Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1391 – Overestimating One’s Own Strength and Ability

Chapter 1391 – Overestimating One’s Own Strength and Ability

“The battlefield is too chaotic. We can’t find Ah Yan at all.” Tyrant said with a frown.

The situation in Black Demon Cliff was in total disorder. The six great forces were involved. It was a big war. Everyone was battling against an opponent. The battlefield stretched upto a thousand miles away. Judging from the situation, this was even grander than the war in Evil Abyss.

The battle of Immortal Kings, Golden Immortals, Heaven Immortals…all kinds of battlefield had been created, causing the sky to turn dark and gloomy. There were people who died tragically from time to time. Blood gushed out and flowed like a river.

The devil Qi here was billowing skywards. Bones and corpses were everywhere. It was imaginable to what extent this war had reached. It was either the enemy died or you.

The five Immortal sects decided to join forces to root out the Devil Cult for good. This was a great event in Han Spirit Zone.

“Could it be that Ah Yan hasn’t been here all along? Little Chen, use the Great Divination Art to calculate once more. If Ah Yan isn’t around, we don’t have to stick our hands into the business of Han Spirit Zone.” Big Yellow said.


Jiang Chen nodded. Similarly, he wasn’t interested in this war. This was the law of existence of a place. He had no need to break it. Just like the compet.i.tion amongst the four major powers in One-Line-Sky, any major power from a different region wouldn’t get involved in it.

He exerted the Great Divination Art once more to calculate Han Yan’s whereabouts. If Han Yan was here, it would be easy to determine his location.

After a brief moment of divination, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but frown once more.

“How was it?” Tyrant asked.

“Ah Yan isn’t here, but he has been here before in this Black Demon Cliff. The Great Divination Art indicated that Ah Yan hasn’t been away for a long time. There are still remnants of his Qi left here.” Jiang Chen said.

“It seems like Ah Yan must have a certain connection with the Devil Cult, but there’s one thing I don’t understand. If Ah Yan really is a member of this Devil Cult, given his righteousness, he definitely wouldn’t leave when the Devil Cult was at its most difficult time. He would certainly stay back and fight a life-or-death battle instead.” Tyrant said.

He knew Han Yan all too well. Han Yan was a man of sentiments. If the Devil Cult was kind to him, he would never choose to leave at this moment. Even if he had no power to turn the situation around, he would definitely stay and fend off the five Immortal Sects.

“Ah Yan seems to have his own reason for leaving. The people of Devil Cult might probably know where Ah Yan has gone to? What do we do now?” Big Yellow looked over at Jiang Chen. At this time, it was only Jiang Chen who could make a decision.

“It seems like we will have to interfere in the business of Han Spirit Zone after all. You all don’t have to strike. Let me stop this war and ask for Ah Yan’s whereabouts to understand what has actually happened.”

Jiang Chen said. Immediately, he transformed into his dragon form, then rushed to the incomparably chaotic battlefield.


Jiang Chen’s earth-shaking roar resounded across the battlefield. The roar was so great it trembled the entire battlefield, causing people’s ears to buzz, giving them an indescribable unpleasantness.

Such a huge wave naturally attracted numerous attention, ranging from the half-step Immortal Kings to ordinary disciples. Everyone stopped the ongoing battle and s.h.i.+fted their gaze on the uninvited guest. Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that this man used some sort of transformation technique to turn into his current form.

But immediately after that, the battle continued. Intense clashes broke out between the two sides once more. Both the army had already gotten into killing mode and they couldn’t be suppressed by a mere roar from Jiang Chen.


Seeing that his roar didn’t have the desired effect, Jiang Chen clamored once more. This shout was full of strength. Terrifying sonic waves spread across like tidal waves, enshrouding the entire battlefield. The chaos in the battlefield came to a halt once again. Countless eyes fell upon Jiang Chen again.

Up until now, many of them began to understand that this uninvited guest had come here to stop the war. That was to say, he was siding with the Devil Cult, because the devil army was losing their stance and defense. Their morale was at an all-time low. So apparently, this dragonman had come to aid them.

“Who’s this guy? I have never seen him before. How dare he interrupt the war at this moment? This is a direct opposition against us!”

“Humph! Another one has come seeking his death. He’s just a mere Golden Immortal, but he still dared to come here, attempting to stop the war. How ignorant! Let’s kill him now!”

“A man who doesn’t know the height of the Heavens and the thickness of the earth. I will get rid of him now.”


The five Immortal Sects instantly regarded Jiang Chen as their enemy. Victory had already filled their heads. The only thing that they knew now was to kill. They knew that the devil army was going to fall soon, and anyone who came to stop them at this time was their enemy.

A late Golden Immortal expert shouted, charging at Jiang Chen.

“Where did this frenzied and reckless devil came from? Let me end your miserable life now.”

His momentum was imposing. Murderous intent soared up to the sky. He absolutely didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. He had already killed innumerable devils and was packed with self-confidence, feeling that he was invincible like a peerless war G.o.d. Whoever encountered him would only end up dead.

It was a pity that this Golden Immortal expert didn’t know that the one he just met was the true peerless war G.o.d.

Jiang Chen glanced at the late Golden Immortal, then casually sent out a punch.


The scary knuckle wind was just like the most deadly cyclone under the Heavens and Earth, hitting the late Golden Immortal at lightning speed. All his attacks perished, like decayed wood.


Along with a wail, the late Golden Immortal was broken apart by Jiang Chen’s casual punch, and instantaneously died.

“This will be the outcome to those who doesn’t know their own strength and ability.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was serene. Killing a late Golden Immortal was as easy as crus.h.i.+ng an ant to him.


This scene immediately caused an uproar. Everyone’s face changed, including their expressions. Jiang Chen’s dominance and ruthlessness had petrified the whole scene.

“That’s too ferocious. This man is supposedly only an intermediate Golden Immortal, but he was able to kill a late Golden Immortal so easily. Truly unbelievable.”

“Who’s this dragonman? Could he be an unparalleled genius hidden by the Devil Cult? But the technique he used doesn’t look like their style.”

“Humph! So what? Could it be that they want to make a turnaround relying on the power of a single man? It has become an undeniable fact that the five great Immortal sects have joined forces to eliminate the Devil Cult today. This dragonman knows nothing about it. He thought that he could stop this war by just casting some techniques. He truly doesn’t know how to write the word ‘death’.”


Everyone in the five Immortal sects were shocked, but they weren’t afraid, because they were too confident in their own forces.