Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1389 – Preparing for Departure

Chapter 1389 – Preparing for Departure

It was over, but to Jiang Chen, another thing was just about to start. His cultivation path never stopped and he still had plenty of things to accomplish.

“Daoist Yufeng.”

Jiang Chen reverted back to his original form and called the Elder Daoist.

Daoist Yufeng didn’t dare neglect Jiang Chen’s order. Immediately, he came to Jiang Chen’s front and held his fists. At this time, whether it was Daoist Yufeng or anyone from Skycloud Pavilion, they had basically recognized Jiang Chen’s status in Skycloud Pavilion. The death of Tian Muyun made Jiang Chen the worthy Pavilion Master of the pavilion. Apart from him, no one else was qualified to a.s.sume this position.

“Subordinate’s here.”

Daoist Yufeng said in a resounding voice. This reply had no doubt acknowledged Jiang Chen’s status.

“Bring your people to the three major powers at once and subdue all of them. As for the ones who wouldn’t submit, kill without hesitation. From today onwards, there’s only one major power in One-Line-Sky and that’s Skycloud Pavilion. Anyone who refuses to accept will be killed! Any rebel will be killed as well!”

Jiang Chen’s voice resounded like a tremendous bell, like an emperor who had just a.s.sumed authority and was beginning to gain control over the piece of land. To him, everyone had to yield. Those who refuse would only have one outcome – death. This had been the cruelty in the Immortal World. Only the strong ones could stand; the losers were doomed to be eliminated.

So this wasn’t solely because Jiang Chen was a ruthless person. If he was replaced by another person, that person might be even more ruthless than Jiang Chen. There was one very simple example to explain this. If Skycloud Pavilion fell into the hands of either of the three major powers, its end would definitely not turn out to be any better.

“Yes, Pavilion Master.”

Daoist Yufeng didn’t have the slightest doubt about the order. Immediately, he led a group of experts, heading for the three major powers. Those who left had a face of exhilaration. Despite being in One-Line-Sky for so long, today was a day that they hadn’t even dared to imagine. They had never thought that this day would arrive so quickly. Therefore, the exhilaration they felt right now was beyond description.

“Pavilion Master! Pavilion Master! Pavilion Master!”

In the crowd, Fu Hui began to shout, followed by the others. It sounded like thunder as if all the voices had converged together, reverberating through out the sky above. This was their respect and acknowledgement towards a person. No one would have any objection that Jiang Chen was the number one expert in One-Line-Sky and the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion.

Seeing the Skycloud Pavilion with such momentum, Jiang Chen was relieved. When One-Line-Sky was fully unified, all the resources will be belong to Skycloud Pavilion. It was imaginable that the pavilion would grow rapidly in the near future with all these resources. Not only the major powers in One-Line-Sky, but also the other minor powers would surrender to Skycloud Pavilion.

“Senior Ouyang, I, Jiang Chen, had done what I promised. You can have a good rest in the realm below now.”

Jiang Chen spoke while facing the sky. He believed that what he had done today was what Ouyang He desired the most to see. It was Ouyang He’s lifelong wish. Now that he had helped Ouyang He fulfill his wish, he had already accomplished the task he had been entrusted with. This had also fulfilled his responsibility as a descendant of Ouyang He.

“Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion, listen up. Everything will go back in order. From now on, you will be the most distinguished people in this region. Skycloud Pavilion will be the ruler of this place. I will now go into seclusion to heal my injuries. Everyone has to listen to Daoist Yufeng’s command in the course of my seclusion. No one is allowed to cause any chaos.” Jiang Chen said.

He had suffered certain injuries during his fight against Tian Muyun. Although it wasn’t severe to him, he still needed some time to recover. Besides, he had used up too much of his energy during the battle and he needed time to recover.

Furthermore, the things over here had basically been under control. Daoist Yufeng alone would be able to take charge of the situation. Now, Daoist Yufeng was the only half-step Immortal King in One-Line-Sky. To put it bluntly, he was the number one expert of One-Line-Sky. With his presence, nothing would be a problem. Everything would be controlled by him just fine.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had another intention by pa.s.sing the authority to Daoist Yufeng. He wanted Daoist Yufeng to establish his own prestige. After all, Jiang Chen couldn’t really stay and be the Pavilion Master. He would need to leave in no time. After he left, the person that Skycloud Pavilion could trust the most was surely Daoist Yufeng. He was the true elder of Skycloud Pavilion. Last time, he was the follower of Ouyang He, he was certainly qualified to take charge of Skycloud Pavilion.

“Yes, Pavilion Master.”

Countless people answered in unison. None of them dared to disobey Jiang Chen’s command.

Later, Jiang Chen left. Before going into seclusion, he went to the treasure vault of Skycloud Pavilion and took a tremendous amount of Immortal Meta Stones. Of course, he took only the adequate amount of stones needed to recuperate his strength. Anymore Immortal Meta Stones would be useless. Also, these were the resources and foundation of Skycloud Pavilion. He could never take all of these stones away.

Furthermore, he was crystal clear about his own condition. He needed a tremendous amount of High Grade Immortal Meta Stones for his future cultivation as any quality below this was already useless to him. In the future, the lowest grade Immortal Meta Stones would start from King Grade or Emperor Grade or Venerable Grade or even the legendary Sovereign Grade.

Of course, One-Line-Sky didn’t have these grades of Immortal Meta Stones. Even the mighty Skycloud Pavilion only had a hundred or so King Grade Immortal Meta Stones.

Jiang Chen was now in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, having his seclusion. It was undeniably exciting to be able to cultivate inside. The Temporal Rule of 30 times was enough to drive people crazy.

This time, his seclusion lasted really long. It had lasted for month. Comparing this to the outside world, Jiang Chen had actually spent 30 months in seclusion, and 30 months of seclusion was equal to 2 and a half years. This was probably the longest seclusion Jiang Chen had ever had in his life.

Besides, this long seclusion was very important to him. Within the 2 and a half years of time, his cultivation base didn’t have the slightest improvement. No new dragon marks had been condensed, however substantial changes had occurred inside of him.

This was a kind of settlement and purification. The reason Jiang Chen had spent so long to get himself to settle down was to make his foundation and root firmer than ever, as still as Mountain Tai. This was a condition that would be very helpful in his future advancement.

A cultivator’s life was an incomparably long and distant process. During the process, one had to always remember to stop for a while and regain one’s calmness, so that one could gain more in the future.

In this month, historic changes occurred in One-Line-Sky. The Skycloud Pavilion had risen. Under the divine might of Daoist Yufeng, the three major powers had no other choice but to surrender. As Jiang Chen ordered, any rebels were exterminated at once. None of them should be kept alive.

Skycloud Pavilion was now the absolute ruler of One-Line-Sky. The incident of Jiang Chen killing Tian Muyun and the six Immortals had spread across all the small and medium districts in One-Line-Sky, setting off a great wave amongst the people.

Today was the day Jiang Chen came out from his seclusion. He came to the meeting hall and summoned all of the Golden Immortal higher ups of Skycloud Pavilion, because today was the most important day of Skycloud Pavilion. The day Jiang Chen had to make an important decision.

Jiang Chen sat in the seat of honor. Everyone including Daoist Yufeng looked at Jiang Chen with full respect and admiration.

Tianji Zi sat beside Jiang Chen with a slight smile. Only Tianji Zi had the right to sit in that position. Despite him being already a crippled man now, no one in Skycloud Pavilion would dare to neglect his existence.

“Pavilion Master, during this month, every matter in One-Line-Sky has already been resolved and the situation has been stabilized. Elder Liu, report the details to Pavilion Master.” Daoist Yufeng said to an elder next to him.

That elder rose, but he was interrupted before he could speak.

“Elder Daoist, there’s no need to report these little things to me. I have gathered you all here today as I have one important thing to announce. About the position of Pavilion Master, I have never really thought about it. Since the matter in One-Line-Sky has already been resolved and Senior Ouyang’s wish has been realized, I am preparing for my departure and will be leaving tomorrow, heading to Eastern Profound Domain. From now on, Daoist Yufeng will be the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion.” Jiang Chen said.

“What? Pavilion Master is leaving?”

Many of them exclaimed, but they soon settled down, this wasn’t something very surprising to them. After all, Jiang Chen was too excellent. How could a monstrous genius like him be willing to stay here and be a miniature Pavilion Master? Jiang Chen would never put this mere position in his eyes.

“Chen Er, is this your final decision?” Tianji Zi looked over at Jiang Chen.

“Yes, master. To me, One-Line-Sky is no longer challenging. Besides, there’s nothing I can do about your injury for now. As such, I’m heading to a bigger place in search for greater treasures and methods to help you recover. Master, are you willing to come along with me to Eastern Profound Domain, or stay in Skycloud Pavilion?” Jiang Chen asked.

No matter what decision Tianji Zi chose, Jiang Chen would agree to it. After all, he felt indebted to his master.

After listening to this, Tianji Zi shook his head. How could he not know what Jiang Chen was thinking? However, he knew better that going with Jiang Chen in his condition would only be a nuisance.

“I’m not going with you. I want to stay in Skycloud Pavilion. After all, I have already been here for a very long time. Furthermore, if I go to Eastern Profound Domain with my current condition, I won’t be of any help and will only be a burden to you instead. I’ll be waiting in Mountain Tianji, waiting for my good disciple to heal my injury one day.” Tianji Zi patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder.