Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1395 – Extortion

Chapter 1395 – Extortion

“My G.o.d! Is he still human?”

The Cult Master was dazed. Despite all the horrible things he had experienced, he had never seen such a horrifying scene. Jiang Chen’s means could only be described as heaven defying and simply shocking. One should know that those people that Jiang Chen killed were well-matched adversaries that had caused all kinds of injuries on the experts of the Devil Cult and were only a few steps away from eradicating the Black Demon Cliff.

“Scary…truly scary...it seems that Cult Master accepting Han Yan at that time was really a good decision. Without Han Yan, this Jiang Chen would never help us. Our hope has come!”

“Yes. Black Demon Cliff can finally be preserved. If Jiang Chen is able to kill all the half-step Immortal Kings of the five great Immortal sects, Han Spirit Zone will become the world of Devil Cult. Haha……”

“Never once have I seen such a scary person. He’s just a Golden Immortal. I wonder where he has come from. I believe that even those geniuses in the great Immortal sects of Eastern Profound Domain can’t be compared with him.”


The experts of the Devil Cult were astounded, but that didn’t hinder their excitement, because Jiang Chen was standing on their side. With the half-step Immortal Kings of the five great Immortal sects continuing to fall, it was no doubt, a great thing to the Devil Cult.

On the contrary, the experts from the five immortal sects seemed incredibly disheartened. The supposedly advantageous situation was suddenly reversed by one man. Their half-step Immortal Kings were no match for that white-clad youth. Both sides were at two entirely different levels. If it continued at this rate, they were afraid that the five great Immortal sects would be the one to face annihilation.

“Don’t kill anymore. We’ll retreat!”

Someone shouted at the top of his lungs. He was precisely the one who advocated the joint attack against Jiang Chen earlier. Currently, he even wanted to cry, knowing how serious the mistake he had made.

Four half-step Immortal Kings had already been killed, leaving six of them with pale faces. There was no more desire to fight in them. Immediately, they scattered to different direction.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen had come to a halt, holding the long sword, staring coldly at the remaining six.

“I have already said so before. But you all prefer punishment than retreat. There’s only one end for defying me—death. All of you would have to die today.”

Jiang Chen’s murderous intent was soaring skywards, but this was merely a pretense he put up. Having killed four half-step Immortal Kings, he wasn’t planning to kill the remaining six anymore. His objective was only to relieve the crisis of Black Demon Cliff instead of altering the demographic of Han Spirit Zone.

In a large region, there had to be an existence of a righteous sect. If he eliminated all of the half-step Immortal Kings here, this region would solely become the world for devil cultivators. Although devil experts had forthright temperament, every one of them was a frenzied and violent killer. Once Han Spirit Zone was dominated by the Devil Cult, all the people would plunge into misery and suffering. More from the five great Immortal sects would die in their hands.

This wasn’t the result Jiang Chen wanted to see. As such, he would have to keep these people alive, allowing them to have wars against the Devil Cult in the future, and maintain the balance of Han Spirit Zone.

“I beg for mercy, Young Master. We have eyes, but failed to recognize Mount Tai. We are willing to follow Young Master’s command, immediately withdraw our forces from Black Demon Cliff and never lay a single step on this place ever again.”

One man hurriedly saluted Jiang Chen. In the face of absolute power, all dignity was no longer necessary. The five great Immortal sects had suffered a serious loss. They couldn’t stand to see all of them being destroyed here, because that price would certainly be way too heavy.

“Yes, please be merciful to us, Young Master. I’m willing to listen to Young Master’s order. I apologize for what I did earlier.” Another man said in an apologetic tone.

“Humph! You think you can just come to Black Demon Cliff and go as you please? You all have wreaked havoc on our Black Demon Cliff, almost ruining it completely. All of you would have to pay a price for that!”

A half-step Immortal King elder of Devil Cult clamored. Knowing that there was a powerful expert helping them, he acted wilfully, wanting to take down the five great Immortal sects in one fell swoop.


However, as soon as the elder’s words trailed off, he saw the eyes of Jiang Chen. They were filled with coldness and ruthlessness. One look from Jiang Chen scared him so much that he shrunk and lowered his neck hastily. Only now did he realize that he had no right to speak. It wasn’t up to him to decide how the five great Immortal sects should be handled.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stand back,” chided the Cult Master hurriedly. He could already see that the elder’s action had annoyed Jiang Chen.

Was this son of a b*tch asking for death? It was already fortunate enough that Black Demon Cliff could be lifted out of the crisis today. If he wanted to reach out for a yard after taking an inch by giving his own remark at this point, he had to be complaining about his long life.

The remaining six half-step Immortal Kings mumbled, not daring to speak a word or escape, they weren’t stupid. They knew very clearly in their hearts what they needed to do now. Given Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness, they absolutely had no chance of escaping. They were now like meat on a cutting board, waiting for Jiang Chen to decide what to do with them.

Now, they only had regret in their hearts. They regretted not listening to Jiang Chen’s warning. They didn’t even have a chance now. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was like a peerless devil king, the G.o.d of murder that would determine their fate.

“I have already given you a chance earlier, but none of you knew how to cherish it. With my temperament, I will certainly kill all of you without leaving a single one alive. But I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll let the six of you leave.” Jiang Chen said.

From the reaction of the elder from the Devil Cult, Jiang Chen could already see the aftermath of killing all of the half-step Immortal Kings. If there were no opponents that could fight the Devil Cult, it was only a matter of time before the devil cultivators cause a havoc in the entire Han Spirit Zone. That outcome would surely be unimaginable.

“Thank you, Young Master. Thank you for your kindness.”

After hearing that Jiang Chen decided to let them go, the six of them were dumbfounded for a moment before they were overjoyed and expressed their thanks. A moment ago, they were enveloped by the fear of death. That kind of feeling was just too horrifying.

“However, it’s impossible for you to leave so easily. Each of the Immortal Sect has to come up with a hundred million pieces of high grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

Jiang Chen said, revealing a smirk at the corner of his mouth. He was going to let these people go anyway. So why not take the opportunity to extort some of their fortune, making him feel less sorry for himself.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

From a distance, Big Yellow and Tyrant smiled. They knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t take a loss in a trade. At the crucial moment, he would certainly extort something out of it. After all, what Jiang Chen needed the most was Immortal Meta Stones and a great opportunity had just presented itself.