Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 138 – Lunatic

Chapter 138 – Lunatic

Chapter 138 - Lunatic

Dense clouds darkened the skies, and the horrifying scream was completely gone. The valley in front was portraying a scary feeling at midnight. However, what was happening within the valley was even scarier.

Three Blood Devils, with a pair of blood red eyes, were dressed in black clothes and were showing their sharp fangs as they stared at the prey in front of them. The way they looked was scary, as if they were some real devils from h.e.l.l.

Two men were laying on the ground in front of them, and both of them had died in a horrifying way. Each of them had two small holes on their necks, but no blood was coming out from the wounds, because, their blood had already been sucked dry by these Blood Devils.

“Jiejie, human blood is so tasty.”

One of the Blood Devils let out a weird laugh. His voice was hoa.r.s.e and awful, and it was enough to send a chill down the spines of anyone listening. He stuck out his red tongue and licked his fangs, his movements were enough to stop a baby from crying.

Four people were standing opposite of the Blood Devils. They were three teenage guys and one girl with just an ordinary cultivation level. One of them was an Early Mortal Core warrior, the other two were at the peak Qi Hai realm. The teenage girl wore blue clothes, and she seemed to be 14-15 years old. She was so scared that she couldn’t stop trembling and her face had turned pale.

“Jiejie, let’s wait no more! We’ll suck all blood out of these three men! As for the girl, bring her as a sacrifice for leader!”

The other Blood Devil was laughing out loudly.

“Gone, we’re dead this time!”

The four people were extremely frightened. These Blood Devils in front of them were all at the Mortal Core realm, and with their cruelty and brutal approaches combined, there was no way they could deal with them.

The three Blood Devils wore cruel smiles on their faces. Their blood red eyes were glowing with a strange aura. They slowly moved towards their preys, and while doing that, they were licking their pair of fangs, trying to make their preys more frightened. When they saw their prey become even more scared, the cruel smiles on their faces became even thicker. It looked like they weren’t in a hurry to kill their prey, and they wanted to make their preys feel extreme horror before drinking their blood, because that would make their blood even tastier.

“These Blood Devils are cruel and inhuman, they have cruelly tortured and killed the people of our town! Let’s fight them to the death!”

The Mortal Core teenager had an obnoxious expression on his face. That was his instinct to stay alive. When a human knew he was going to die no matter what, even at the last second, he would still try his best to stay alive.


These Blood Devils kept laughing. Right as they opened up their mouths to bite down on the humans with their fangs, two golden lights suddenly descended from the sky.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Following two swoos.h.i.+ng sounds, two Blood Devil who were standing in front of the teenagers had their blood spilled everywhere. The golden lights had cut both of them in half. Four chunks of dead meat was thrown onto the ground, and it kept twisting and struggling.


Obviously, the girl had never seen such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene before. She was so scared she couldn’t even remain standing, she immediately fell down with a trembling body. She was already on the border of collapsing when her friends had been killed by these Blood Devils. Now, after witnessing two Blood Devils getting slashed into two pieces, with their internal organs falling out and filling the air with a pungent smell, she just couldn’t hold herself up any longer.

The other three young men’s faces had turned pale as well. They tried their best not to vomit, but at the same time, they felt grateful and happy in their minds. The two golden lights that had just killed the Blood Devils were emitting pure Yang auras, and they were obviously from the bright side. The three of them weren’t fools, they knew someone had saved them.


The last Blood Devil’s expression changed. He immediately shouted out and raised his head. In the next second, he saw two figures descending from the skies and landing in front of him.

Although Blood Devils were cruel and inhuman, they weren’t idiots. They were similar to demon beasts that had intelligence. Besides, before they became Blood Devils, they were actually human.

This Blood Devil could sense how powerful this human and dog in front of him was. Just the energy they were unconsciously unleas.h.i.+ng was enough to make him feel extreme fear. If this young man in front of him wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t even have the guts to fight back.

“Blood Devil? What a disgusting existence.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. His words were full of hatred towards the Blood Devils. The way these Blood Devils looked were much more disgusting than the real devils.

“You, who are you?”

The Blood Devil had a trembling voice. He just couldn’t show his cruel and brutal side in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn’t say anything, he just took a glimpse at the two corpses that had been mummified due to all their blood being sucked out of their bodies. In just an instant, an extreme anger emerged in his eyes. After witnessing the cruelty and brutality of these Blood Devils, Jiang Chen had made up his mind. He wanted to kill every single one of these disgusting beings, and leave no survivor.

“Big Yellow, torture him a bit, but don’t kill him.”

Jiang Chen said in a cruel manner. Since these Blood Devils always used cruel and brutal approaches, Jiang Chen wanted Big Yellow to teach them what true cruelty and brutality was.

Right after Jiang Chen finished speaking, Big Yellow immediately leapt forwards and pushed the Blood Devil down with his strong and heavy body.

Crack~ ah…..

A horrifyingly loud scream sounded out within the valley. Big Yellow had bitten off one of the Blood Devil’s arms. His bones were exposed, and blood was shooting out like a fountain. The dark night was painted with a cruel color.

Big Yellow showed a ferocious expression. With another bite, the Blood Devil’s last arm disappeared. He kept screaming and struggling, but compared to Big Yellow, he was simply too weak. He couldn’t even move a bit underneath the suppression of Big Yellow’s energy.

Big Yellow used his razor sharp claws and left two deep wounds on the Blood Devil’s chest. The wounds almost exposed everything underneath, and it was very scary.

Big Yellow unleashed his primitive cruelness, showing the hidden brutality of being a demon beast. By using both claws, he kept scratching the Blood Devil’s body. In just a few seconds, the Blood Devil’s body had been badly mutilated.

“d.a.m.n you. So, you like to drink blood? I’ll break your fangs!”

Big Yellow cursed. He opened his mouth and spat out a golden light. The golden light collided with the Blood Devil’s pair of long fangs, and in just an instant, the fangs broke. Blood flowed out from the Blood Devil’s mouth, and it even stopped him from being able to scream.


The three young men who had just escaped death couldn’t endure the b.l.o.o.d.y scene any longer, and they started vomiting. The young girl had also finally reacted; her face was pale because she too had vomited. The Mortal Core teenager had a better reaction than the others, but his awful expression betrayed his true feelings.

“That’s enough, don’t get him killed.”

With an indifferent tone, Jiang Chen asked Big Yellow to stop. Of course, Big Yellow didn’t forget to spit in the Blood Devil before completely stopping.

Jiang Chen turned around and looked at the four people, then he asked with a smile on his face, “Where did you guys come from? How long has it been since the Blood Devils appeared?”

When staring at this handsome young man with a delicate face, the four people’s fear had finally lessened.

“Benefactor, we are all from the Redsun Town. These Blood Devils have been witnessed by many around Yellowstone’s area during the last two days, and we have no idea how many of them exist. Many people in our town has become their prey, and we’re actually heading towards Yellowstone City to get some help. We never expected to b.u.mp into these devils on our way, and we almost got ourselves killed. Thank you for saving our lives!”

The young man said.

“What is your name?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Benefactor, my name is Zhang Wei.”

The young man called Zhang Wei said. He portrayed a respectful manner towards Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen must be someone extraordinary. The powerful Blood Devil were like puppets in his hand, and they couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

“I’m Jiang Chen from the Black Sect. The reason why I’m here is to kill these Blood Devils. I’ll follow you to Redsun Town and get rid of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.”

Jiang Chen explained to Zhang Wei. Since the Blood Devils had appeared just two days ago, no matter how great their number was, they shouldn’t have reached every single part of Yellowstone. Jiang Chen wanted to make Redsun Town the first battlefield between himself and the Blood Devils. Besides, he couldn’t just ignore the danger that the Redsun Town was facing now.

“What? You’re from the Black Sect?”

Zhang Wei shouted with a surprised expression. When the other three heard he was from the Black Sect, their faces were immediately filled with extreme joy, and after they heard Jiang Chen say he was here to help them, they became even happier. Right now, the entire Redsun Town was in great danger, and the reason why they left the town was to get some help from Yellowstone City, but they never expected to b.u.mp into a disciple of the Black Sect along their way.

In their minds, everyone from the Black Sect was a superior being. Help from a disciple of the Black Sect was way better than getting help from any clans within Yellowstone City.

“Benefactor, there were a few teenage girls that went missing yesterday in our town, and just now, that Blood Devil said they would kill us first, then bring Xiao Ling to some sort of leader as a sacrifice. I’m guessing those missing girls has something to do with this sacrifice.”

Zhang Wei seemed pretty smart. The teenage girl named Xiao Ling besides him still looked blurred. Obviously, she had yet to recover from her shock.


Jiang Chen nodded his head, then he extended his arm and pulled over the Blood Devil, then he asked, “Tell me what this sacrifice is, and where those missing girls are. If you don’t say anything, I’ll slice off your meat piece by piece.”

Jiang Chen said calmly, but in an unquestionable manner.

“It was the leader! Our leader is cultivating a skill called Blood Sacrifice, and he needs teenage girls who are still virgins to commence the sacrifice ceremony! They are right in the depth of this mountain”

The Blood Devil dared not to hide anything, he immediately told Jiang Chen everything he knew.

“Bring me there.”

Jiang Chen grabbed the Blood Devil and flew up into the sky. Before he left, he turned around and told Big Yellow, “Big Yellow, you stay here and protect them I’ll be back soon.”

A few hundred miles away from Jiang Chen, there was a valley that was very quiet. There was a huge rock blocking the top of the valley, it was much more hidden than the valley Jiang Chen was currently at.

Within the valley, a 3 meter tall black altar had been built. On top of the altar, there stood a huge statue of a Blood Devil, and black mists kept emitting from it.

A Blood Devil was sitting right in the middle of the altar. His skin was filled with thick blood and qi which spread like spider webs. Underneath his body, there laid a teenage girl with a trembling body. Her pupils had lost all focus and liveliness, her blood was sucked out bit by bit.

Outside the altar, tens of Blood Devils wearing black clothes were standing solemnly. Next to them were 7-8 weak teenage girls. When these girls witnessed what was happening on the altar, the fear in their minds reached its limit. They couldn’t help but cry and scream. They had completely lost all hope of being rescued, and they were just praying they weren’t the next ones.