Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1374 – The Thirty-Third Level of The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda

Chapter 1374 – The Thirty-Third Level of The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda

The Thirty-Third Level of The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da

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After hearing what Jiang Chen had said, the human army below yelled and started another round of battle even before Yang Bufan gave the command. This should be the last round of the war. The devil army had already lost all of their fighting spirit. Many had given up and chose to flee. However, it wasn’t easy at all to flee at this moment.

Yang Bufan looked down, stretched his arms, feeling an indescribable sense of achievement. Although Jiang Chen was the key factor of this victory, still the victory had a huge meaning to him. The scene which he had persisted for ten years to achieve had finally come true.

Furthermore, the reason why Jiang Chen was able to play such a vital role was because of his decision. If it wasn’t because of him choosing Jiang Chen at the beginning, helping Jiang Chen in desperate situations, he wouldn’t have today’s great victory.

This was karma. Whatever fruit was planted would produce the effect of that fruit!

As such, Yang Bufan was enjoying the moment very much. It was Jiang Chen’s and his victory.

As to whether the Evil Clan should be exterminated, he didn’t care. In his heart, they were demonic devils, a foreign existence that should be eliminated. He believed that if the situation was reversed, if human race was defeated, Crazy Devil definitely wouldn’t hesitate to kill all of them, turning all of the people here into food of the demonic devils.


He felt that his cultivations’ bottleneck began to loosen up, like he could access his thoughts directly. Such a condition was rare and precious to all cultivators as it could only be encountered by chance.

Once one’s thought began to flow smoothly, one’s cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds. It had stifled Yang Bufan for ten years. Plus, his foundation was too strong. Once it erupted, the result was difficult estimate.

*Hong Long......*

A wave of strong Qi and pressure suddenly rushed out from Yang Bufan’s body, like a tidal current. Under the powerful surge of energy, Yang Bufan’s cultivation base directly rushed to the intermediate Immortal King realm. That wasn’t all. His Qi was still soaring at a visible speed.

“Good, Brother Yang has gotten a great encounter. His ten years of acc.u.mulation is extremely powerful. Now that he had realized his dream, his mind and thoughts are smoothened, allowing him to break through to the intermediate Immortal King realm. However, this is still far from his ultimate potential. It seems like it won’t be a problem for him to break through to the late Immortal King realm as well.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise Yang Bufan. A man like him would definitely also have immeasurable future.

While Yang Bufan was advancing to the late Immortal King realm, Jiang Chen didn’t stay idle. The energy from the demonic devils was tremendous. It had already helped him condense half of the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da. As long as the thirty-third level was fully condensed, he would be able to unlock a secret of the paG.o.da, and obtain true benefits from it. This was what Jiang Chen was most interested in and most eager to know.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Below, the human and devil army were fighting the final battle. Blood flowed like river. The demonic devils were no match at all. A lot of them were killed and was absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da as nutrients.

Breaking through to the thirty-third level was too difficult because a huge amount of energy was needed. To his surprise, he wasn’t able to absorb any trace of energy from the paG.o.da.

In the past, after the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da absorbed energy, it would distribute a small amount of pure energy to him so he could form new dragon marks, but now, he wasn’t getting any energy from the paG.o.da at all.

This only meant that the paG.o.da was trying its best effort to advance to the thirty-third level. All of the energy absorbed had been used in the condensation.

Regarding this kind of situation, he didn’t have any complaints because he was too concerned about this level. He believed that after the thirty-third level was fully condensed, he would be able to obtain benefits from it and energy that was greater than any amount he had received from the paG.o.da previously.

“My Buddha’s Mercy, Dao Light Buddha Body.”

On the battlefield, Tyrant went wild. The Dao Light Buddha Body he casted was fiercer and larger than before. Under the impact and influence of the battlefield, he made an advancement, reaching the early Golden Immortal realm.

There was almost no suspense about what would happen next. The demonic devils were defeated and mercilessly killed by the human experts. The whole battle lasted for another two hours. All of the demonic devils were killed, just like what Jiang Chen had said. Not a single one of them was left alive. The entire clan was wiped out, except those that had been edified. Although they were still demonic devils of the Evil Clan, they had already become slaves of Jiang Chen and Tyrant. They could no longer stir up any trouble given the condition they were in.

The war was over. Evil City was in ruins, but this no longer mattered. What mattered was their victory. Each and every one of their faces was filled with excitement. A man that could experience such a world-shaking war once in his lifetime would certainly be very proud!

Everyone lifted their heads and looked at the two important figures hovering in the sky above. Yang Bufan’s Qi had already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm, leaving him only a step away from the late Immortal King realm.

On Jiang Chen’s side, there were also significant changes in his Qi, however, he was secretly controlling the earth-shattering changes happening in the paG.o.da. Under the impact of the ma.s.sive energy, the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da was about to be fully condensed out.

“We have won. This war surely is blood-boiling. I have never felt so pa.s.sionate before. Look, Evil Lord’s cultivation base has already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm. He would surely be many folds stronger than before.”

“He’s now heading to the late Immortal King realm. How terrifying! Once he reached that level, he’s going to reach an unimaginable extent. Given Evil Lord’s talent, I’m afraid that it won’t be a problem for him to advance to the Immortal Emperor or even the Immortal Venerable realm in the future.”

“Comparing Jiang Chen with Evil Lord, Jiang Chen is the truly scary one. Look at him. Although he’s only an early Golden Immortal expert, he’s already strong enough to fight an Immortal King. If he reaches Immortal King realm, who can tell how scary he will become? By that time, I’m afraid that he would be strong enough to fight even an Immortal Emperor. I don’t think I can imagine that.”

“That’s right. He’s an unrivalled genius that’s rarely seen in ten thousand years. No one could measure his future achievements.”


No one looked calm. Everyone stared at Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan in awe. In their eyes, these two were, no doubt, G.o.ds of War.

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