Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1373 – Not a Single One Should Be Kept Alive

Chapter 1373 – Not a Single One Should Be Kept Alive

“Very well, I’ll leave him to you then.”

Yang Bufan withdrew his Qi. He knew Jiang Chen’s intention. Now that Crazy Devil was at the end of his ropes; he knew Jiang Chen had a mysterious cultivation law that could absorb the blood and Qi essence of devils and use it to stimulate his own potential and enhance his cultivation base. This was why Jiang Chen was able to improve so rapidly in such a place like Evil Abyss.

Crazy Devil was a huge treasure to Jiang Chen. Perhaps Crazy Devil could boost Jiang Chen’s cultivation base to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm.

Yang Bufan also knew what Jiang Chen’s next target was, Tian Muyun. Given Tian Muyun’s ability, he had probably already advanced to the true Immortal King realm now, and given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he definitely was no match for such an opponent.

As such, he didn’t compete with Jiang Chen for Crazy Devil. In fact, there was nothing he should compete for. Each of them got what they needed. He had achieved his most desired goal. Ruling the Evil Abyss and wiping out the Evil Clan had been his greatest goal all the while. The sense of achievement had loosen the bottleneck of his cultivation. Soon, he would be able to advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm.

In addition, he was extremely grateful to Jiang Chen. Without this young man, he couldn’t have achieved his goal and stimulated the bottleneck of his cultivation.

More importantly, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, he would’ve been in danger of being trapped in the Evil Sacrificial Altar. In other words, Jiang Chen was his savior. This was something that not even the proud Yang Bufan could deny. Jiang Chen certainly had saved his life.

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t be polite to Crazy Devil, he struck out his True Dragon Palm at Crazy Devil.


Crazy Devil screamed as he could already feel an extremely dangerous Qi. It was a direct threat to his life. He had never once felt as scared as this time.

He didn’t want to die, but he had no strength to resist. At the last moment, he still wanted to rely on the Evil Sacrificial Altar to save his life. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Jiang Chen’s attack was too ruthless. Given his current condition, even with the help of the Evil Sacrificial Altar, he wouldn’t be able to escape Jiang Chen’s grip.

“Crazy Devil, die now!”

The True Dragon Palm pressed down like a huge mountain. This horrifying scene had drawn the attention of everyone – whether it was the humans or demonic devils – in the battlefield, both sides had become very tensed all of a sudden.

The human army was incomparably excited whereas the devil army seemed in despair. Everyone knew the time had come to decide victory or defeat. As long as Jiang Chen killed Crazy Devil, it would represent the end of the Evil Clan. The Evil Clan could no longer set a foothold in Evil Abyss.


The outcome was unchangeable. Everyone heard the creepy cry of Crazy Devil before he was smashed to pieces by Jiang Chen.

The door of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had always been open. The moment Crazy Devil was smashed to death, his corpse was devoured by the paG.o.da, but at the last minute, Jiang Chen was able to dig out the devil soul.

The paG.o.da was like an abyss. There was no energy that it couldn’t absorb. If the devil soul of an Immortal King was absorbed by the paG.o.da, the benefits that Jiang Chen would receive will be reduced by 90%. That was why Jiang Chen had to enjoy the benefits himself.

*Hong Long…*

Crazy Devil’s death had stirred the Evil Sacrificial Altar. Cracking sounds were heard. The altar seemed to crumble at any minute.

“Brother Jiang, let’s get out of here quickly. This altar is fully integrated with Crazy Devil. Now that he’s dead, this altar will erupt.”

Yang Bufan reminded hastily as the explosion of a mighty King Weapon wasn’t a joke. It was better to get away from it if possible.

*Hong Long…*

Almost as soon as Yang Bufan’s voice faded, the altar exploded completely, blowing up a hole in the sky. A chilly spatial wind gusted out from inside. The sky had turned entirely black, like it was the end of the world. It gave others an unspeakable suffering. They could even feel an invisible pressure from their soul

“My G.o.d, that’s the force of explosion of a King Weapon. That’s absolutely earth-shattering. If I was within the range, I’m afraid not even my corpse would be left there.”

“Horrifying. But Crazy Devil has already died. Which means that we have won this war. Haha! From now on, Evil Abyss will belong to humans!”

“This war sure is intoxicating. I have been here for so long, but I have never felt such a heart-stirring and blood-boiling event.”


Many of the human experts were overwhelmed by exhilaration. At this moment, the human race seemed to have no longer conflicts within one another. What they had was only unity and collective honor.

Regarding Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen, no one was worried about their safety. Although the explosion of the King Weapon was scary, it was virtually impossible for them to get hurt.

In the sky, below the terrifying explosion, Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan reappeared. Both of them stood opposite of each other with extraordinary demeanor, making them look like two peerless war G.o.d.

Jiang Chen had already reverted back to his human form, but his Qi continued to climb. This was because the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had absorbed tremendous amount of blood and Qi essence, attempting to break through the thirty-third level. This was one of the most critical levels, which made the breakthrough extremely difficult. The energy required for condensing this level was unimaginable. Even a power-packed Immortal King wouldn’t be enough.


On the battlefield below, each and every one of the demonic devils wailed painfully while facing the sky. Their wails were full of pain, reluctance and utmost despair.

That was right. The Evil Clan was in great despair. The death of Crazy Devil heralded their extinction. To Evil Abyss, this was a historic change.

“Brother Jiang, how should we deal with these demonic devils?” Yang Bufan asked.

“Kill them all. Not a single one should be kept alive. This race should never exist in here anymore.” Jiang Chen spoke ruthlessly.

This had always been his style of action. Sometimes, when the situation needed him to be cruel and ruthless, he has to be cruel and ruthless. Besides, the Evil Clan was an extremely ferocious race and should’ve never existed in the first place.

Of course, he also had another idea, which was to absorb the blood and Qi essence of these demonic devils as he was afraid that Crazy Devil might not be enough for the paG.o.da to advance to the thirty-third level. This level was too important to him, so he had to reach that level no matter what.

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