Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1392 – Mysterious Demon Wind

Chapter 1392 – Mysterious Demon Wind

d to the shock that the five Immortal Sect felt, the devil army showed a look of surprise plus delight instead.

“What a powerful human! Who is he? Why did he come and help our cult? He doesn’t seem like one of us.”

“That’s right. He has already killed a late Golden Immortal from our enemy. That makes him our friend. With our forces gradually decreasing , it is extremely hard for us to turn the situation around. It’s a great news for us that someone that powerful has emerge to aid us.”

“Don’t celebrate too early. This man is merely a Golden Immortal. Although he has the strength to kill a late Golden Immortal, there are several half-step Immortal Kings in our enemy. I’m afraid that he’s going to die for sure if he fought those half-step Immortal Kings.”


Everyone in the devil army was remarking on the incident. No one knew Jiang Chen, but killing an expert from the five great Immortal sects had clearly stated his intention.

Jiang Chen ignored those amazed looks, turned to the devil army and spoke loudly: “Who’s the master of the Devil Cult?”

His voice was as deafening as a bell.

A middle-aged man with a st.u.r.dy physique stood out. His body was full of wounds. Apparently, he was already near the brink of exhaustion. If the battle continued at this rate, they were afraid that he would die eventually.

“I am, I wonder what can I do for you, Young Hero?”

The Cult Master spoke. No one knew the background and origin of this young man. Even the Devil Cult couldn’t be happy at this stage.

“Humph! Where did this brat come from? He totally doesn’t know his own strength. How dare he kill our expert? Courting death!”

Before Jiang Chen had time to inquire, one of the half-step Immortal King from the five Immortal Sects raged. At the same time, he charged forward, reaching before Jiang Chen in a blink, then struck out a huge palm at Jiang Chen.

To the five great Immortal Sects, nothing was more important than eradicating the Devil Cult. Anyone that blocked their path would have to die.

“Get lost!”

A trace of fury flickered in Jiang Chen’s eyes. This old man must be asking for death by interrupting his conversation at this moment.

He shouted loudly at the half-step Immortal King. Then, the expert felt a powerful impact and was sent flying a hundred meters away.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

When the half-step Immortal King regained his stability, he spurted out blood, staining his robe, and there were fragments of organs on it. His Qi was in a state of decline.

The elder was scared to death, looking at Jiang Chen like he had seen ghost. He was a half-step Immortal King expert, but a loud roar from the opponent had almost taken his life and had crushed portions of his viscera. Even though he was still alive, he had already become half-crippled. Such a severe injury would take at least a few months to recover.

“My G.o.d, is he still human? How can he be so strong?”

“He hadn’t moved at all and just shouted, and it almost took the life of the half-step Immortal King. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“What’s the origin of this abnormal man? It’s impossible to have such a being in Han Spirit Zone. Truly terrifying.”


Astonishment settled over everyone. The clamorous battle had now turned into silence. Innumerable eyes fell upon Jiang Chen, like they had just witnessed something mystical, especially those devil cultivators. Delight began to show on their faces, particularly the face of the Cult Master, as though he was seeing a glimmer of hope.

“Humph! You all better not provoke me.”

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. His cold eyes swept across those human experts. He then kept his Qi and reverted back to his human form. As a matter of fact, even without using his dragon form, his present strength was enough to deal with any ordinary half-step Immortal King casually, and the opponent would have no room to resist. After all, he was powerful enough to kill an Immortal King like Tian Muyun.

He only used the dragon form to create the biggest deterrent effect on both sides.

Right now, such a deterrent force had already achieved its effect. The entire battlefield was now in his full control. As long as those remaining five half-step Immortal Kings weren’t fools, they would never take the initiative to attack, because that was no different than seeking death.

Jiang Chen turned towards the Cult Master once more. Currently, the Cult Master had changed his way of looking at Jiang Chen. It was hard for him to imagine that this good-looking young man was actually a war G.o.d with heaven defying means.

“Cult Master. Let me ask you something. Has someone named Han Yan ever appeared in Black Demon Cliff?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Senior Brother Han Yan…so he has come to seek for Senior Brother Han Yan.”

“Senior Brother Han Yan has heaven defying means and possessed the complete bloodline of the Ancient Heavenly Devil and has once killed plenty of geniuses from the five Immortal Sects. Half of the reason that the five Immortal Sects launched an all-out attack was because of Senior Brother Han Yan.”

“Unfortunately, Senior Brother Han Yan has gone missing. I wonder what relations.h.i.+p this young man has with Senior Brother Han Yan.”


When the name of Han Yan was mentioned, a commotion occurred in the devil army, which helped Jiang Chen confirm Han Yan’s relations.h.i.+p with them.

“Young Hero, Han Yan is the number genius of our Black Demon Cliff. The five Immortal Sects have declared war on us because Han Yan killed many of their genius disciples,” the Cult Master said.

“Is that so? Where is he now?”

Jiang Chen asked with a smile. It seemed like Han Yan had done a good job in Han Spirit Zone and became a small devil king. The fact that Han Yan could initiate war in Han Spirit Zone by himself proved that he already had a very high cultivation base, or else the five Immortal Sects wouldn’t have been so concerned about it.

However, this was also what Jiang Chen expected. Han Yan’s talent had already made him very scary. After consuming the heart of Regenerative Lotus, the changes that happened inside of Han Yan was like he had been reborn. These, however, weren’t important to Jiang Chen. What was important was where Han Yan had gone to.

“We also don’t know where Han Yan has gone to, but the night before yesterday, a devil wind suddenly gusted through the Black Demon Cliff. The devil wind was incredibly strange and mysterious. This devil wind, that came from nowhere, carried Han Yan away. And then, Han Yan never came back,” said the Cult Master spoke.

The entire Devil Cult had no idea where Han Yan had gone to, but the devil wind on that night even drew fear out from the cult master. This only showed how unusual that gust of wind was.