Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1376 – The Temporal Rule of 30 times

Chapter 1376 – The Temporal Rule of 30 times

The Temporal Rule of 30 times

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Yang Bufan’s final wish had been achieved. Normally, a person like him would feel excited, and somewhat depressed at the same time. After all, the opponent that he had been fighting for ten years had suddenly been eliminated. In any case, his pa.s.sion would surely be reduced a little, but to Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan’s pa.s.sion didn’t even weaken even a bit. This only showed that Yang Bufan still had a greater goal in mind. By advancing to the late Immortal King realm, he had gotten himself closer to his next goal. To Yang Bufan, his next goal was even more meaningful than annihilating the Evil Clan. Of course, it would be far more difficult to achieve.

Everyone had their own secrets. Jiang Chen had his, Big Yellow had his and so does Yang Bufan. If Yang Bufan didn’t say anything, Jiang Chen also wouldn’t ask. Being a friend, it was already good enough that he would step out and help him at necessary moments. So, he wouldn’t go probing into Yang Bufan’s secrets, but in the future, as long as Yang Bufan needed his help, he certainly wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand.

Jiang Chen believed that if he was in trouble next time, Yang Bufan would surely do the same. This had been obvious back when they returned to Skycoud Pavilion. It showed that he was a man who attached great importance to sentiments and righteousness.

Evil City was in ruins. Rubbles could be seen everywhere. But to the human experts, it was incomparably easy to restore such a city.

The spatial zone in the Evil Abyss was huge, after all. Evil City wasn’t the only city in Evil Abyss. Apart from Evil City, the other cities weren’t affected at all. Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen simply found a city and settled down.

Although the matter of the Evil Abyss had already been resolved, Jiang Chen still had a greater thing to do. To him, the real battle had just begun. He already had a fallout with Tian Muyun. The subsequent event that would take place between them would surely be a life and death battle.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow walked into a quiet courtyard of the prefecture. Knowing that Jiang Chen wanted a place for seclusion, no one dared to appear within ten miles of it, fearing that they would disturb Jiang Chen’s peace. To the humans in the Evil Abyss, Jiang Chen had become some kind of a divine figure that they should revere.

Tianji Zi walked out from the paG.o.da. His eyes were filled with astonishment once more when he looked at Jiang Chen. He had witnessed everything that had happened in the war. Despite him being mentally prepared, if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would certainly never believe the truthfulness of such an event.

The word ‘genius’ could no longer be used to describe Jiang Chen. The existence of Jiang Chen was a miracle. Tianji Zi felt that it was a gift from G.o.d to have such a disciple in his life. How could he let his brilliant talent call him ‘master’?

“Chen Er, you have really astounded me.”

Tianji Zi said with astonishment. Initially, he was kind of worried about the final battle between Jiang Chen and Tian Muyun, but now, it seemed that comparing Tian Muyun to Jiang Chen was just an insult to Jiang Chen. The best label that Tian Muyun could get was that of a ‘genius’. So, how could he possibly be compared to someone with a monstrous talent?

“Master, Tian Muyun has probably already advanced to the Immortal King realm. My current strength is still far from enough to deal with him. After all, there’s a big difference between an Immortal King and a Golden Immortal, like day and night. As such, I have to advance to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm if I were to fight Tian Muyun.” Jiang Chen said.

He had never fought a battle without certainty. He could never fail the battle against Tian Muyun. So, he must get to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm before he leave Evil Abyss.

“Oh ya, Little Chen. Haven’t you opened the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da? What kind of secrets does it have inside? Perhaps it can help you in your current predicament.” Big Yellow said. He was no doubt intrigued by the secrets of the paG.o.da.

“This is the right time to go in and check it out now.”

Jiang Chen said; he then straightaway opened the door of the paG.o.da. His Qi enveloped everyone around. With a s.h.i.+ft of his divine sense, they all went straight into the spatial zone of the thirty-third level.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

The thirty-third level was full of various colors. As they entered the spatial zone, their bodies couldn’t help but shake under the impact of the surrounding air current. The spatial zone wasn’t huge. It seemed to be only a few miles in radius, and there was nothing in it.

However, the variegated colors was dazzling. After they entered the spatial zone, they felt a strange feeling that they couldn’t put into words.

“Temporal Law. This is the Temporal Law. Dammit! This is freaking awesome! This level contained the Temporal Law. The time here is at least 30 times slower compared to outside.” Big Yellow got excited all of a sudden.

“Temporal Law?”

Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tianji Zi were dumbfounded, they couldn’t grasp what Big Yellow was trying to say for a moment.

“According to the legends, there’s this Temporal Law that only those who reached the Immortal Sovereign realm can understand and control. In this world, there’s only one pinnacle law – time. If one can control time, one is virtually invincible. Across the entire Immortal World, only the mighty Immortal Sovereigns can control the Temporal Law. The spatial zone here is exactly 30 times slower than the outside. Let me give you a very simple example. Cultivating here for one day is equal to cultivating outside for thirty days. This is due to the bending and changing of the Temporal Law. Little Chen, your treasure is just too heaven defying. This is only the thirty-third level. If it reaches the peak, the ninety-ninth level, what will happen? I can’t really imagine it.” Big Yellow said loudly.

Regarding the topic of Temporal Law, whether it was Jiang Chen or Tianji Zi, it was their first time hearing it. After all, the means of defying s.p.a.ce and changing the flow of time was just too incredible. It was a level that they couldn’t touch and couldn’t have thought about, this was a skill that only Great Sovereigns could touch and they were still too far from it.

Just as Big Yellow’s voice trailed off, a stream of information came pouring into Jiang Chen’s mind. Everything that was described in there was just exactly as what Big Yellow had said. This level had no other use besides changing the flow of time.

Jiang Chen had gotten incomparably excited. The Temporal Rule of 30 times? This was a huge benefit to him. It was something that couldn’t be obtained even by countless treasures. One day of cultivation here was akin to thirty days of cultivation outside. Such a treasure was absolutely rare!

Before this, he was afraid that relying on the devil soul of Crazy Devil to advance would affect the stability of his foundation. Now that he has this, he could have his seclusion here and fortify his foundation, and then, he would consume the devil soul and advance to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. To put it bluntly, this was simply a timely offer of help.

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