Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1367 – The Scariness of the Sacrificial Altar

Chapter 1367 – The Scariness of the Sacrificial Altar

The Scariness of the Sacrificial Altar

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Crazy Devil moved. He circulated all the energy of his body. The scepter in his hand disappeared completely, or it should be said that it had integrated into his body.

Boundless devil waves rushed out of his body, forming a ma.s.sive Wheel of Evil. Though it was the same evil wheel used by the previous devils, however, it was different because it was casted out by Crazy Devil. As such, it was certainly many folds greater whether be it in the aspect of power or momentum than those that Jiang Chen had encountered.

It seemed that the Wheel of Evil could only show its true power when it was used by Crazy Devil himself. The 300 meter wheel seemed life like. Under Crazy Devil’s control, the wheel rushed forth into the Nine Heavens Light Barrier. Even though it was Yang Bufan’s domain and many traps had been set in there, Crazy Devil didn’t show a trace of fear.

This was ability. This was strength. That was why powerful experts had extreme audacity. Crazy Devil daring to make such a move indicated his absolute certainty.

*Hong Long……*

In the Nine Heavens Milky Way, an intense fight broke out once more. Even though there was a great oppressive force in the Nine Heavens Milky Way, it was still a very difficult thing to truly suppress Crazy Devil.

The Wheel of Evil was too powerful. It had cut many s.h.i.+ning silvery river inside, causing ruins in the Nine Heavens Milky Way.

Yang Bufan continued to strike. Every strike he made carried the force that could destroy the Heavens and Earth. Each attack was overwhelming. It caused the void around to break inches by inches. Spatial current gushed out continuously. The scene was like the end of the world, sending chills to everyone who saw it. They were afraid that even an ordinary half-step Immortal King would be killed instantly after entering into such a battlefield.

The battle below had turned unprecedentedly fierce. A large number of demonic devils had died tragically. After the half-step Immortal King demonic chief was edified by Jiang Chen, it had become a huge killing machine.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was the biggest beneficiary. In just an hour, half of the thirty-first level had already been condensed.

Although the number of demonic devils was a lot greater than the human army, the overall situation of the battlefield could already be determined. The downfall of the Evil Clan was already apparent. As long as Jiang Chen and Tyrant were in the field, it was only a matter of time before all of the demonic devils were exterminated.

Jiang Chen was completely immersed in the fierce battle between Yang Bufan and Crazy Devil, not willing to miss anything from the battle.

Even Jiang Chen had to admit that Yang Bufan was definitely a rare genius and wasn’t less gifted than Tian Muyun. Even though the sacrificial altar was constantly providing incredible amount of energy to Crazy Devil, Yang Bufan was still able to maintain his stance. Also, as the battle continued to intensify, Yang Bufan had vaguely gained the upper hand and was going to suppress the devil.

“Evil Lord, I have to say that you are the most powerful opponent I’ve ever met. If I don’t have any terrifying trump cards with me today, it won’t be easy for me to exterminate you. Now, I will show you the terror of the Evil Sacrificial Altar!”

The devil Qi of Crazy Devil rippled across the battlefield. He could already see that it was simply impossible to defeat Yang Bufan by relying on his combat strength. Yang Bufan was getting stronger after every round of battle, and thus, Yang Bufan was starting to gain the upper hand. This war-G.o.d like opponent did made Crazy Devil feel tough.

But he still had his trump card, the Evil Sacrificial Altar. Only he knew the true terror of the altar.

“Really? Then unleash the power of your altar. Show me how powerful this black and ugly altar actually is.”

Yang Bufan’s black hair fluttered with incomparable pride. There was nothing in this world that could stir his fear. No matter how powerful the trump card of his opponent was, he would confront it.

The might of Crazy Devil didn’t make Yang Bufan feel nervous. Instead, it ignited his fighting spirit, allowing his combat intent to climb unceasingly.

“The Door of Evil, open.”

Crazy Devil spread open his arms and stood on the altar. His Qi had completely integrated with the altar.

*Hong Long……*

As Crazy Devil’s voice trailed off, the huge altar suddenly burst into an earth-shaking roar, and then, a door emerged. Rays of gloomy light came out from it. Every ray of light was like an ancient ability. The combatants below could also hear the roars and sounds of evil.

This was the door to the evil. The voices and the flickering sight inside could deal an unbearable impact to people. One look and it would make one feel like his soul was devoured.

“Evil Lord, I dare you to come in and fight me!” Crazy Devil made a provocation.

“Humph! Why won’t I dare! It’s just a door anyway.”

Yang Bufan harrumphed coldly. Without hesitation, he strode into the huge door of evil.


In the distance, Jiang Chen regained his senses and shouted hastily, but it was already too late. Yang Bufan had already vanished in the door, into the interior of the Evil Sacrificial Altar.

“Not good, Brother Yang is being somewhat reckless. That altar isn’t as simple as one might think. The moment one gets inside, one would be under the complete control of the devil. If I’m not mistaken, this altar must be able to create countless illusions, using the illusions to affect the mind of the opponent, or even devour the spiritual consciousness of the opponent, turning the opponent into an evil body. It seems like I got to advance my cultivation base as soon as possible. Or else, Brother Yang will be in danger.”

Jiang Chen could already discern some clues from what just happened. The mighty King Weapon must have its mystical side, it wouldn’t be as simple as it looked.

Furthermore, Crazy Devil must have a certain purpose in provoking Yang Bufan to enter the door of evil. He must have already set a trap for his opponent.

Also, Yang Bufan was too proud. He chose to go into the door despite knowing it was a trap.

Jiang Chen made some calculations using the Great Divination Art. He calculated that Yang Bufan would face danger in the altar, but it also wouldn’t be easy for Crazy Devil to kill Yang Bufan.

However, it still wasn’t a good thing to be trapped inside. The longer one stayed inside, the more dangerous the situation would become. So it was all on Jiang Chen now. The dragon marks in his Qi Sea had already reached 880 000, leaving only 20 000 to go. Once he advanced to the early Golden Immortal realm, he would be capable enough to fight Crazy Devil.

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