Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1372 – The End of the Evil Clan

Chapter 1372 – The End of the Evil Clan

Crazy Devil had gone berserk. The evil scepter in his hand turned into an evil dragon, fending off against the Heavenly Saint Sword of Jiang Chen.

However, his berserk state couldn’t change the suppression of True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire. Under such suppression, he could only exert half of his total combat strength.

*Hong Long....*

The evil scepter collided with Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword. It almost tore apart the evil s.p.a.ce. It was no doubt that Crazy Devil was strong, because despite being under such suppression, he was still able to force Jiang Chen backwards.

That, however, had consumed a large amount of Crazy Devil’s energy. At this time, Yang Bufan’s attack reached him. The huge combat sword slashed from above his head like the Nine Heavens Lightning in a blink.


Crazy Devil roared once more, but after losing the a.s.sistance of the Evil Sacrificial Altar and being impeded by an abnormal being like Jiang Chen, he was no longer a match for Yang Bufan.

Yang Bufan slashed on the evil scepter. Terrifying energy of Immortal King erupted, almost sending the scepter away from Crazy Devil’s grip. Crazy Devil felt his blood and Qi churning, and feelings that he couldn’t put into words. Blood gushed out of the lines of cracks on his huge palm.

“He’s finished! Don’t give him any chance to breathe!”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared. In this battle of life-or-death, it was vital to take advantage of one’s opening and kill the opponent immediately. Moreover, the opponent’s mind had already been greatly disturbed, so it was the best time to kill Crazy Devil now. Crazy Devil shouldn’t be given any chance to breathe, and much less the chance to escape.


Given Yang Bufan’s extensive combat experience, Jiang Chen didn’t have to explain much, and instantly, Yang Bufan launched another fiercer strike at the wounded Crazy Devil.

There were two howls of sword. Apart from Yang Bufan’s sword, there was also Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the Great Illusion Realm had taken full control over the place. Flames were now everywhere in the spatial zone, like it had become a sea of fire.

Every flame that drifted in the air was the combination of True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire. As long as Crazy Devil was within this spatial zone, he would be severely disturbed and suppressed by these flames, and wouldn’t be able to fully exert his combat strength.


Crazy Devil was already extremely furious and aggrieved, but there was nothing he could do about it. Even if he was at his peak state right now, he wouldn’t be a match for Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen.

Boundless devil waves surged out of his body, turning into a mighty monster that seemed like the totem of the Evil Clan. Then, it charged ferociously at Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan.


All of these, however, were futile… Under the combined attack of the two swords, the monster was instantly slashed to pieces like it was a decayed wood.


Crazy Devil finally couldn’t bear such frenzied attacks anymore. He spurted a big mouthful of blood, and his Qi sagged.

“Crazy Devil, you’re finished.” Yang Bufan showed a cold smile.

“No, it’s not possible. I, the supreme evil, Crazy Devil, will never die. Evil Sacrificial Altar, rise!”

Crazy Devil attempted to control the Evil Sacrificial Altar once more to make a final counter attack, but to his surprise, he could no longer fully control the altar.

“No, impossible! How could this happen?”

Crazy Devil was shocked and couldn’t accept the fact. All along, he was the only one that could control the Evil Sacrificial Altar, but now, it felt as if he had lost control over it. How could he ever accept that?

“Crazy Devil, I’ve already destroyed your evil s.p.a.ce. Now, this spatial zone is the Great Illusion Realm, my very own Illusion Realm that has completely cut off the connection between you and the altar. I am now the real master of this s.p.a.ce. It’s over.”

Jiang Chen’s voice sounded like a ghost, but that had pulled Crazy Devil back to reality. Only then did Crazy Devil realized that the connection between him and the altar had already been blocked by some kind of invisible energy. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, he could no longer control the Evil Sacrificial Altar.

Such a situation truly aroused the fear in him. Panic began to emerge on his face. Initially, he wanted to use the altar to trap Yang Bufan, but he wouldn’t have thought that he would end up being the poor prey in his own altar. The psychological blow that was dealt to Crazy Devil was unimaginable.

“Good! Brother Jiang truly has heaven defying means. Crazy Devil, you have now become the cornered prey that’s at our mercy. After killing you, I will exterminate all of the demonic devils outside, rooting out the Evil Clan from this world once and for all.”

Yang Bufan’s black hair fluttered in the air. Now that he had fully gained the upper hand, a desire to kill was stirred in his heart. As long as he killed Crazy Devil, the Evil Clan would be finished. His ten-year-old wish would then be realized. Also, he felt undeniably excited about it.

Besides, once the Evil Clan was exterminated, he would also feel a sense of achievement that he had never felt before. Under the impact of this sense of achievement, he would straightaway break through the bottleneck and advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm, reaching another terrifying extent.

*Hong Long……*

Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan struck once more. Obviously, their attacks were even fiercer. There were waves of destruction and sea of fire everywhere. They intertwined to form a ma.s.sive energy net, enveloping Crazy Devil within.


Crazy Devil already lost his calm. His combat intent was fading gradually. Adding the injuries he suffered and his suppressed combat strength, he had completely lost hope in winning this battle. In the face of Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan’s aggressive bombardments, he stood no chance to resist.

*Hong Long…*

Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen continued their violent attacks, not giving Crazy Devil a single chance. The attack lasted precisely ten minutes. During this period, Crazy Devil’s silhouette couldn’t even be seen, only his screams were heard as the ma.s.sive energy net had completely submerged him.

Approaching the end of the battle, his screams were getting weaker and weaker. When the energy net dissipated, Crazy Devil emerged once more. At this time, Crazy Devil had reached the dead end. There were countless of wounds on his enormous body. Blood was everywhere. Even though he was still alive, he was already on the brink of death and had absolutely no strength to resist.

“Brother Yang, how about letting me deal with this devil?”

Jiang Chen looked over at Yang Bufan. This demonic devil in front of him was a huge treasure to him. If the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da could refine and absorb this demonic devil, he was afraid that the condensation of the thirty-third level would be completed, even the thirty-fourth level would probably be condensed. The opening of thirty-third level of the paG.o.da had been Jiang Chen’s dream, because this involved opening the secret of the paG.o.da.

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