Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1393 – Minding Other People’s Business

Chapter 1393 – Minding Other People’s Business

Big Yellow and Tyrant had flown to Jiang Chen’s side. After hearing what the Cult Master said, both of them looked stunned. They had never thought that such a thing would happen, but the Cult Master didn’t seem to be lying. That was to say, Han Yan had been whirled away by the mysterious demon wind.

“Little Chen, I have no idea what that mysterious devil wind is.” Tyrant frowned.

“One thing is sure. The mysterious demon wind came prepared. It came for Ah Yan. Otherwise, it wouldn’t appear in the Black Demon Cliff all of a sudden. After all, nothing as strange had ever taken place in this place until Ah Yan came. That is a bizarre phenomenon by itself.” Big Yellow said.

“What Brother Dog said is true. These past two days, I have been pondering, searching for the trail of the demon wind, but after it whirled away Han Yan, it disappeared without a trace, and not even a trace of its Qi was left.”

Cult Master spoke to the three of them with unparalleled respect. He was no fool. He had to be a shrewd individual in order to become the Cult Master. He could see that these three people were good friends of Han Yan and they had come looking for him. Moreover, the strength of the white-clothed youth was way too scary. Although he was only an intermediate Golden Immortal on the surface, his combat strength was really terrifying after witnessing it just now. A half-step Immortal King was forced flying away by a single strike of his. It meant that if this youth launched his real attack, that half-step Immortal King elder would’ve already died by now. This was almost an undeniable fact.

Currently, the Devil Cult was running out of strength and would soon succ.u.mb to the five Immortal sects. Jiang Chen’s timely appearance made him their savior. As long as the Cult Master wasn’t a fool, he would find a way to grab this opportunity. As long as he got the help of this young man, the Devil Cult would still have a chance of survival.

“Let me calculate once more.”

Jiang Chen said, and then circulated the Great Divination Art. He knew Han Yan’s Qi. So he was able to divine out some clues, but this time, he wasn’t able to catch any trace of the mysterious demon wind. This didn’t imply the incompetence of the Great Divination Art. It could only be explained that the mysterious demon wind was overly mysterious and the level of Jiang Chen’s Great Divination Art was still too low.

However, he did gain something from the divination just now. He could vaguely divine that this mysterious demon wind could be a fortunate encounter for Han Yan and there was no sign of danger from it, which had relieved much of Jiang Chen’s worries.

“That mysterious demon wind is too bizarre. My Great Divination Art wasn’t able to divine any trace of it, but the divination indicated that Ah Yan wasn’t in danger, and this demon wind may be a rare encounter for him.”

Jiang Chen said. “Since Ah Yan is alright, we can have a peace of mind while heading to Eastern Profound Domain. I believe that it’s only a matter of time before Ah Yan reunite with us.”

After listening to what Jiang Chen said, Tyrant and Big Yellow showed a relieved look. Regarding the means of Jiang Chen, they had an incomparable confidence in him, especially when this was related to Han Yan. They were absolute certainty that Jiang Chen wouldn’t make a mistake.

“In that case, let’s depart now. We don’t have to get involved in the affairs of Han Spirit Zone.” Big Yellow said, shaking his tail.

Hearing this, the Cult Master and the other higher ups of the Devil Cult’s facial expression changed drastically. This was their final chance. If they lost it, their cult would face its true demise.

“Young Hero, please help our Black Demon Cliff. If Han Yan is here, I believe that he will surely defend Black Demon Cliff no matter what.”

The Cult Master seemed panicked. He hastily saluted Jiang Chen. As a half-step Immortal King supreme expert and as the helmsman of the Black Demon Cliff, he was a proud man during normal days. Even in the entire Han Spirit Zone, he was a high and mighty existence at the peak of the pyramid. But now, he had no choice but to lower himself before a Golden Immortal.

Nevertheless, he had no complaints, as this involved the fate of their cult. This was the most critical moment, and the most important thing right now was their lives. Besides, Jiang Chen’s performance was overpowering. As such, it didn’t matter if he showed deep respect to a powerhouse like Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing what the Cult Master said, Jiang Chen slightly knitted his brows. Initially, he didn’t want to get involved in the affairs of Han Spirit Zone, but the words of the Cult Master had touched his heart. After all, this was the place where Han Yan grew. Just like what the Cult Master said, if Han Yan was here with them, he would have chosen the option to fight to his death to defend Black Demon Cliff.

In other words, the survival of the Black Demon Cliff was a matter of Han Yan. Since this was Han Yan’s matter, it was also theirs. Thus, Jiang Chen had decided to stay behind and help the Devil Cult. At least, he needed to ensure the safety of Black Demon Cliff today.

“Alright. I will help you today.”

Jiang Chen nodded, turned his head towards the five major forces. There were exactly 10 half-step Immortal Kings in the enemy’s forces. Currently, all of them had gathered together. Each of them was holding a terrifying Immortal Weapon that emitted strong killing intent.

Within the devil army, there were only four half-step Immortal Kings. Every one of them had suffered severe injuries, just like the Cult Master, and their condition was extremely weak.

In spite of that, Jiang Chen had to admit the power of the Devil Cult. It was a miracle that although the four of them had sustained such injuries they could still survive until now while confronting their enemies. This only showed how terrifying the existence of the Devil Cult was in Han Spirit Zone. This was probably one of the reasons why the five Immortal sects wanted to eradicate them.

“Listen up, five Immortal sects. I, Jiang Chen, will be in charge of today’s matters. I want you all to retreat from Black Demon Cliff now and never step in this place again from now on.”

Jiang Chen shouted loudly at the five armies. His tone was full of dominance and resoluteness, like an indisputable command, not giving any room for the five forces to say no.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, an uproar began from the five forces.

“What? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous for us to retreat just like this? We have already suffered huge losses since we attacked the Black Demon Cliff. In no time, we are going to destroy the Devil Cult. It’s impossible for us to withdraw at this time.”

“That’s right. This man is overly arrogant. He thinks that he can control the entire Han Spirit Zone’s affair by himself. He thinks too highly of himself.”

“But he’s really strong. Not even a half-step Immortal King is a match for him.”


Fury was plastered on many people’s faces.