Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 139 – Crucial Moment

Chapter 139 – Crucial Moment

Chapter 139 – Crucial Moment

This was a horrifying scene, it was enough to make anyone who watched feel their nerves tensing up. These desperate teenage girls had completely lost all of their strength, and they couldn’t even struggle. Underneath the Blood Devils’ close watch, they didn’t even have the courage to commit suicide. They could only wait for their turn to be sacrificed.


After sucking out the last drop of blood, the Blood Devil leader simply threw the teenage girl’s mummified body away from the altar.


The leader opened up his blood red eyes and spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice.


Right at this moment, something dropped right onto the altar from the skies above, and it fell right in front of the leader. When the leader lowered his head and took a glimpse at what it was, he immediately roared out in anger.

The object that fell down from the sky was the head of a Blood Devil. The expression on this dead Blood Devil’s face was horrifying. Not only was his face covered with blood, the pair of fangs that identified them as Blood Devils were gone as well.


The leader stood up from the altar immediately, and unleashed a strong force of devil energy. The leader had reached the Early Heavenly Core realm. Amongst all Blood Devils, one could only become a leader when their cultivation base reached the Heavenly Core realm. They would then also be able to practice the Blood Sacrifice skill and use the blood of teenage girls to increase their energy.

The reason why this leader had captured so many teenage girls was to use them for his Blood Sacrifice skill. After all these girls had been sacrificed, he would be able to break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm. However, what p.i.s.sed him off was that just right after he completely sacrificed the first girl, something like this happened.

“Hmph! What an evil and demonic skill! Plunging people into an abyss of misery, this is not allowed by the laws of this universe, d.a.m.n you all!”

A cold snort sounded out from the skies above. All the Blood Devils raised their heads, and all they could see was a young man dressed in white with a pair of blood wings on his back. The young man was glowing in a golden light while holding a headless corpse. The corpse belonged to a Blood Devil.


A powerful force emerged from Jiang Chen’s palm and shattered the corpse. It turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, then it disappeared into the dark night.

“How dare you!”

The Blood Devil shouted out angrily. The carefully planned and prepared Blood Sacrifice ceremony had been disturbed, and this really p.i.s.sed him off. In his mind, the young man who came out of nowhere was simply here to court his own death.


Jiang Chen’s blood wings flapped, and he descended from the skies. Tens of Mortal Core Blood Devils immediately surrounded him. They showed their fangs and tried tearing him apart.

“We can defy the Dao of this universe, but we cannot plunge people into an abyss of misery. We, as the cultivators, we can defy the Dao, we can break the rules of the universe, but we cannot lose our roots; the mere mortals! All you Blood Devils do not deserve to exist in this world!”

Jiang Chen said out loudly. He had his own dao, his own set of principles. Although he was cruel and brutal, and used ferocious approaches towards his enemies; he was a man that could clearly distinguish kindness and hatred. In this world, there was no cause if there was no reason. These teenage girls in front of him were so weak and innocent, and these Blood Devils had violated the most basic human rules; they had to be killed.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh……

In an instant, dozens of golden lights were unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body. Each of the golden lights was like a razor sharp sword. With extreme speed, they pierced through each and every single Blood Devil except the leader.

Bam bam bam……

Soon, underneath the attack of these golden lights, all Blood Devils turned into b.l.o.o.d.y mist and died in a horrifying way on the spot. This was how Jiang Chen treated these Blood Devils. No mercy.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you kill us, the n.o.ble Blood Devils?! You’re courting your own death!”

The leader immediately became extremely angry. He never expected this young man who came out of nowhere to be so strong. In an instant, he killed all Blood Devils with ease.


The Blood Devil leader initiated an attack. He unleashed a huge blood red palm and a grabbing motion towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. An invisible force shot out from his body, and the powerful blood red palm was instantly destroyed. After that, Jiang Chen forcefully pointed his fingers like a sword, and three bright and huge golden fingers suddenly appeared and pierced towards the black altar.


The Six Solar Fingers was an extremely powerful skill. The altar that had been built with some solid hard stones immediately shattered and was turned into ruins underneath the impact.

The Blood Devil leader was shocked by what he saw. Now, he could only feel how terrifying the young man in front of him was. He knew he wasn’t a match for this young man, and therefore, he didn’t waste any time. He immediately flew high up into the skies and started fleeing.

“You can’t escape from me.”

Jiang Chen flapped his blood wings, and with extremely fast speed, he caught up to the leader. He slashed at the leader with his huge wings, and followed by a painful scream, the leader was cut into half by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and made a grabbing gesture. A red devil core immediately flew out from the leader’s corpse. It was emitting an evil aura, but at the same time, it also contained a lot more energy, qi and blood compared to ordinary demon souls.

Jiang Chen forcefully squeezed with his palm and broke the fist-sized devil core, turning it into bits of red lights that flew into Jiang Chen’s body.

“Dragon Transformation skill!”

Jiang Chen shouted. With the help of the Dragon Transformation skill, the devil core was completely absorbed within a few seconds. The evil spirit contained within had been purified by the Dragon Transformation skill, and what was left was the purest energy, qi, and blood. The devil core had helped Jiang Chen form two more Dragon Marks, making the total number of Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea 87.

This Blood Devil leader was pretty strong, he was actually a few times stronger than an ordinary human at the same level. But still, he was no match for Jiang Chen. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could easily kill any Early Heavenly Core warrior in seconds.

Jiang Chen retracted his blood wings and landed back in the valley. The frightened teenage girls just stared at him blankly. They were still shocked by what had happened.

“So, all of you are from the Redsun Town?”

Jiang Chen asked, but all the girls had frightened expressions, and none of them spoke. With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m a disciple of the Black Sect. The reason why I’m here is to kill these Blood Devils. Now, all of you are safe.”

Although these teenage girls’ minds were filled with fear, they could still hear the words ‘Black Sect’ and ‘Safe’. Besides, this young man in front of them gave them a better impression compared to those cruel devils. They knew this young man had just killed those Blood Devils and saved their lives.

“We’re from the Redsun Town! A few of us aren’t, but we are all victims of these devils! Thank you, benefactor, for saving our lives!”

A teenage girl bowed towards Jiang Chen. The rest followed her action and did the same.

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. If he had arrived minutes later, these girls would have been killed. The Redsun Town was just an ordinary town within Yellowstone’s area, and it was ruled by Yellowstone City, so it was pretty easy to imagine how vulnerable the town was. If these Blood Devils were to strike the town with full force, it would be a devastating disaster for the small town.

Jiang Chen unleashed his Yuan energy and formed it into a giant net, then he covered these girls with the giant net and flew high up into the sky and returned to where he came from.

In the valley a few hundred miles away, Big Yellow was wagging his tail calmly, but Zhang Wei and the other men were walking back and forth in panic.

“Stop walking around, you guys are making your father dizzy! When that guy attacks, you can expect nothing but success.”

Big Yellow said as he looked at them hopelessly.

Zhang Wei and the others immediately apologized to Big Yellow. After all, they did witness how cruel and ferocious this dog was. How could they dare to show any disrespect?

“Brother Zhang Wei, look, young master Jiang is back!”

“Look, that’s sister Xiu and the others, they are alive!”

Two of the young men saw Jiang Chen flying towards them with a few girls next to him, and they recognized a few of these girls from the Redsun Town.

When these girls met with their own friends, they couldn’t hold it in any longer, and started crying their lungs out. They cried so badly, as if they wanted to cry out all the bad things they had experienced.

“Young master Jiang Chen, you’re our savior, please accept our grat.i.tude!”

Zhang Wei and his friends bowed deeply towards Jiang Chen. They were really grateful for what Jiang Chen had done. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, none of them would be able to stand there anymore, they would have all become mummified.

“That’s enough. How far away is Redsun Town from here?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Not far, it is three hundred miles from here. The Blood Devils first appearance was in the Redsun Town.”

Zhang Wei explained.

“Three hundred miles, not far indeed.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. A distance of three hundred miles took him just an instant to travel.

“We hope young master Jiang can help Redsun Town and save us from this disaster! I heard that Lord Blood Moon is behind all these Blood Devils! The powerful clans within Yellowstone City are too busy looking for ways to solve this problem, so they can’t help us.”

Zhang Wei said in a begging manner. Right now, Jiang Chen was the Redsun Town’s only hope.

“Don’t worry. The reason why I’m here is to kill that Lord Blood Moon. Zhang Wei, lead the way to Redsun Town.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, an expression of extreme joy immediately filled Zhang Wei and the other people’s faces. They had witnessed Jiang Chen’s skill just now, and since Jiang Chen was from the Black Sect, it gave them tremendous confidence in his abilities. They believed, with Jiang Chen’s help, that Redsun Town would definitely escape from this threat.

With help from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Zhang Wei and the others had finally experienced the feeling of flying. They were now rus.h.i.+ng towards the direction of the Redsun Town.

“Zhang Wei, who is the strongest man in Redsun Town?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Benefactor, Redsun Town is just a small town within the Qi Province. Only the town marshal has reached the Early Heavenly Core realm. However, the town marshal is pretty old now, and there’s no way he can defeat the powerful Blood Devils.”

Zhang Wei said.

Jiang Chen silently nodded his head. Redsun Town was indeed a small town, but compared to Red City and Fragrant Sky City, it was actually stronger. This was the difference caused by territory.

There was only one Heavenly Core warrior in the Redsun Town, and if these Blood Devils were to decide to attack the town, by just sending a leader alone the town would fall in no time. But luckily, the Blood Devils hadn’t been here for a long time, and it wasn’t too late for Jiang Chen to help.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s speed was incredible. They soon arrived outside of Red Stun Town. Looking from afar, they found there was fire burning everywhere within the town, and a dark cloud hovering above.

“d.a.m.n, something bad is happening, those devils have started slaughtering the town folk!”

Zhang Wei’s expression immediately changed. What he had worried about the most had begun happening.