needed to do when they return was to recuperate. Similarly, the Black Demon Cliff had suffered an unprecedented and devastating blow and would take some time to recover. That was to say, Han Spirit Zone would be peaceful for a long time. This was the result that Jiang Chen had wanted.

The five armies withdrew from Black Demon Cliff at a very fast pace. It took only a minute for them to disappear from the scene and the Black Demon Cliff to return to its peaceful condition, but there was a nose-stinging stench lingering in the air. The ground was full of corpses, looking like an Asura Battlefield. If such battlefield was left unmanaged, the stench in the air and the aura of resentment wouldn’t disappear even after a month.

At this time, the Cult Master and the higher ups of Devil Cult moved forward hastily and expressed their grat.i.tude to Jiang Chen.

“Thank Young Master Jiang Chen for your kindness to our cult. If it wasn’t for Young Master Jiang’s timely appearance, Black Demon Cliff would have perished by now, and our cult would never be restored. We can never repay your kindness to us,” the Cult Master said.

“I did it for the sake of Han Yan.”

Jiang Chen replied casually, then vanished along with Big Yellow and Tyrant.

To him, Han Spirit Zone was just a little interlude in his journey. If it wasn’t because of Han Yan, he would have never interfered with the b.l.o.o.d.y war in Han Spirit Zone.

“Now, we’ll head towards Eastern Profound Domain.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Han Yan’s matter had already been resolved. Although he had no idea where the demon wind brought Han Yan to, he had already determined that Han Yan wouldn’t encounter any danger. So now, he could head for Eastern Profound Domain without any concern.

“Little Chen, I can’t go to Eastern Profound Domain.” Tyrant spoke all of a sudden.

“What do you want, you stupid monk?!”

Big Yellow was stunned, obviously not expecting Tyrant to say that he would leave at this moment.

Jiang Chen also looked at Tyrant with surprise, but he knew that Tyrant must have his own reason for saying so.

“Tyrant, do you have a new plan?” Jiang Chen asked.

To him, the fact that he could go to a big place like Eastern Profound Domain with his brothers was undoubtedly motivating, but if Tyrant had his own thoughts, he would never stand in the way. He would certainly support his brother.

“I’m going to White Dragon Temple,” Tyrant said.