Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1375 – Yang Bufan’s Improvement

Chapter 1375 – Yang Bufan’s Improvement

Yang Bufan’s Improvement

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Night had fallen, but the momentum drifting in the sky didn’t reduce one bit. Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen stood in the sky with their black hair flowing in the direction of the breeze, seeming like the only unique existences under the Heavens and Earth.

There were countless of human experts below, but none of them spoke. The whole atmosphere was strangely silent. They all wanted to witness miracles. They wanted to see Jiang Chen’s transformation and Yang Bufan’s break through to the late Immortal King realm.

Those discerning ones were able to see that the both of them was at their critical moment, especially Yang Bufan as he was breaking through to the late Immortal King realm and could never be disturbed.

When one obtained sudden enlightenment, it usually represented a huge metamorphosis. Such metamorphosis was extremely important to any cultivator as this was when one would get the most benefits. Just like what was happening to Yang Bufan now. He had entered into another realm. If someone were to interrupt him at this moment, he would go berserk.

The same was happening to Jiang Chen. Advancing the paG.o.da to the thirty-third level was much harder than what he had expected. Although the energy was sufficient, Jiang Chen didn’t dare show any neglect because he had a feeling that the thirty-third level was entirely different from the other levels.

From the previous levels, if the energy obtained couldn’t complete the condensation, it could still be continued later on by absorbing energy until the energy required has been met, however the condensation of the thirty-third level was entirely different. If the condensation couldn’t be completed in one shot, everything would be in vain, and it would also be very difficult to find such an opportunity again in the future.

“If I’m not mistaken, Little Chen’s Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da has reached the most important moment.”

Big Yellow’s unique eyesight and his clear understanding of Jiang Chen allowed him to discern what Jiang Chen wanted to do at first glance.

“Do you think he will succeed?” Tyrant asked.

“Nothing he had ever done has failed.”

Big Yellow chuckled along with Tyrant. Their confidence in Jiang Chen had been deeply planted deep in their bones. After all, they understood Jiang Chen all too well. All along, everything that Jiang Chen did was successful.

The silent atmosphere lasted for two hours. Yang Bufan’s Qi began to change dramatically. Finally, the last barrier was broken. His cultivation base broke through to the late Immortal King realm from the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm.


Yang Bufan laughed delightfully, like a true king venting out all of his emotions. He had waited for this day for too long.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, could hear some kind of bitterness from the laughter, like Yang Bufan had experienced some sort of suffering in the past.

“It seems like Brother Yang is a man with many secrets.”

Jiang Chen sighed, but he had already expected that Yang Bufan wasn’t an ordinary expert, because if he really was an ordinary man, he would never stay in a place like this for ten years.

At this moment, the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da was finally broken through, and was completely condensed out.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The paG.o.da let out a deafening roar, but no one else could hear it aside from Jiang Chen.

“Good, the thirty-third level is finally completed. I wonder what kind of secret is hidden in it. But now isn’t the time for exploring. I will dig into it as soon as no one is around.”

Jiang Chen suppressed the excitement in his heart. Likewise, he had waited for this day for very long. It had been some time ago since he obtained the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He had always been worrying about the secrets of the paG.o.da. Now that he had achieved his goal, he would be lying if he said that he wasn’t excited about it.

“Congratulations Brother Yang on breaking through the bottleneck and reaching the terrifying late Immortal King realm.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Yang Bufan. Yang Bufan’s advancement to the late Immortal King realm was no doubt worth celebrating and congratulating.

“Brother Jiang, you have earned an undeniable credit for our great victory and annihilation of the Evil Clan today. I’m very glad that I have chosen to befriend you. Or else, I wouldn’t know how long I should wait for this day to come.”

Yang Bufan spoke, expressing his grat.i.tude towards Jiang Chen. He and Jiang Chen weren’t bashful individuals, and after fighting side by side in the war, the relations.h.i.+p between them grew stronger. They now treated each other as friends.

Seeing Jiang Chen getting stronger and stronger delighted him as well.

“Brother Yang, I suppose your wish of conquering the whole Evil Abyss has been fulfilled.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“That’s right. I plan to leave this place after a period of time. There’s nothing left in this s.p.a.ce for me to do. I still have other things to attend to.” Yang Bufan said with a smile.

“You and I are the same. We don’t want to keep ourselves trapped in this place. My cultivation base has also made great progress this time, and I have obtained great benefits in this war against the Evil Clan, however, I still have a greater enemy. Tian Muyun has probably already become a true Immortal King. I would still need some time to fortify my cultivation base. When I leave this place, it will be the time to have a final battle with him. Some scores need to be settled sooner or later, and it’s about time for me to settle the scores between the two of us.” Jiang Chen said.

He had gained some understanding about Tian Muyun. Last time, when he returned to Skycloud Pavilion, he sensed it from Tian Muyun’s Qi that half of his leg had already stepped into the Immortal King realm. After being triggered by Yang Bufan, Tian Muyun would definitely push himself harder and break through to the Immortal King realm. Given his talent, he might have succeeded by now.

Even if Tian Muyun had succeeded, Jiang Chen didn’t fear him. What Jiang Chen wanted to do now was to advance his cultivation base, reaching the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. He would then have higher certainty of getting rid of Tian Muyun.

Speaking of advancing to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, Jiang Chen still have a way to do it. He could use the devil soul of Crazy Devil as the stimulant.

An Immortal King’s devil soul was enough to push his cultivation base to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, but his concern was that he had advanced too rapidly and it would probably affect his foundation if he chose to advance again, in that case, his losses would certainly outweigh his gains.

Therefore, what he needed to do now was to find a way to stabilize his foundation, digest the gains he had obtained during this period of time. This was a process that would take a certain amount of time.

But right now, his mind wasn’t into all of these. He wanted to go so badly into the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da and uncover its secrets now.

“Alright, Brother Jiang. You are free to go into seclusion. As for me, I will make arrangements regarding this place and prepare to leave.” Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said.

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