Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 137 – Blood Devil

Chapter 137 – Blood Devil

Chapter 137 – Blood Devil

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, who is that Blood Devil?”

Yan Chen Yu walked up to Jiang Chen and asked with a worried expression. Since the Sect Chief said that this was a punishment for Jiang Chen; that meant this task was not an easy one. Blood Devil, just by the name itself, one could tell that it was not something that could be easily dealt with.

Jiang Chen shook his head. Blood Devil, he also did not know what that was.


Right at this moment, a figure landed in Jiang Chen’s courtyard from above. It was Guo Shan who came with a panicked expression.

“Brother Jiang, you can’t take this task! I’ll go to the Sect Chief now and ask him to cancel the a.s.signment! If not, I’ll go together with you.”

Guo Shan said. Form his words, Jiang Chen could tell he was quite scared of this Blood Devil.

“Older brother, what is this Blood Devil? Does a devil race truly exist in the Qi Province?”

Jiang Chen asked. There were actually real devils existing in the Divine Continent. In his past life, Jiang Chen had fought lots of powerful devil kings, therefore, he knew how terrifying the devil race was.

“No, the Blood Devil isn’t a real devil. However, they are a hundred times crueler and more brutal than real devils. These Blood Devils are actually human, but they cultivate the Blood Devil cultivation skill which make them cruel and ruthless. They’ve lost all their humanity, and their minds only know how to kill without mercy. That’s why they’re called Blood Devils.”

Guo Shan said.

“Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

“Decades ago, a Blood Devil who called himself Blood Moon Shaman made his debut in the Qi Province. This man was brutal, and not only did he drink the blood of innocents, he also established a sect called the Blood Moon Sect. He taught and brought out a lot of new Blood Devils, causing huge terror for the Qi Province. In the end, he was killed by the cooperation of all Sect Chiefs of the four big sects. And against all expectation, a new Blood Devil who calls himself Lord Blood Moon has appeared.”

Guo Shan said.

After listening to Guo Shan’s explanation, Jiang Chen nodded his head. With a stern expression, he said, “They are just good for nothing. Their actions brings no benefits, they only harm. They shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in this world. I’ll accept this task. I want to see this Lord Blood Moon with my own eyes.”

“Brother, Yellowstone is within the Black Sect’s territory, that’s why killing this Blood Devil is not only your responsibility. All disciples of the Black Sect have the same responsibility. If you go alone, I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it by yourself. Besides, Lord Blood Moon could cause such a huge disturbance, I’m sure he’s someone pretty powerful, and he won’t be easy to deal with!”

Guo Shan still objected to Jiang Chen accepting the task.

“I have to accept this task no matter what, this is a test and a training opportunity given to me by the Sect Chief himself. There is only one year left before the fight between me and Nan Bei Chao, and you have told me this before, the Sect Chief has placed his hopes on me. That’s why he won’t give me a task that could get me killed, but at the same time, he wishes I can become stronger within a shorter period of time. The task regarding me killing this Blood Devil is actually a perfect opportunity for me to train.”

Jiang Chen said. He could understand Daoist Black’s thinking. With Jiang Chen’s potential and talent, there was no way Daoist Black would push him into a burning h.e.l.l. The task looked almost impossible to accomplish, but it actually gave Jiang Chen an opportunity to grow. Once Jiang Chen became stronger during the mission, he would be able to accomplish the task.

Secondly, Daoist Black was using this as an excuse to punish Jiang Chen. After all, Jiang Chen had caused a really big disturbance yesterday, and if nothing was done by the Sect Chief, the Black Sect would become a place with no rules and laws.

“It is good that you’re able to understand the Sect Chief’s reasoning behind a.s.signing you to this task. However, it is a really dangerous mission, are you sure you want to go alone, brother?”

Guo Shan showed a delighted expression towards Jiang Chen, because Jiang Chen could always see things clearer than others.

“That’s right. I have decided to accept this task.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. In fact, this mission really came at the perfect time. He had just completely absorbed the Five Elemental Pill, and the most important thing for him to do right now was break through to the Heavenly Core realm, and there was no way he could do that in the Black Sect. Jiang Chen had actually prepared to do it in the Myriad Demon Mountain, but before he could leave, Daoist Black had a.s.signed him a task. Although the Blood Devils were cruel and brutal, the risk involved was actually lower than the risk deep within the Myriad Demon Mountain.

Jiang Chen was once the greatest Saint in the world, how could he be scared by a bunch of Blood Devils?

“Alright, since you had made up your mind, I won’t stop you from going anymore, with your abilities and skill, I believe ordinary Blood Sucking Demons won’t be your match at all, you just have to be extra careful with the Lord Blood Moon, this guy must be as cunning as the Blood Moon Shaman, and shouldn’t be someone who is easy to deal with.”

Guo Shan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder.

“Older brother, before I leave, I have something I need your help with.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Please tell me, brother. As long as older brother can do it, I will do it no matter what.”

Guo Shan’s expression became serious.

“Big Yellow and I will begin our journey to Yellowstone tonight, and Xiao Yu will stay behind. Older brother, please help me take good care of her, I’m afraid Fan Kun might harm her.”

When Jiang Chen decided to leave, the one he worried about the most was actually Yan Chen Yu. Although her Nine Yin Meridians were very powerful, the energy of their enemies was even stronger. If Fan Kun wanted to find trouble with her, Yan Chen Yu wouldn’t be able to defend herself alone.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, I want to go with you!”

Yan Chen Yu immediately said.

“Xiao Yu, right now, I still don’t have too many details regarding this task. If you follow us, I won’t be able to focus on the mission. You should just stay here and spend some time on your cultivation. Once I kill that Blood Devil, I’ll immediately return.”

Jiang Chen placed his arms around Yan Chen Yu and spoke to her gently.

“Alright. But, Big Bro Jiang Chen, you must promise me to take good care of yourself!”

Yan Chen Yu nodded her head. Although she couldn’t bear to be separated from Jiang Chen, she could still understand his decision. Not only was she unable to provide them with much help, she might even become a burden.

“Rest a.s.sured, brother. No one dares to mess around in the Black Sect. If Fan Kun wants to harm Xiao Yu, not only I, even the Sect Chief won’t allow that to happen.”

Guo Shan promised Jiang Chen.

“Good. Then, we’ll leave now.”

Jiang Chen spread his blood wings and flew high up into the sky, and soon he disappeared from the Black Sect. Big Yellow also flapped his wings of light and followed next to Jiang Chen. When the disciples saw Jiang Chen depart, all of them were astonished by his decision.

“So, Jiang Chen really accepted the task and is now leaving towards Yellowstone? Doesn’t he know the risk behind this task?”

“This is a task a.s.signed to him by the Sect Chief himself, there is no way he could reject. I wonder if it was because of Fan Kun and his grandfather doing something behind the scene that caused Jiang Chen to receive this punishment.”

“This task is like a suicide mission; I wonder if Jiang Chen will come back alive.”


A lot of disciples were sighing, especially those outer circle disciples who had become followers of Jiang Chen. All of them carried worried expressions.

In the depths of the Black Mountain, Fan Zhong Tang and his grandson Fan Kun were gathered together in a secret chamber, both of them looked happy.

“Haha, I never expected that the Sect Chief would a.s.sign such a mission for Jiang Chen! He is dead meat for sure!”

Fan Kun laughed out loud.

“Hmph! The Sect Chief’s true motive isn’t to punish, but to give an opportunity for Jiang Chen to train himself. He is cultivating Jiang Chen to become Nan Bei Chao’s biggest rival.”

Fan Zhong Tang let out a cold snort.

“Grandfather, I have gathered all information regarding this mission. Lord Blood Moon has a cultivation base at the peak of the Heavenly Core realm, and combined with his terrifying Blood Devil skills, even I wouldn’t be his match! If Jiang Chen meets Lord Blood Moon, the only ending for him would be death.”

Fan Kun sneered.

“We can’t underestimate Jiang Chen, he will certainly become someone great. Since we are working for Nan Bei Chao, we will need to help him kill Jiang Chen, and this is a good opportunity.”

A fierce look appeared in Fan Zhong Tang’s eyes. Even with his Mid Divine Core cultivation base, he was working for Nan Bei Chao. No one would believe this. Nan Bei Chao’s approaches was truly incredible.

“Grandfather, you mean to kill Jiang Chen secretly?”

Fan Kun asked.

“No, you can’t go anywhere now. The Sect Chief is a brilliant man, and if you leave now, even an idiot would be able to tell that you are heading to kill Jiang Chen.”

Fan Zhong Tang said.

“That’s true. But, I think there’s no need to worry so much. Jiang Chen always thinks highly of himself, and he never takes others seriously. This time he was sent to get rid of that Blood Devil, this is indeed a suicide mission.”

Fan Kun had a joyful expression.

“Send someone to pay attention to Yellowstone’s area, if the Blood Devils can’t kill Jiang Chen, ask these men to inform the Heavenly Sword Sect about Jiang Chen’s whereabouts.”

Fan Zhong Tang said with a sneer on his face.

“That’s right, Liang Xiao’s determination to kill Jiang Chen is even stronger than ours!”

Fan Kun said with a loud laugh.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were flying quickly. Around midnight, they had nearly arrived at Yellowstone.

“The mission of killing the Blood Devil is actually a good way for you to train, it is a big opportunity as well.”

Big Yellow said.

“That’s right. I am cultivating a unique skill, and it gives me rich qi and intense blood. Both of these are the best weapons against all devils. Also, you are a descendant of the Dragon Horse, those devils are afraid of you as well. Although the Blood Devils are humans, they have somewhat transformed into devils, and there will be devil cores formed in their bodies. The benefits we can get from absorbing devil cores is much better than the benefits we can get from absorbing demon souls from demon beasts. After absorbing the Five Elemental Pill and strengthening my foundation, I can use this opportunity to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.”

Jiang Chen said.

Yellowstone was a stretched area of more than ten thousand miles in circ.u.mference. Right in the center of Yellowstone, Yellowstone City was located. There were also two more cities in the area, however, because Yellowstone wasn’t located in a strategic location, there weren’t any powerful clans in the area. Of course, even the weakest clans of the Qi Province were much stronger than Red City.

Right in front of them was a desolate mountain range. Even though it was midnight, they could see a faded mist covering the mountain. Jiang Chen could smell blood from within the mountain range.

“There are Blood Devils in this mountain range.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.

“How do you know that?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen and asked.

“There is something called perception. Big Yellow, there’s still a lot more you need to learn.”

Jiang Chen burst out in laughter.

“Brat, your father’s perception towards treasure is something you will never have!”

Big Yellow snorted at Jiang Chen’s words and made him speechless. If someone was being compared with the ability to find treasure, there wouldn’t be anyone in the world who could come close to Big Yellow.


Suddenly, a horrifying cry sounded out from within a valley and broke the silence of the dark night. The cry was so terrifying that it sent s.h.i.+vers down the spine of anyone who heard it. It was as if the person who cried out had encountered something that had scared him to his limits.

“Brat, you’re right! I sense an intense amount of devil’s energy in front of me!”

Big Yellow’s expression turned serious.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen flapped his blood wings and started flying towards the valley with extremely fast speed. The Blood Devils had appeared less than two days ago, but they had spread to countless places within Yellowstone. This meant that the amount of Blood Devils was huge.