Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1394 – Refuse a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit

Chapter 1394 – Refuse a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit

The five armies were agitated. They had been battling against the Devil Cult for far too long. They had no idea how long they had been waiting for this day to come. Now that they were about to succeed, it was extremely agonizing to let go of such chance now.

At this moment, the eyes of all the people had fallen upon their patriarchs as today’s outcome could only be determined by those half-step Immortal Kings.

All the half-step Immortal Kings exchanged glances and saw fury and murderous aura in each other’s eyes.

“This brat is too arrogant. How dare he tell us what to do? If we retreat today, we’ll lose all our reputation. From then on, we won’t be able to lift our heads high in Han Spirit Zone.” A middle-aged man with st.u.r.dy body said.

The influence of the five great Immortal sects on the Han Spirit Zone was very great. If they backed away after launching a large scale attack on the Devil Cult just like this, they would become the laughing stock of everyone in the future.

“That’s correct. We can never admit defeat, but this brat doesn’t seem easy to deal with.” Another half-step Immortal King said with a frown, he sounded somewhat worried.

“Humph! Don’t be afraid of him. No matter how strong he is, he’s merely an intermediate Golden Immortal. Elder Huang was just careless earlier. Even though he has the ability to injure a half-step Immortal King, if all of us combine our strength to fight him, that brat won’t be a problem anymore and we can kill him with ease.” One man said, his body radiating a thick murderous aura.

As a matter of fact, the experts of the five armies had already been overwhelmed by victory. To them, it wasn’t an easy task to force the Devil Cult to such an extent. So if they didn’t eradicate the Devil Cult today, it would be difficult to find a chance like this again in the future.

An uninvited guest had interfered in the middle of the war, altering all of their plans, but they were unwilling to give up just like this, because they knew that their forces were incomparably strong. Additionally, they didn’t know Jiang Chen. Even though Jiang Chen had already injured a half-step Immortal King earlier, they still thought that there was a chance in killing Jiang Chen. Moreover, the half-step Immortal King who had been injured by him wasn’t the strongest amongst them.

Of course, if they understood Jiang Chen and knew what happened in One-Line-Sky, they would’ve left by now, not daring to even breath while walking. One should know that Jiang Chen was an existence that could kill a true Immortal King. All of the One-Line Six Immortals were no match for Jiang Chen even though Jiang Chen was left with little energy. In the end, all of them were killed in seconds. Therefore, these experts right now weren’t worth mentioning at all.

“Jiang Chen, this is the war between the major forces of our territory. I hope you don’t get yourself involved in this. We can forget about you killing one of our elders earlier. What do you say?”

One of the half-step Immortal King spoke. Frankly speaking, they were still very afraid of Jiang Chen. After all, they had witnessed Jiang Chen’s ability. It would be great if they could avoid fighting such a genius, as their objective today was only to annihilate Black Demon Cliff.

“I will only say it once. You’d better not challenge my patience. Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.”

Jiang Chen put one of his hand behind his back and spoke in a condescending manner. He was like a king. Every word he said was a decree. No one could go against it, except he was now giving the five Immortal Sects a chance. If they didn’t know how to cherish it, he would beat them until they yield.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you get too arrogant. You aren’t from Han Spirit Zone. So why are you minding the business of our territory? Could it be that you really think that you can fight so many of us combined?”

Another half-step Immortal King spoke aloud, he sounded very angry. There was no way that he couldn’t be angry. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s timely emergence, Black Demon Cliff would have been destroyed by now.

“The things that I, Jiang Chen do, are not up to you to decide. I will say it one last time, withdraw your army from Black Demon Cliff at once and never step into this place anymore in the future. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

Big Yellow and Tyrant who were standing next to Jiang Chen couldn’t help shaking their heads, giving the five armies a pitying look, because they were now challenging Jiang Chen’s patience, which was an incomparably dangerous thing to do.

“There’s no need to talk any more nonsense. Since we are going to attack, then we don’t need to be polite either. Everybody, stick together and be careful. I don’t believe that we won’t be able to kill this Golden Immortal brat with all of us combined.”

A half-step Immortal King expert that held a blade spoke aloud, seemingly about to strike.


A powerful Qi was released. The ten half-step Immortal Kings attacked at the same time, seemingly determined to eliminate Jiang Chen with this one joint attack.

“Courting death!”

Jiang Chen’s dragon eyes twitched. Before waiting for his opponents to reach him, he lunged at them, turning into a ray of light, appearing before the group of half-step Immortal Kings like a specter. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand like the King of Swords, slas.h.i.+ng at one of the half-step Immortal Kings.

“Not good.”

Their facial expressions changed completely all of a sudden. At this moment, they realized that they were making an extremely serious mistake – that was looking too highly upon themselves and underestimating Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s attack was like a violent hurricane, whereas they were like the gravel in the hurricane. They were simply too vulnerable. The frenzied Qi emitted from Jiang Chen made them powerless to fight back. The energy in their bodies were so heavily suppressed that it was impossible to exert any of their combat strength.


The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed past with a wail. The half-step Immortal King was cut into half on the spot, dying instantly.


Another slash was made and another wail was heard. Similarly, the target was slashed into halves. This was totally a one-sided killing, a completely pointless battle. The gap between both sides was just too great. To Jiang Chen, killing them was extremely easy.


Jiang Chen launched two successive slashes. Imaginably, another two half-step Immortal Kings died tragically.

Everyone was dumbfounded. The scene was incomparably horrifying. No one would ever forget this moment. Half-step Immortal Kings were the pinnacle of combat strength in Han Spirit Zone. They were the highest existence in the pyramid. Each of them was a supreme and n.o.ble existence during normal days, but now, they were so easily killed by Jiang Chen like cutting vegetables and melons. None of them was able to resist.