Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1365 – The Edifying Light Revealed its Prestige Once More

Chapter 1365 – The Edifying Light Revealed its Prestige Once More

The Edifying Light Revealed its Prestige Once More

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Yang Bufan emerged. In this place, he was the lord of evil, the pillar of the human race. After his appearance, the human army cheered. Each and every one of them seemed extremely excited. It could be seen that the Evil Lord also had a very huge influence in Evil Abyss. He was basically as influential as the Crazy Devil on his army.

“Bring it on, Evil Lord. We’ll have a life-or-death battle today, and I’m going to kill you myself. The Evil Abyss will always be the land of our clan. You humans are merely ants and our slaves in this world,” Crazy Devil spoke aloud, declaring that this was going to be the final battle.

His momentum was domineering. He trampled on the sacrificial altar, and the whole sky was filled with the scent of evil. The ferocious faces of the skeletons on the altar were giving off creepy roars.

Obviously, Crazy Devil had been preparing for this day for a long time. He knew that there would be a war between the two races sooner or later. Even without Jiang Chen as the catalyst of the event, this war was already bound to happen. Jiang Chen’s emergence only made it happen ahead of time.

“The sacrificial altar of the Evil Clan seems very formidable, but I wonder how powerful it really is. Crazy Devil, from today onwards, there will no more demonic devils in Evil Abyss. Even if there are, they will all be my slaves.”

Yang Bufan was even more domineering. Momentum billowed up to the sky straight from his head. That was the might of his aura.

Even though Crazy Devil had unleashed the sacrificial altar, Yang Bufan didn’t seem the slightest bit afraid. Anyone would admire him for having such a demeanor.

Both great Immortal Kings unleashed their killing intent.

“Come on.”

Crazy Devil pointed the scepter that he was holding up towards the sky. A devil dragon rushed out, hovering in the sky. Under his control, the altar flew skywards, reaching one of the highest points in the sky. On the other hand, Yang Bufan followed. He hurtled himself upwards and struck out a ray of light.

That light was incomparably brilliant, like a heavenly river, slas.h.i.+ng the devil dragon. An intense battle broke out before a battlefield was created.

A great battle between Immortal Kings required a new battlefield made out of spatial force, every attack and technique launched by these experts were extremely terrifying and destructive. The shockwave that rippled from their attacks could kill countless of lives.

If the Immortal Kings didn’t create another battlefield, the whole battlefield below would be ravaged. Numerous humans and demonic devils would die of tragic death. In the end, the war would be pointless.

*Hong Long…*

High above on the battlefield, Yang Bufan and Crazy Devil had already exchanged blows more than a dozen times. Every time they fought it was always so earth-shattering that the sky seemed to be on the verge of collapse. No one would dare to stare at the might of the Immortal King directly.

Both Yang Bufan and Crazy Devil were incomparably powerful existences here. They were both early Immortal King experts. As for Crazy Devil, he was the ruler of the Evil Clan and possessed the Evil Sacrificial Altar. The ma.s.sive devil energy in his body made any same-level opponent vulnerable.

Similarly, Yang Bufan wasn’t an ordinary person. He was the genius of the geniuses. His combat strength couldn’t be measured with the average standard. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly become the lord of evil, dominating half of this world for ten years, and making the Evil Clan fearful of him since then.

It wouldn’t be simple to determine the victor from the battle of these two great Immortal Kings.

Whether it was the great battle between the Immortal Kings or the intense battle below, both were war of attrition. Whichever side last longer would be the winner.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

The emergence of Yang Bufan and Crazy Devil had caused the war below to be scalding hot. Each army launched their strongest attack. None of them retreated because they had no way of doing so. This was a battle of life and death, the battle of survival and defeat was equal to death. So, they were left with no choice.

Jiang Chen turned into a mad dragon. He had to improve his cultivation base as soon as possible. He had to advance to the early Golden Immortal realm so that he could help Yang Bufan fight Crazy Devil. As long as Crazy Devil was eliminated, it would be the end of the Evil Clan.

“Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool!”

The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was replaced by the mighty Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. He then struck out the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. The power of the frenzied dragons spread across, enshrouding the demonic chief in an instant. Finally, the demonic chief was losing his stance. Even if he counter-attacked with a powerful technique, he would still be no match for the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.

The reason that Jiang Chen launched the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool instead of the Regretless Falling Dragon was to avoid wounding his target too badly so that he could edify the devil right after that. If he used the Regretless Falling Dragon, the power would be too great. It would probably kill his opponent or severely injured the target.


Bruises and blood emerged on the devil’s hundred meter tall body, most of his scales fell off. Even though he had tried his best to defend, he was still injured by the Frenzied Dragon Leaves the Pool. His condition was going downhill and his combat strength was declining.

“Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen had gotten so used of taking the right action at the most critical time. Given the current condition of the demonic chief, this was the best time to edify it. In a split second, the Edifying Light was shot out and went straight into the devil’s head.


The demonic chief screamed agonizingly, using both of his hands to grab his skull, ramming everything around him frantically, but it lasted only a few breaths before he settled down, and his eyes brightened.

He came to Jiang Chen and bowed. “Master.”

No demonic devils could withstand the attack of the Edifying Light. After being suppressed by Jiang Chen, the devil’s fate was fully controlled by Jiang Chen. This was an undeniable fact because the Edifying Light had never failed.

“Good. Let me help you heal your injuries, then you’ll go and slaughter them.”

Jiang Chen nodded, and struck out the wood spiritual Qi into the demonic chief’s body to heal his wounds. The recovery speed due to the effect of the wood spiritual Qi was incomparable to any other holy pills. As the demonic chief only suffered physical injuries, it only took a dozen of breaths of time for him to fully recover.

“Thank you master.” The demonic chief was completely subdued by Jiang Chen.

“Go now, kill your own kind, the more the better.” Jiang Chen gave a ruthless command.

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