Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1366 – Milky Way Hangs Nine Heavens

Chapter 1366 – Milky Way Hangs Nine Heavens

Milky Way Hangs Nine Heavens

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To a demonic chief, such a command was undoubtedly cruel. A dignified half-step Immortal King demonic chief was supposed to lead his own tribe to fight in battle, but now, he was under the complete control of the enemy and would turn and kill his own kind.

Such a thing however was no big deal to the edified demonic chief, as he had already become Jiang Chen’s slave. In his mind, there was no longer the images of his own kind, but only the commands of Jiang Chen.

This was something that could deal a great and terrible blow to the devil army. One should know that it was the chief of their tribe, the existence whom they most revered in their daily lives, but all of a sudden, he had changed and was going to kill his own subordinates. That kind of psychological blow was unthinkable and most damaging to the fighting spirit of the devil army.


The demonic chief roared and entered the battlefield. His hundred-meter body was conspicuous in the battlefield, but this time, his target had completely changed. With a slap of his huge palm, at least a dozen demonic devils died in his hands.

The scene shocked half of the army in the battlefield. Many human experts stared at the chief in terror, having no clue about what exactly was happening.

But the demonic chief didn’t seem to be stopping. After killing a batch of demonic devils, he launched another strike to another group. Now, everyone knew what was going on. They remembered that the opponent of this demonic chief was Jiang Chen. Now that this demonic chief suddenly turned and killed his own kind, it only showed that the demonic devil had already been edified.

“The demonic chief has been subdued by Jiang Chen.”

Some demonic devils roared with a tone that was full of despair. The demonic chief was their hope. How could they ever accept that their chief was now killing them instead of their enemies?

“Haha! Amazing! Jiang Chen’s means is the best. He can even edify a half-step Immortal King. With such a big helper, our chances of victory will surely be greater.”

“Terrifying… I really don’t know how he did it. He’s simply not human to edify even a half-step Immortal King. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, I certainly won’t believe it.”

“I can’t believe that there’s actually such a heaven defying skill. This only means that Jiang Chen is the nemesis of these demonic devils. With his presence, the demonic devils won’t have any chance of winning.”


Numerous human experts were stirred. This was even more exciting than the death of a half-step Immortal King demonic chief. The difference between killing a half-step Immortal King and turning a half-step Immortal King into one of them was too great.

At a distance, three half-step human Immortal Kings saw everything that had happened. Each of them hastily wiped off the cold beads of sweat on their foreheads. They changed the way they looked at Jiang Chen. Even though they knew that Jiang Chen and Tyrant could subdue the devils, they didn’t imagine that even a half-step Immortal King could be taken down by Jiang Chen.

“This brat is truly heaven defying.”

No one wasn’t astonished. Jiang Chen’s action had boosted the morale of the human army once more, turning every one of them more aggressive and horrifying.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The thirtieth level of the paG.o.da began to stir. After continuously absorbing tremendous amount of blood and Qi essence, the thirtieth level of the paG.o.da was fully condensed. However, it didn’t stop there. It continued to rush toward thirty-first level. As long as there was enough energy, the paG.o.da wouldn’t stop growing.

Jiang Chen had obtained humungous benefits from the condensation of the thirtieth level. The dragon marks in his Qi Sea had already reached 870 000. As long as the dragon marks. .h.i.t 900 000, he would break through to the early Golden Immortal realm.

However, there was still an extremely large gap to get from half-step Golden Immortal realm to the true Golden Immortal realm. Many cultivators would stop at this level for the rest of their lives. As such, it wouldn’t be easy for Jiang Chen to straightaway advance to the Golden Immortal realm. In other words, it would be harder to form new dragon marks after this, at least much harder than the condensation of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

Jiang Chen didn’t attack. All he did was control the absorption of the paG.o.da while observing the other battlefield, the battlefield where the ultimate battle between two Immortal Kings was happening.

He felt the need to watch such a battle, to experience the taste of Immortal Kings. Not only would this be helpful to his future cultivation, but also beneficial to his advancement to the Golden Immortal realm.

All along, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base had been progressing too fast. Sometimes, he needed to settle down a little for a while. Watching the great battle between these two Immortal Kings was precisely a good chance for Jiang Chen to settle down.

In the sky, Yang Bufan’s hand was lifting something that seemed like a mountain cloud. The cloud was extremely mystical. It was rolling constantly and flas.h.i.+ng with lighting.


Yang Bufan unleashed all of his power. With a rumbling shout, he threw the cloud violently at Crazy Devil.

Crazy Devil didn’t seem any weaker. The scepter in his hand danced, striking out lines of mysterious runes before turning into a monster that roared loudly. The monster was like the totem of the Evil Clan. It was the most evil thing in the world and the scariest existence of all. It opened its maw and lunged at the mountain cloud.

*Hong Long……*

The sky was shattered once more, turning into an area of chaos. Terrifying destructive force lingered around. The two Immortal Kings were no longer visible.

Like before, no victor could be determined!

“Milky Way Hangs The Nine Heavens.”

Both of Yang Bufan’s eyes glittered. Changes occurred to his momentum once more. His dark hair fluttered like silk sash. In between his palms emerged a large brilliant Milky Way. Every line in the Milky Way seemed like a fascinating trance, but behind this fascination was an extremely terrifying force.

“What a good move! This should be a King Level combat technique.”

Jiang Chen praised. Whether it was the momentum or power, the combat technique was flawlessly cast out by Yang Bufan.

*Hua La……*

Then the Milky Way turned into something like a backdrop. That was a domain. Inside, Yang Bufan was the king.

Seeing what happened, Crazy Devil finally changed his countenance. The power of this human had exceeded his imagination, but the devil didn’t show any signs of fear, because he too had a very powerful technique that was yet to be used.

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