Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1371 – Joint Suppression

Chapter 1371 – Joint Suppression

The Great Illusion Realm was constantly fighting against the evil s.p.a.ce. Jiang Chen didn’t expect that the Great Illusion Realm could affect the mind of Crazy Devil. His intention was just to keep himself and Yang Bufan from the influence of the evil s.p.a.ce. As long as the evil s.p.a.ce lost its function, Crazy Devil would lose his powerful trump card. In this way, the joint power of Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan alone would be enough to exterminate Crazy Devil.

Supposedly, given Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, he was still not strong enough to fight a true Immortal King. Although his transformation technique could enhance his combat strength by ten times, the gap between a Golden Immortal and Immortal King was too just big.

However, because his opponent was a demonic devil, it made him capable enough to fight the opponent as he had the ability to suppress and restrain devils. Whether it was the dragon transformation skill, True Dragon Flame or True Thunderfire, all of them could suppress any demonic devil totally. This had indirectly narrowed the gap between the two.

“Brother Yang, I will control the Illusion Realm, and you go and kill him. As long as my Illusion Realm destroys the composition of this evil s.p.a.ce, Crazy Devil will be affected as well.” Jiang Chen said.


Yang Bufan’s body flashed. He lifted his sword and slashed violently at Crazy Devil. Without the influence of the evil s.p.a.ce, he felt lighter and more relaxed, and he was able to exert his combat strength perfectly.

*Hong Long…*

Yang Bufan’s sword was a mighty King Weapon. One slash of it could ruin the Heavens and Earth. Ghosts’ cries and wolves’ wails were heard as the sword reached Crazy Devil’s head in a blink.


Crazy Devil went mad as soon as the evil s.p.a.ce was broken. It only indicated that his mind had been affected. He stared at Yang Bufan’s formidable attack, and raised his evil scepter to defend against Yang Bufan’s sword strike.

*Hong Long……*

The two formidable weapons met, instantly creating a huge spark. The impact between these two Immortal Kings shook the whole spatial zone. If it wasn’t because of the firmness of the evil s.p.a.ce, this strike would’ve already torn the whole spatial zone apart.


After getting Jiang Chen’s help, Yang Bufan’s performance soared. All of his Qi was unleashed, sweeping away the hazy Qi ahead. He launched his stormy attacks continuously, firmly suppressing Crazy Devil.


Crazy Devil roared furiously, beginning to feel somewhat stifled. Initially, he thought that he could rely on the Illusion Realm of the evil s.p.a.ce to restrain Yang Bufan and slowly corrode his mind and then kill him. Everything was supposed to go on as planned. There shouldn’t have been any problems, but Jiang Chen’s appearance had disrupted all of his plans and his Illusion Realm, making him lose his greatest advantage and trump card. He was very clear that he was now on a disadvantage.

“Crazy Devil, it’s no use roaring loudly. The extinction of the Evil Clan is an undeniable and unchangeable fact.”

Yang Bufan lunged once more, holding his sword, not giving Crazy Devil even the chance to pant. At this time, Yang Bufan deeply felt that recruiting Jiang Chen was the wisest decision he had ever done. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, the consequences of today’s battle would have been unimaginable. Not only would he fall, but also the entire human race.

“Little Beast, do you think it’s enough to fight me? I’m going to kill you first!”

Crazy Devil’s blood-red eyes glowed. His thin body began to change. In just a few blinks, he grew to over three hundred meter tall. He was an unparalleled demonic devil that was beyond the ability of any ordinary expert.


After Crazy Devil reverted into his true form, his combat strength was enhanced. He wielded his evil scepter and shot out an evil light at Jiang Chen. He could already see that Jiang Chen was much of a threat than Yang Bufan. In order to win this war today, he must eliminate Jiang Chen first. If Jiang Chen wasn’t killed, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Just the right time.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened. In the face Crazy Devil’s attack, Jiang Chen was fearless. The fiery Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand. With a casual swing, the fire dragon charged forward. Under the frenzy of the fire dragon, the power of the evil light was instantly reduced by half.

This was the restraint of its natural enemy or some might call this, the ultimate suppression. Even Crazy Devil wasn’t excluded from the list. Under the suppression of the True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire, the power of the attack sent out by Crazy Devil was reduced by half.


The fire dragon raged. The attack of Crazy Devil couldn’t deal any impact on Jiang Chen and was easily extinguished instead.

“What? How could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d can have such a powerful flame? Flames, in general, won’t be able to burn inside the Evil Sacrificial Altar, let alone suppressing my devil Qi. Dammit!”

Crazy Devil almost spurted out blood. The human whom he hadn’t put in his eyes at the beginning had now turned into his biggest threat. He couldn’t even get rid of this human expert now. How aggrieved!


Yang Bufan praised loudly, then continued attacking Crazy Devil, which was precisely the right time as Crazy Devil’s mind was now in a state of chaos.

“I’ll stabilize the Great Illusion Realm first, then we’ll exterminate him together.” Jiang Chen said.

Given his eyesight, he could naturally see that even though Yang Bufan was able to consistently suppress Crazy Devil, it wasn’t an easy task to kill him. Thus, he didn’t want to delay too much. His Great Illusion Realm had already shattered the evil s.p.a.ce. Now, he only have to stabilize the Great Illusion Realm rapidly before joining Yang Bufan to exterminate Crazy Devil. If he joined forces with Yang Bufan, he was sure that Crazy Devil wouldn’t be able to last long.


Yang Bufan nodded, exerting his best efforts to deal with Crazy Devil, so that the devil wouldn’t have time to target Jiang Chen.

On the other side, Jiang Chen exerted his Great Soul Derivation Technique to the maximum. The Great Illusion Realm would be fully formed soon. In other words, although this was the Evil Sacrificial Altar of Crazy Devil, the spatial zone no longer belonged to him. Instead, it was under Jiang Chen’s full control.

“Come on.”

Jiang Chen roared, then transformed into a true dragon. He then integrated with the Heavenly Saint Sword, reaching the perfect unity of the human sword of the highest level, slas.h.i.+ng towards Crazy Devil. The surface of his dragon body was covered with flames, making the entire spatial zone look like a sea of fire. Under the suppression of the flames, Crazy Devil felt a tug that was restraining his combat strength.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Crazy Devil began to feel fear. He began to fear the existence of Yang Bufan, because only his combat strength was affected now. Under such circ.u.mstance, how could he ever be an opponent of his arch-enemy?

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