Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1388 – The Legend of One-Line-Sky

Chapter 1388 – The Legend of One-Line-Sky

When these six experts took the initiative to launch an attack on him, it was just what Jiang Chen wanted. He could get rid of these experts as well after killing Tian Muyun. From then on, One-Line-Sky would become under the control of Skycloud Pavilion, which would complete Jiang Chen’s desire to unify One-Line-Sky, or could be said Ouyang He’s wish. As soon as everything was settled, he would leave One-Line-Sky and head for Eastern Profound Domain.

The six of them exchange a glance and saw fear in each other’s eyes. Although they knew very well that Jiang Chen was at his vulnerable state now and had consumed a lot of energy in the previous battle against Tian Muyun, it didn’t reduce the fear that they had for Jiang Chen. After all, they had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means before. Jiang Chen could even kill an Immortal King. This showed how far their differences was. And the ‘even scraggy camel is still bigger than a horse’ that Jiang Chen said worried them.

This was because this saying was right. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, they were the horse. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was the camel. Despite how scraggy the camel was, it was still bigger than a horse.

“We can’t care about that anymore. Let’s attack together. This will be our last chance. We have to fight it with our lives.”

Dugu Sheng said, gritting his teeth. By this time, apart from attacking, nothing else mattered even though they knew that this would be an extremely dangerous thing because they were left with no other options. This was their last straw. If they didn’t attack now, Jiang Chen would certainly deal with them later. By that time, they wouldn’t even have a chance to resist.

Furthermore, none of them had the certainty to break through to the Immortal King realm at the shortest possible time. More importantly, even if one of them advanced to the Immortal King realm, there was no chance of victory at all if they confront a peak state Jiang Chen. Tian Muyun was a good example in this regard.


Huangfu Yaotian burst into a shout. The six Immortals fully unleashed their Qi. They were very famous figures in One-Line-Sky, the existence that stood at the top of the pyramid. Each of their cultivation bases had already reached the peak of half-step Immortal King, leaving them only a step away from the true Immortal King realm.

*Hong Long……*

The Heavens and Earth shook. Havoc occurred in the void once more. Every place was filled with raging destructive energy of the six experts, converging into an ocean, submerging Jiang Chen in an instant.

Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion felt tensed, even tenser than the time when Jiang Chen fought Tian Muyun. After all, Jiang Chen wasn’t in a good state now. Apart from him falling into a vulnerable state, he must have suffered certain injuries in the previous battle.

“These six old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are too shameless to attack at this time, to take advantage to others difficulties. I wonder if Jiang Chen could handle them,”

“Don’t worry. Haven’t you heard what Jiang Chen just said? Even a scraggy camel is bigger than a horse. Even if Jiang Chen is vulnerable right now, they are still no match for him. They are no longer comparable to Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen is at his peak state, he can just crush them with just a finger.”

“We’ll see. I’m sure Jiang Chen will be alright. He has been creating miracles. Even the Immortal King Tian Muyun died in his hands. These six old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are nothing to him.”


Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion was worrying for Jiang Chen, but most of them had a very high confidence in him and his capabilities.


Just as Jiang Chen was enshrouded by the energy, earth-shaking dragon roars suddenly erupted. Then, colorful brilliant dragons rushed out of it. Every dragon seemed so powerful, as if they could rip the Heavens and Earth apart, just like those ancient mighty dragons.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

As the dragons raged frenziedly, the huge net of energy was broken apart inch by inch. The Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal was the most powerful attack in Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Combat Technique. So it was unimaginable how destructive it was when fully unleashed.

*Barf…* *Barf…* *Barf…*

Under the crazy impact of the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal, the attack of the six immortals was completely destroyed. The six of them suffered a tremendous shock, causing them to spew out blood simultaneously.


That was right. They were in total despair. Some of them shook their heads, and their faces turned bitter. They weren’t fools. They naturally knew what this situation signified. Jiang Chen’s power was beyond their imagination. There was no comparison between them and Jiang Chen. Despite the injuries Jiang Chen had and his weakened state, he was still able to suppress them with ease. It was impossible for them to fill up such a gap.

“Great! Awesome! Not even the six of them are a match for Jiang Chen.”

Someone cried out from below, lifting everyone’s spirit once more. They now felt even more excited than the previous battle, the fall of the six Immortals indicated the rise of Skycloud Pavilion and the extinction of the other three major powers. The status in One-Line-Sky would be completely changed.

“I have already said it before, you aren’t worthy of fighting me even with the six of you.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat. No one knew when the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd was replaced by the Heavenly Saint Sword. He looked at Dugu Sheng, taking every step closer to him.

“Dugu Sheng, I heard that you were looking for me everywhere, wanting to kill me. It’s a pity that you don’t have such capability even though I’m already in front of you now.”

Jiang Chen showed a cold smile. To Dugu Sheng, this was undoubtedly a ridicule from Jiang Chen. For one of the dignified overlords of One-Line-Sky to be ridiculed in such a way was surely miserable.

“Jiang Chen, I only regret that I didn’t kill you when I had the chance, which has given you the time to grow. Now that I’m in your grip, I have nothing else to say. However, I hope that you can spare my Profound Sun Sect after my death.” Dugu Sheng pleaded. It wasn’t because he wasn’t afraid of death. It was because he knew that he was going to die for sure, and that begging for mercy was pointless.

“Don’t you worry. After your death, there won’t be a Profound Sun Sect anymore in One-Line-Sky. There will only be Skycloud Pavilion left. As long as your people know what to do at that time, they will live.” Jiang Chen said flatly.

Dugu Sheng was dumbfounded for a moment before bursting into laughter. At first, he was filled with reluctance, knowing that Profound Sun Sect was going to be annihilated eventually, but very quickly, he regained his composure as he knew about the compet.i.tion in the Immortal World. To him, Jiang Chen was only ruthless to his enemies. If Jiang Chen was replaced by him, he would also do the same.

Furthermore, he could see that Jiang Chen’s character was a lot better than Tian Muyun’s. Jiang Chen was a man of sentiment, and wouldn’t kill innocent people. As long as Profound Sun Sect surrendered to him, they would be able to live.

“Come on, Jiang Chen.”

A burst of energy came out from Dugu Sheng. The Immortal Weapon in his hand was slashed at Jiang Chen. This was his final attack, which seemed to release the last glory of his life.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen was resolute in his attack. With a stab of the incomparably sharp sword, it went through between Dugu Sheng’s eyes, taking away his life instantly.

“You are a good man. It’s a pity that you have become my enemy.”

Dugu Sheng’s corpse was left in full after his death. Dugu Sheng was a man with sentiments. Even though Jiang Chen had to kill him, Jiang Chen still had some respect for him.

Another glorious figure had fallen. The faces of the other five Immortals darkened, standing motionlessly on the spot. They didn’t choose to flee because they had already lost hope. They knew very well that escaping was pointless. In fact, they didn’t even have the ability to flee before Jiang Chen. Failure was equal to death, which brought them only one result – just like Dugu Sheng.

“Jiang Chen, I want to have a life-and-death match with you.”

Xuan Yangyi attacked with his final persistence, unleas.h.i.+ng his most brilliant aura. He understood that this would be his last attack. His end would be just the same as Dugu Sheng. He didn’t want to die, but since he had to die, he wanted a magnificent and worthy death.

*Pu Chi!*

Without accident, Xuan Yangyi died just like Dugu Sheng. His life was ended with just one sword strike. Up until now, two overlords of Profound Sun Sect had died. This represented the pa.s.sing of their glory and the end of Profound Sun Sect in One-Line-Sky.

“It’s your turn.”

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time and energy. He held the Heavenly Saint Sword and struck decisively with speed like lightning. The other four experts had totally given up in resisting, so the four of them were killed in Jiang Chen’s hands instantly.

All four of them—Yun Zhonghe, Yun Zhonglong, Huangfu Yaotian and Huangfu Qun—had fallen.

By now, seven out of the eight One-Line Immortals were dead. All of them died in the same day, same place and the same hands. This fact alone was enough to establish a very high prestige for Jiang Chen, a prestige that would make him a legend.

Seeing such a scene, the one with the deepest feelings was Daoist Yufeng. The One-Line Eight Immortals represented the experts of One-Line-Sky all along. Today, all of them died except for him. This was both fortune and misfortune because what was left for him was loneliness.

“Jiang Chen was awesome. He has created a legend in One-Line-Sky. All seven of the One-Line Immortals died in his hands. He can now unify all the forces of One-Line-Sky. This is something that the four major powers have been wanting to do but failed. However, Jiang Chen did it.”

“This is clearly a miracle by itself. Do you still remember the time when Jiang Chen just arrived in Skycloud Pavilion. It seemed like his cultivation base hadn’t even reached the Earth Immortal realm. Who would have thought that he would have the means to revolutionize One-Line-Sky at that time?”

“To our pavilion, this is a great blessing, and the legend that Jiang Chen created could only be done by Jiang Chen himself.”


Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion was expressing their heartfelt emotions. Whatever that was left by Jiang Chen in One-Line-Sky would be a legend.