Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1390 – Black Demon Cliff

Chapter 1390 – Black Demon Cliff

“Rest a.s.sured master, I will be back for sure, and when I return, I will be able to heal you.”

Jiang Chen said resolutely. This was a promise to Tianji Zi, and a promise to himself, that this was a responsibility or a burden he needed to carry.

“Of course.” Tianji Zi said with a smile.

“By the way, Elder Daoist, send someone to Yan City to invite Yan Qingcheng here. I hope Elder Daoist can accept her as your disciple.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Daoist Yufeng. This was his wish before he depart, a knot in his heart. No matter what, he needed to repay her kindness to him. Yan Qingcheng’s talent was considered fine. It was just that cultivation resources in Yan City was scarce and its condition was poor. If Yan Qingcheng could have a master like Daoist Yufeng, it would certainly be great for her.

“Not to worry Pavilion Master. This old man will go and find her tomorrow.”

Daoist Yufeng nodded and promised. Just like Tianji Zi, he had never accepted any disciple in his lifetime, but since Jiang Chen had said it, he naturally would have to fulfil this duty. Besides, the person being recommended by Jiang Chen proved two points. One was the person was close to Jiang Chen. Second, the person must have an unusual talent, or else Jiang Chen wouldn’t have recommended her.

The next day, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant left without a notice. As the situation here had already been fully resolved, they didn’t want to alarm anyone in One-Line-Sky. In certain aspects, it could be said that Jiang Chen was a low-profiled person.

Thousands of miles away from Skycloud Pavilion. Two men and a dog stood in the air, looking down at the mountains and rivers below, and the horizon of One-Line-Sky. They couldn’t help but sigh. Tyrant might seem a little detached amongst the three as he had always been in Evil Abyss and had no grudges against anyone. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow on the other hand had been in One-Line-Sky for quite some time. Back when they had just arrived in the Immortal World, they were merely Human Immortals, like vulnerable little shrimps.

Along the way, there had been many difficulties and hards.h.i.+ps until they reached the pinnacle of One-Line-Sky. They had gone through peak after peak and venture after venture. This was their fate.

They liked blood-boiling story and journeys. They also liked b.l.o.o.d.y and intense scenes. Here and many places before had both happy and tragic story of theirs. Therefore, there would also be wonderful stories awaiting them in the future.

When someone rose, others would fall. This was what’s happening in One-Line-Sky. Jiang Chen had created a legend, an extraordinary life using One-Line-Sky.

Cultivation was boundless and life still had to go on. The end of this matter indicated the beginning of the next, which was them heading for Eastern Profound Domain.

That was the true arena of Immortal World, totally incomparable to a miniature region like One-Line-Sky. The difference between One-Line-Sky and Eastern Profound Domain was relative to the difference between Yan City and One-Line-Sky. It was like the difference of Heaven and h.e.l.l.

Yang Bufan mentioned that the Eastern Profound Domain consisted of two great aristocratic families, three great empires, and six great Immortal sects, which had to be packed with geniuses with monstrous talent. Such a ma.s.sive arena was just what Jiang Chen wanted. Competing with those geniuses was always an exciting thing.

“Shall we go to Eastern Profound Domain now?” Big Yellow asked.

“Before going there, I would like to find Ah Yan first.”

Jiang Chen said. They had never once met since they parted. Han Yan must have left One-Line-Sky, no one had any idea where he was. Now that the matter in One-Line-Sky had already been resolved, Jiang Chen wanted to look for Han Yan, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to relieve his worries.

“That’s right. Ever since I ascended to the Immortal World, I have never seen Ah Yan before. I’ve no idea how that guy is doing right now.” Tyrant said.

“Little Chen, don’t you know the Great Divination Art? Can’t you just divine where Ah Yan is?” Big Yellow suggested.


Jiang Chen nodded. His Great Divination Art was still at the Heavenly Vision Realm. Although he couldn’t calculate the specific location of someone, he wouldn’t have a problem getting the approximate whereabouts of the person.

Subsequently, the aura of Divination began to flicker outside the surface of Jiang Chen’s body, giving people an illusory feeling. Even Big Yellow couldn’t deny the divinity of the Great Divination Art. If this technique was cultivated to the extreme, no one could imagine how terrifying it could be.

A few minutes later, Jiang Chen reopened his glittering pair of eyes and fixed at a coordinate in the southeast.

“I have already calculated the approximate location of Ah Yan. It’s at that direction, a place near One-Line-Sky. It should be the zone of Han Spirit. According to others, Han Spirit Zone has a very strong Devil Sect. If I’m not mistaken, Ah Yan should have gone to that place. Let’s go over there and check it out.” Jiang Chen said.

Two men and a dog hurriedly rushed towards the Han Spirit Zone. This would be their final place before heading to Eastern Profound Domain.

Black Demon Cliff! This was the most important place in Han Spirit Zone as it was the sacred land of the Devil Cult. The zone had a complex terrain and forces. The compet.i.tion between Immortal Sect and Devil Sect was much more complicated than in One-Line-Sky.

One-Line-Sky had only four major powers whereas Han Spirit Zone had five Immortal Sects as powerful as Skycloud Pavilion and one incredibly strong Devil Sect.

The Devil Cult was a long-standing existence, and the Black Demon Cliff was like a heavenly chasm, making the terrain extremely perilous. Devil essence existed in this place naturally and the air was lingered with devil Qi. Which was why the Devil Cult could prosper in this land.

For many years, the five Immortal sects had been wanting to root out the Devil Cult from Han Spirit Zone, but they failed to do so. This showed how difficult it was to get rid of the Devil Cult completely.

The Black Demon Cliff was called the sacred land and the cause of prosperity, but recently, there had been chaos inside. An unprecedented crisis had struck them.

After a long period of planning, the five Immortal sects finally collaborated and besieged Black Demon Cliff, which had become a great event in Han Spirit Zone. The scene was just like the time when Jiang Chen eliminated Tian Muyun and the six One-Line Immortals, changing the situation of One-Line-Sky entirely.

The incident today was also going to change the status of Han Spirit Zone.

*Hong Long……*

On the Black Demon Cliff, there were humans and devils everywhere. Immortal Qi and Devil Qi was colliding with one another intensely, causing colorful lights to scatter in all directions. The collaboration of the five Immortal sects represented an irresistible force. It was like an ocean that had enveloped the Black Demon Cliff completely.

Battles and blood occupied the battlefield. The terror of war was perfectly displayed.

After Jiang Chen and the others entered Han Spirit Zone, they could already feel the combat waves coming from the Black Demon Cliff without further inquiry.

“What a scary combat wave! No, this is not just a fight. It feels like war. A war is going on in Han Spirit Zone.”

“That’s right. It’s a very cruel war. It seems like something big is already happening in this place even before we arrived. Let’s go over and check it out.” Tyrant and Big Yellow said.

“Let’s ask someone about the situation first.” Jiang Chen said.

Their speed was fast, reaching a city in the blink of an eye. Jiang Chen launched his palm. A powerful suction force landed on a cultivator, causing him to soar upwards to Jiang Chen’s side.

Feeling the scary Qi radiating from Jiang Chen’s body and his scary skill, the cultivator’s face turned deathly pale.

“Y-Yes, My Lord.”

The cultivator bowed before Jiang Chen. He was merely a puny Earth Immortal. When he encountered someone like Jiang Chen, how could he ever neglect this powerful figure? Today, a big event was happening in Han Spirit Zone and being grabbed by an expert to the sky didn’t make him less afraid.

“Let me ask you something. What kind of war is going on in Han Spirit Zone?” Jiang Chen asked.

The cultivator was stunned for a while but regained his senses. It seemed like this powerful figure didn’t come from Han Spirit Zone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be asking him ‘what’s going on in Han Spirit Zone’.

However, it didn’t matter at all even if Jiang Chen wasn’t someone from this zone. The cultivator immediately answered respectfully: “My Lord, today, the five Immortal sects have joined forces to attack the Black Demon Cliff, determined to eradicate the Devil Cult once and for all. This war has already been going on for several hours. I think the Devil Cult must have lost much of its defensive strength by now.”

After listening to this, the three of them were dumbfounded, seeming to have understood something. Every zone would have the existence of major powers, which would then lead to compet.i.tion. Besides, there were Immortal sects and Devil Cult existing in this zone, which made the compet.i.tion even more intense and long-lasting.

“Very well. That’s all that we want to know.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand to place the cultivator down. In the Immortal World, Earth Immortals still lacked the ability to fly. If he fell down from such height, he might lose his life. Jiang Chen caught him just to ask a few questions instead of taking his life.

“Little Chen, do you think Ah Yan will be in the Devil Cult?” Tyrant asked.

“Hard to say. Since we have encountered this, let’s go over there first.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Initially, he didn’t want to get involved in the war between Immortals and Devils, but since Han Yan might be there, he had no choice but to find it out.

Later, two men and a dog flew towards the Black Demon Cliff without delay. With their speed, getting from here to the cliff was an incomparably easy thing.

The moment they arrived at the cliff, they saw an extremely fierce war going on intensely, but that didn’t change the indifference on their faces. After all, such a situation was already considered ordinary to them.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows and immediately casted the Great Soul Derivation Technique. He swept the entire battlefield with his soul power, but found no Qi of Han Yan. That was to say, Han Yan wasn’t in the battlefield.