Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1370 – The Invincible Illusion

Chapter 1370 – The Invincible Illusion

There was too much energy. It was bursting inside his body. Every new line of dragon marks was like a real ancient dragon, knocking back and forth in his Qi Sea formidably. Currently, Jiang Chen was only 5000 dragon marks away from the Golden Immortal realm. The condensation of the thirty-second level and the absorption of the half-step Immortal King devil soul was enough for him to advance to the early Golden Immortal realm.


The frenzied dragon roared earth-shatteringly, shaking the entire battlefield. Jiang Chen turned into a true dragon, just like an ancient dragon that was about to be born into this world. Humongous number of Immortal Meta Stones were being refined. With that much of energy, not only did his cultivation base advanced to the early Golden Immortal realm, but his Qi Sea had also formed another 10 000 dragon marks, making a total of 910 000 dragon marks in his body.

The Golden Immortal Jiang Chen could only be described as powerful. His dragon eyes shone brightly, radiating an incredible Qi that frightened even a half-step Immortal King. That was fear that came straight from one’s soul.

“That’s powerful. That’s truly powerful. This is an ancient combat dragon. Why do I feel that this is not just a transformation technique? Instead, I feel that a real dragon has emerged, a dragon that has vanished for a long time. Could it be that the dragons are re-emerging in this world?”

“Formidable despite being merely a Golden Immortal. It’s hard to imagine how terrifying he will be the moment he reached a higher level in the future.”

“Jiang Chen has advanced once more. His speed of advancement is simply bewildering and unacceptable. Before advancing, he could already kill half-step Immortal Kings. Now that he has advanced to the early Golden Immortal realm, doesn’t this mean that killing a half-step Immortal King will be as simple as cutting vegetables?”

“The Evil Lord has been trapped in the Evil Sacrificial Altar. Jiang Chen’s advancement at this time is too important to us. Given his current combat strength, he already has the ability to confront an Immortal King. In other words, he’s the hope of our race.”


Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s advancement, everyone in the human army got excited. Although the human army had already gained the upper hand during the course of the fierce battle, everyone knew that the final outcome of this war would be decided by the battle between Crazy Devil and Evil Lord. As long as Crazy Devil was killed, the human army would win. However, if Crazy Devil was still alive, it would be pointless regardless of how many demonic devils they killed, the humans would only face extinction in the end.

As such, Yang Bufan being trapped had caused a certain impact to their psychology. Many of them began to worry, however the drastic changes in Jiang Chen had rekindled their fighting spirit.

“Kaka! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to explode again. The Evil Clan is finished.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but laugh loudly when he saw Jiang Chen’s transformation. The others might not know Jiang Chen, but he knew Jiang Chen pretty well. He knew, without a doubt, that Jiang Chen would certainly deal an extremely heavy blow to the Evil Clan.


Jiang Chen sent out a dragon roar and rushed towards Crazy Devil. Without hesitation, he lunged into the door of evil, into the evil s.p.a.ce.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s departure, the only remaining half-step Immortal King couldn’t help but sigh. Jiang Chen was just too terrifying and had given him a huge psychological pressure. He would rather face three half-step Immortal Kings than confront Jiang Chen.

Moreover, the demonic chief was very confident in Crazy Devil, or perhaps it could be said that he was extremely confident in the Evil Sacrificial Altar. He knew the terror of the illusory realm inside the altar. He was almost certain that even if Jiang Chen and the Evil Lord joined forces, the outcome would still be the same, death.


After Jiang Chen went in to help Yang Bufan, the human army burst into yell. The three half-step Immortal Kings rushed at the remaining half-step Immortal King demonic chief. With three versus one, it was already imaginable what the demonic chief’s outcome would be.

On the battlefield, the half-step Immortal King demonic chief that was edified by Jiang Chen continued to ma.s.sacre his own kind ferociously. At this time, all of the demonic devils began to tremble in fear. Their fighting spirit was draining away like the tides.

In the evil s.p.a.ce, when Crazy Devil saw Jiang Chen coming, he immediately opened the door of evil.

“Humph! Another one has come to seek death. As long as he enters the door of evil, he will only end up dead.”

Crazy Devil harrumphed coldly. He was way too confident in the Evil Sacrificial Altar, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes.


Jiang Chen’s dragon roar rumbled across the sky, and he went straight into the door of evil. When he entered the evil s.p.a.ce, he saw that Yang Bufan had already been severely affected by the Qi of evil. Yang Bufan’s eyes were currently bloodshot. Qi of evil began to flow out of Yang Bufan’s body, however Yang Bufan wasn’t an ordinary expert. He would never be subdued so easily and was still maintaining his consciousness.

“Brother Jiang, congratulations on your advancement to the Golden Immortal realm. Be careful. The illusory realm in this s.p.a.ce is extremely powerful. One can lose oneself easily in this place.” Yang Bufan reminded hastily.

“Don’t worry. This kind of trick won’t be able to stop me. Since he wants to compete using Illusory Realm, I won’t refuse the challenge.”

Jiang Chen was extremely arrogant because he had the right to behave in such a way. Although it was true that the Illusory Realm of this evil s.p.a.ce was horrifying, it didn’t seem to concern Jiang Chen at all.

“Great Illusion Realm!”

Jiang Chen clamored. A dreamy light exited his body like a tidal wave, constantly permeating to the surrounding. Back when he acquired the Illusion Heart Sutra, he had known the terror of the Great Illusion Realm. Although he didn’t know what level it was, it certainly didn’t seem to be worse than the evil s.p.a.ce.

Moreover, the strength of the illusory realm was based on the caster’s spiritual strength, and due to Jiang Chen cultivating the Great Soul Derivation Technique and the Great Illusion Realm, the effect it created was incomparable to the evil s.p.a.ce.

Under the impact of the Great Illusion Realm, the evil s.p.a.ce began to tremble as though it was. .h.i.t by tremendous waves. Many of the illusions failed to form and started to dissipate. Wails could be heard from those ghostly beings before they crumbled completely.

In an instant, the clarity in Yang Bufan’s eyes was restored, freeing him from the confinement of the evil s.p.a.ce.


Yang Bufan darted Jiang Chen a praising look. He couldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen still had such a heaven defying skill that was even powerful enough to break the illusory realm of the evil s.p.a.ce.

“Impossible. How could this happen? What kind of skill is this brat using? How could he break my realm to such a degree?”

Crazy Devil was shocked. There was no way he wouldn’t be. He knew better than anyone else about the situation in the evil s.p.a.ce. It was the first time such an incident had ever happened.

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