Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 136 – Task? Punishment!

Chapter 136 – Task? Punishment!

Chapter 136 – Task? Punishment!

The whole pill concoction process went smooth as sailing. Jiang Chen had a relaxed smile on his face the entire time, and no one could even find the slightest hint of nervousness on his face. He had found the balance point of these five elemental herbs in an instant.

Guo Shan was shocked to the maximum. He had never seen such a skillful method of pill concoction. The question of the five elements restricting and engendering one another that had troubled countless alchemists had been solved by Jiang Chen in such an easy and relaxed way. He had completely ignored the restriction problem, and had only used the engendering characteristic to merge all five ingredients together. By doing this, not only would the effectiveness of these ingredients be fully utilized because of the engendering characteristics, the effectiveness of the finished pill would also experience a significant improvement.

Guo Shan was trembling. He kept staring at Jiang Chen without moving a bit. Compared to Jiang Chen, he had a feeling that he had been wasting all these years of his life. A pill could actually be concocted this easily.

If it wasn’t for him not wanting to disturb Jiang Chen, Guo Shan would have been cheering and clapping from what he was witnessing.


A faded ‘pop’ sounded out from within the flame sea. Jiang Chen let out a deep shout; then a pill covered in five different colors jumped out from the flames. Jiang Chen retracted his soul energy and flames, then he extended his hand and grabbed the pill.

Five Elemental Pill, it had been successfully concocted.

Guo Shan stared at the pill in Jiang Chen’s hand with extreme disbelief. His eyes were attracted to the Five Elemental Pill. In just half an hour, Jiang Chen had actually managed to successfully concoct the Five Elemental Pill.

“The pill is in a perfect sphere shape, it’s crystal clear, and it contains no impurities. All five elements have merged together; it is a 100% effectiveness Five Elemental Pill!”

Guo Shan murmured to himself. If he hadn’t witnessed it himself, he wouldn’t believe it if anyone told him that this had just happened. The Five Elemental Pill, that had given countless alchemists headaches, had actually been concocted by Jiang Chen in such an easy way.

Guo Shan asked himself in his mind. If it was he himself who was concocting the Five Elemental Pill, even if he could successfully make it, it would be, at most, reach 80-90% effectiveness, and he could never concoct it to 100% effectiveness. Besides, he’d need at least half a day to accomplish this, but it only took Jiang Chen half an hour, and he managed to concoct a 100% effectiveness Five Elemental Pill.

“Older brother, what do you think about this Five Elemental Pill?”

Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“My brother, you, you……”

Guo Shan just couldn’t say a complete sentence. Then, he just hugged Jiang Chen and started crying, his tears dripping all over Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He just couldn’t hold his sadness inside himself.

“Brother, you came here to purposely deliver a huge blow to my face!”

Guo Shan felt depressed. In the Qi Province, he had never been convinced with any other alchemist’s skills. Never in his wildest dreams had he dreamt that one day, he would be completely convinced by an alchemist who was only at the Mortal Core realm.

“Older brother, I have a skill that can help with soul cultivation. I wonder if you are interested.”

While saying that, Jiang Chen started transmitting the Great Soul Derivation skill over to Guo Shan through his Divine Sense.

The Great Soul Derivation Skill was the most important foundation for Jiang Chen. By teaching Guo Shan this skill, he had some motives behind it. No doubt, Guo Shan was someone who could become his true friend. Jiang Chen would need to build his own team for the future, and an alchemist was a vital person within any team. Jiang Chen didn’t want to spend too much time and energy on concocting pills, therefore, he needed to cultivate some alchemists that could work with him, and Guo Shan was the perfect candidate.

The Great Soul Derivation skill was divided into two parts, and Jiang Chen had given the first part to Guo Shan. He wanted to see if Guo Shan would be able to comprehend it. The Great Soul Derivation skill was an advanced and complicated skill, and it was not something that anyone could cultivate. If Guo Shan could master the first part alone, he would be able to concoct Heaven rank pills and become a Heavenly alchemist.

Guo Shan’s expression turned into one of disbelief in an instant. The Great Soul Derivation scripture in his Divine Sense was like a refres.h.i.+ng stream of water. The mysterious script had immediately made him submerge into deep thoughts, and he had completely lost himself within the skill.

Guo Shan was trembling and frowning. Clearly, he couldn’t understand the complicated scripture of this skill in an instant.

“Older brother, this soul cultivation skill is called the Great Soul Derivation skill. I pa.s.sed to you the first portion of it, and once you master it, I will teach you the second part. If you can master this skill, you will definitely become one of the greatest alchemists in the world.”

Jiang Chen said.

Finally, Guo Shan stopped himself from studying the scripture. In just two or three minutes, his forehead had been filled with sweat. Right at this moment, the way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. Shock, respect, gratefulness, all sorts of mixed feeling. He was puzzled by who Jiang Chen really was, and why he could possess such an advanced and complicated soul cultivation skill.

“Brother, this gift is too much for me.”

Guo Shan rarely became so serious. As an alchemist himself, he knew very well how important a soul cultivation skill was to an alchemist. A skill like the Great Soul Derivation was something every alchemist would dream of.

From the decision of giving him the Great Soul Derivation skill, Jiang Chen had really treated Guo Shan as his own brother. This really touched Guo Shan.

“Let’s drop the sentimental part, I don’t like it. Since I now have the Five Elemental Pill, I’ll need to go back and start cultivating. I’ll see you again in the future.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist towards Guo Shan, then he led both Yan Chen Yu and Big Yellow and left the mountain peak.

Staring at Jiang Chen’s back, Guo Shan had a puzzled look in his eyes. He thought to himself, “My brother, what kind of person are you really?”


Same day, afternoon. Jiang Chen had asked a few outer circle disciples to build another house within his courtyard. After that, he entered secluded cultivation at night.

Low Earth rank Five Elemental Pill, it would provide Jiang Chen with the absolute limit of benefits at his current level. With the help of the Dragon Transformation skill, he could absorb all the energy contained within. If the pill’s level was too high, he wouldn’t be able to completely absorb it, and it would be a waste.

In fact, with Jiang Chen’s potential right now, he could break through to the Heavenly Core realm without worrying about anything. It was much easier for him to break through compared to others. When ordinary people wanted to break through from the Mortal Core realm to the Heavenly Core realm, they would need to break through a huge gap, and they would need to control the natural energies.

However, since Jiang Chen had the cultivation experience of a Saint, he just needed to gather energy, and there was no bottleneck whatsoever along the way. As long as he acc.u.mulated enough energy, and had the required number of Dragon Marks formed as stated in the Dragon Transformation scripture, he would be able to break through straight away. This unique advantage was something no one else had.

But, in order to strengthen his potential and foundation, Jiang Chen decided to consume the Five Elemental Pill first before breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm. With this, he wouldn’t have to worry about his foundation becoming unstable later on.

The Five Elemental Pill was the best pill that could help strengthen one’s core foundations. The pill contained five different elemental energies that could be directly absorbed by the five internal organs and strengthen one’s foundation.

Jiang Chen took out the pill and swallowed it straight away. With the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy contained within the Five Elemental Pill had started flowing into every single part of his body, his soul, and all his internal organs.


A pleasing sensation made Jiang Chen start trembling. The feeling was like rain beginning to drip after a long drought. What a magnificent feeling.

Jiang Chen took his sweet time to absorb the Five Elemental Pill. The process of strengthening one’s foundation was a slow process, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t rush it. Therefore, it took him nearly 24 hours to completely absorb the pill.

Once Jiang Chen awakened from his cultivation, there was a blood red dragon shadow hovering around his body. Once the Dragon Transformation skill became stronger, his qi and blood would become stronger and thicker at the same time.

After absorbing the Five Elemental Pill, not only did his foundation become stronger, it also helped Jiang Chen form another five Dragon Marks. After all, there was a huge amount of energy contained within the pill. A low Earth rank pill was almost equal to a Mid Heavenly Core demon soul.

Right now, there was a total of 85 Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, and he was one step closer to 100 Dragon Marks. Once he managed to form 100 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Heavenly Core realm. At that time, he would possess strength of more than a million Jin, incredibly strong.

“Listen to this command, Jiang Chen.”

Right as Jiang Chen had finished his cultivating session and walked out from his room, a deep voice sounded out from the skies. The sound was so loud that every single disciple within the Black Sect could hear it.

“Listen to this command… This is the Sect Chief’s voice!”

“Is he going to a.s.sign a task for Jiang Chen?”

“Quiet! Let’s listen to what it’s about!”

Many disciple were surprised when they heard the voice. This was the first time something like this had happened within the Black Sect. Normally, a.s.signing tasks to a disciple was done in secret, it would never be done openly like this.

“Listen to this, Jiang Chen. You caused a great disturbance in the outer circle yesterday, you offended your seniors, and you showed no respect to the Sect Elders. I, as the Sect Chief, will now announce your punishment. Recently, a Blood Devil has been seen around the Yellowstone area, and he has been ma.s.sacring innocents. I command you to kill this Blood Devil alone. You shall leave at once and delay no more.”

Daoist Black’s voice was loud and clear. It sounded out within the skies of Black Mountain like roaring thunder. It displayed the mighty power of a peak Divine Core warrior, and it made everyone feel respect and admiration.

After saying that, the voice of Daoist Black disappeared, but the Black Sect started boiling.

“What? Kill the Blood Devil? Isn’t this a suicide mission for Jiang Chen? Didn’t Sect Chief yesterday say that the incident had come to an end? Why does he suddenly want to punish Jiang Chen?”

“d.a.m.n it, weren’t these Blood Devils wiped out a few decades ago? Remember the incident with Blood Moon Shaman? He killed countless of innocents and wreaked havoc within the Qi Province, and in the end, all Sect Chief’s of the Four Big Sects attacked together and finally killed him. I never expected there would be another Blood Devil after so many years.”

“It’s true that there is a Blood Devil in Yellowstone area. Someone told me today he called himself Lord Blood Moon, and he is a very strong man! Besides, these Blood Devils live their lives by drinking other people’s’ blood. They’re cruel and brutal, and asking Jiang Chen to kill these Blood Devils alone is no different from asking him to commit suicide. Is the Sect Chief going to push Jiang Chen into h.e.l.l?”

“Perhaps because Fan Zhong Tang and his grandson Fan Kun doesn’t want to spare Jiang Chen’s life, they pressured the Sect Chief into a.s.signing Jiang Chen to a suicide mission?”


Everyone was shocked. The incident regarding the Blood Devils killing thousands of lives some decades ago had made everyone know just what kind of demon Jiang Chen was going to deal with. However, sending him alone to kill this demon was no different than a suicide mission.