Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1377 – Breaking through to the Intermediate Golden Immortal realm

Chapter 1377 – Breaking through to the Intermediate Golden Immortal realm

Breaking through to the Intermediate Golden Immortal realm

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Spatial Law/Rule – Temporal Law/Rule

“Haha! Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is certainly a supreme divine weapon of the ancients. The secret of the thirty-third level surely is astounding.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. There was no reason for him not to be happy. He had already forgotten how long he had expected this to happen. Today, he finally knew what was it, and it was even better than what he had imagined. He was really afraid that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would just give him another mighty combat technique or cultivation law, because he didn’t need any of them. Every combat technique he had was the strongest of the strongest. So, it wouldn’t really be much of a help to him if he was given another combat technique.

The Temporal Rule of 30 Times was simply a tremendous treasure. From now on, Jiang Chen would have his own superior cultivating conditions. As a matter of fact, his talent was already terrifying enough and his cultivation speed was so much faster compared to others. Now that he could increase his speed of cultivation by 30 times in this place, it was unimaginable what kind of an abnormal cultivator he would become.

“Absurd. That’s absolutely absurd. The Temporal Rule of 30 times is truly unimaginable. One day of cultivation here is equal to 30 days of cultivation outside? Little Chen, that’s wicked!”

Tyrant couldn’t help but exclaim. This was certainly shocking. The Temporal Law… it is a supreme-level thing that they didn’t even dare to think about during normal days, but today, one of their brother had gotten it for real.

“I really can’t believe that there’s such a treasure in the Heavens and Earth.”

Tianji Zi was feeling slightly numb from the shock he received. Ever since he reunited with Jiang Chen, the miracles he experienced happened one after another. He had never experienced as much of a shock he received within these past few days in his lifetime. Due to Jiang Chen, he witnessed what was called the true miracle and anomalies.

“Indeed, that’s absurd. One should know that even an Immortal Sovereign who just comprehended the Temporal Law can only change the flow of time to two or three times faster. A mighty Immortal Sovereign can alter it to five times faster. Even the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian can only alter it to 10 times faster. It’s hard to imagine that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da can actually bend it to 30 times faster.” Big Yellow said.

He showed great interest in Jiang Chen’s paG.o.da, because not even he had seen or heard of something that could alter the flow time by thirty times before.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. His antic.i.p.ation of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da intensified. There were a total of ninety-nine levels in the paG.o.da. He believed that greater surprises was waiting for him at higher levels. The Temporal Rule of 30 Times was merely the first surprise.

“This is great. I was worrying about not having the time to fortify my foundation. Now that I have this spatial zone, everything is resolved. I would only need a day’s time to stay in here to fortify my foundation. Then, I will use the devil soul of Crazy Devil to push my cultivation base to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. Once I advanced to that level, it will be the time for me to leave Evil Abyss and face Tian Muyun.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. He was going to cultivate here for thirty days, using the thirty days to fortify his foundation. That would only mean a day in the outer world, and thirty days was basically enough to him.

“Big Yellow, Tyrant, I see that you all have already obtained quite a lot of benefits from the war. Now is the right time for the both of you to cultivate here, strengthen your foundation as that will be very beneficial to your future cultivation.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow and Tyrant. Currently, the inside of the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da was like a precious venue for cultivation. It was really an excellent place. There’s no place that was more perfect than cultivating here.

Tyrant and Big Yellow nodded at the same time. Given such advantageous condition, they would naturally use it well.

In the following time, the lot of them had chosen to go into seclusion in the thirty-third level. Jiang Chen would be in seclusion for a month’s time, totally ignoring anything happening outside. Besides, a month in this place was only a day outside. Nothing big could possibly happen in a day.

Moreover, the Evil Clan had already been exterminated. It was fundamentally impossible for any big movements to occur in Evil Abyss.

Back in Skycloud Pavilion in One-Line-Sky!

An incomparably strong momentum suddenly rose from the deepest part of the region. When the Qi spread across, all of the people in the entire Skycloud Pavilion could feel their soul trembling, as though they had received a major shock.

“Look! That’s a very powerful Qi. This is the aura of an Immortal King. Pavilion Master has advanced to the Immortal King realm!”

“Amazing! Pavilion Master is worthy of being the top genius of One-Line-Sky. He has finally broken through to the Immortal King realm, and the other three major powers are going to be finished.”

“If it was before, I wouldn’t say anything if Pavilion Master was claimed to be the number one genius in One-Line-Sky, but now, it is entirely different. Even if Pavilion Master has advanced to the Immortal King realm, he can’t claim the first place if we’re talking about talent.”

“That’s right. Comparing him to Jiang Chen, his talent is in fact slightly inferior. Due to Jiang Chen humiliating Pavilion Master and provoking him last time, I’m afraid that the first thing he will do after advancing is to settle his score with Jiang Chen.”


Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion was startled. Ever since the havoc in the Law Enforcement Hall, Skycloud Pavilion had been as silent as death and lacked vigor. Tian Muyun’s breakthrough to the Immortal King realm had finally broken the deathly atmosphere.

In the deepest part of Skycloud Pavilion, Tian Muyun’s hair danced even in the absence of air, his body radiated the great Immortal King Qi. The surrounding spatial current flowed intensely. He had finally reached the mighty Immortal King realm. The humiliation given by Yang Bufan last time had pushed him forward, stimulating his potential and allowing him to break through to the Immortal King realm, instead of hindering him.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, Evil Lord, I will return the shame you have given me by two folds. The moment my cultivation is stabilized, I will head straight to Evil Abyss and make you suffer horrendously.”

Tian Muyun harrumphed coldly. A flash of ruthlessness shot out of his eyes. His fists clenched hard. He really hated Jiang Chen to the bone, wanting so badly to eat Jiang Chen alive.

He had already made up his mind that after his cultivation base was fully stabilized, he would go straight into Evil Abyss and kill both Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan.

What a pity! Although Tian Muyun had advanced to the Immortal King realm, he still wouldn’t have any chance to kill the both of them because Jiang Chen had already planned to come and find him, and Yang Bufan had already advanced to the terrifying late Immortal King realm. If Tian Muyun really went to Evil Abyss to seek Yang Bufan, it was already conceivable what the consequences would be.

In front of Yang Bufan, Tian Muyun was just a tiny shrimp which could be crushed like an ant.

Tian Muyun didn’t leave his seclusion after advancing to the early Immortal King realm. He still needed a certain amount of time to stabilize his cultivation base.

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