Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 135 – Five Elemental Pill

Chapter 135 – Five Elemental Pill

Chapter 135 – Five Elemental Pill

“Older brother, how does my wine taste?”

Jiang Chen asked with a smile on his face.

What? How’s the taste? d.a.m.n it, this is Energy Spring Water, can it be tasted? So, he really considers it to be wine!

“You’re doing this on purpose! You’re doing this to purposely p.i.s.s your father off!”

Guo Shan really wished to slap Jiang Chen’s face with his shoe.

“Why does older brother say that? I brought the wine here specifically for older brother, but not only did you not appreciate it, you even said I was trying to p.i.s.s you off… this is so sad. Since older brother doesn’t like our wine, Big Yellow, Xiao Yu, let the three of us finish this wine, older brother can just enjoy his own herbal wine.”

Jiang Chen raised up the jade pot and poured another full gla.s.s of Energy Spring Water for Big Yellow and Xiao Yu, and he purposely skipped Guo Shan’s gla.s.s.

“The f.u.c.k!”

Guo Shan couldn’t hold himself any longer. He took the wine pot from Jiang Chen’s hands and poured himself another gla.s.s.

But too bad, although Guo Shan was a Divine Core warrior, if one were to compare the potential of their bodies, he was far from Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, and Yan Chen Yu. Guo Shan couldn’t stand anymore after drinking three gla.s.ses of Energy Spring Water as the energy contained within was too powerful. He wasn't cultivating some advanced skill, therefore, he couldn’t absorb the energy in a short period of time. Besides, Guo Shan’s const.i.tution was just an ordinary one, he just couldn’t be compared to the three sitting beside him.

“I can’t drink any more. The way you guys are drinking this is just too wasteful. Brother, did you know that a single drop of Energy Spring Water can sell for more than 10,000 gold coins? And yet, we are drinking it like water here.”

Guo Shan felt like slapping himself a few times. This was incredibly wasteful, a reckless waste of grain! When he saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow drinking gla.s.s after gla.s.s, he was both mad and p.i.s.sed off. At the same time, a strong feeling of defeat struck him. He was a Divine Core warrior, but his endurance was so weak compared to these three abnormal monsters in front of him.

“Brother, how did you get so much Energy Spring Water?”

Guo Shan asked with a hint of curiosity. He had drunk three gla.s.ses of Energy Spring Water today, and that had given him a lot of benefits. His cultivation level had reached the peak of the Early Divine Core realm, and he was just one step away from the Mid Divine Core realm. With the help of these three gla.s.ses, he could break through to the Mid Divine Core realm in just a month, or perhaps even less.

“I got some by accident when I was in the Myriad Demon Mountain. I knew this Energy Spring Water could help older brother, therefore, I prepared a full pot for you.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen took out another jade pot from his storage ring and handed it over to Guo Shan.

Guo Shan’s eyes widened and lit up. A pot filled with Energy Spring Water, this was a priceless gift from Jiang Chen. What Jiang Chen said was correct, this pot with Energy Spring Water was really useful for Guo Shan. Not only would it help his cultivation, it would also provide great help for his pill concoction. He could just add a few drops of the spring water as part of the ingredient, then the finished pill would have a great increment on its effectiveness. This was one of the rarest properties the Energy Spring Water could provide.

“Brother, this Energy Spring Water is too precious! I just drank three gla.s.ses of it, so how could I accept this pot?”

Although Guo Shan spoke like he was rejecting the gift, he stared at the pot while rubbing his hands, and he didn’t even blink once. He looked like he couldn’t wait to put his hands on the pot.

Looking at how Guo Shan behaved, Jiang Chen couldn’t hold himself any longer, then he let out a laugh, “Since older brother feels bad accepting my gift… Big Yellow, let’s drink this pot as well!”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, Guo Shan immediately responded. No one could see how he did it, but the jade pot on the table had disappeared. After that, Guo Shan gazed back at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, “Both of you are animals! Don’t drink the Energy Spring Water in front of your father from now on, prodigal beasts!”

“Hey old man, since we had a great drinking session, and we established some sort of relations.h.i.+p, we can be considered friends now, right? Can you just bring a few dozens of herbs from your plantation and let me taste them?”

Big Yellow stared at Guo Shan and shamelessly spoke. This dog still had his eyes on the herbs.

“Get the h.e.l.l out of here, d.a.m.ned dog! If you ever touch a single one of your father’s herbs, your father will skin you alive!”

Guo Shan berated.

Big Yellow spat his tongue out, but he didn’t say anything else. This old fatty didn’t look like someone who could be easily fooled with.

“Older brother, I got something to discuss with you. The reason why I came here today was to ask for a few of older brother’s herbs.”

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone.

“I knew you were up to something, no wonder you gave me a pot of Energy Spring Water! Tell me, what kind of herbs are you looking for? As long as I got them within this mountain, your older brother won’t be stingy with them!”

Guo Shan said in a generous manner.

“If you say so, I’ll get straight to the point.”

Jiang Chen said, “I need five different types of herbs. Golden Mushroom, Profound Black Wood, Water Lotus Flower, Flaming Gra.s.s and Loess Sand.”

Jiang Chen mentioned five herbs at once, and they were the main ingredients he needed to concoct a pill that could strengthen his foundation.

Guo Shan’s previously casual and relaxed expression turned serious, then he asked, “Golden Mushroom, Profound Black Wood, Water Lotus Flower, Flaming Gra.s.s, and Loess Sand. They are herbs of five different elements… Don’t tell me brother is going to concoct the Five Elemental Pill?”

“That’s right, I’m going to concoct the Five Elemental Pill. It is used to strengthen one’s foundation, and not only can it quench the internal organs, it can also help increase the potential of those who consume it. Before I break through to the Heavenly Core realm, I’ll need to quench and strengthen my foundation.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“The five internal organs of humans corresponds to the five different elements, therefore, the Five Elemental Pill is an extremely rare pill. By rare, it also means that it is incredibly difficult to concoct. The five elements are restricting each other, and trying to mix five different types of herbs that corresponds to five different elements, and then making it into the Five Elemental Pill is extremely difficult. Ordinary grandmasters of alchemy will find it near impossible to concoct a pill like that. I have been in the alchemy field for more than a dozen decades, and even I wouldn’t dare try this.”

[TL: Five organs are heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.]

Guo Shan spoke with a dignified tone. The Five Elemental Pill was different from other pills that were used to strengthen one’s foundation, it was a rare pill that ordinary alchemists could never concoct. Even Guo Shan himself couldn’t make it.

“Older brother, just prepare these herbs for me. As for the pill concoction itself, I’ll do it myself.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“What? You’re going to concoct the Five Elemental Pill yourself?”

Guo Shan stared at Jiang Chen with astonishment and said, “Brother, the lowest quality Five Elemental Pill is an Earth level pill. With my current skills and abilities, I can at most only concoct a low-grade Earth pills. Although you have a powerful cultivation skill, you are not a Heavenly Core warrior yet, it is unrealistic for you to try and concoct the Five Elemental Pill.”

Guo Shan couldn’t help but be astonished. He had no doubt in Jiang Chen’s alchemy abilities, he had even experienced Jiang Chen’s vast knowledge some days ago. However, pill concoction was directly related to one’s cultivation realm. Trying to concoct the Five Elemental Pill with just a Late Mortal Core cultivation base, this could never happen.

“Older brother, I am not joking. You do have these five herbs, don’t you?”

Jiang Chen asked again seriously. Although these five herbs were precious, they weren’t really difficult to find. The Black Sect was one of the biggest sects in the Qi Province, and Guo Shan was the chief alchemist of the Black Sect. It would suck if he didn’t have these herbs.

“Yes, I do have them. Brother, when you concoct the pill, can I watch from the side?”

Guo Shan asked. He eagerly wanted to witness whether or not Jiang Chen could really concoct the Five Elemental Pill. He had always been curious about Jiang Chen’s pill concoction skills.

“No problem, I’ll do it here.”

Jiang Chen nodded in agreement with a smile on his face. To him, pill concoction was an easy job. Although it was tough to concoct the Five Elemental Pill because ordinary alchemists couldn’t control the restriction between the five elements, to Jiang Chen, it was a piece of cake.


Guo Shan turned around and walked into the plantation field, then he gathered the Golden Mushroom, Water Lotus Flower and Loess Sand. Then, he returned to his own courtyard and took out the two other herbs. Not long after that, he prepared all five herbs and placed them on the table.

“Brother, these five herbs have been growing for quite some time. They are more than enough to concoct a low Earth rank Five Elemental Pill.”

Guo Shan said.

“Perfect! Thank you, older brother!”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist towards Guo Shan. This was the benefit of becoming friends with Guo Shan. If he hadn’t formed this relations.h.i.+p, it would take Jiang Chen countless amounts of effort to obtain these five herbs by himself.

“Older brother, I’m going to start now. You should pay attention, it might help increase your pill concoction skills.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen waved his hand, and all five herbs on the table flew towards him. At the same time, a ma.s.sive force of soul energy was unleashed from his body. A shocked expression immediately emerged on Guo Shan’s face when he felt this strong soul energy.

“He’s only a Late Mortal Core warrior, so how come his soul energy is so powerful? It is at least comparable to a Late Heavenly Core warrior!”

Guo Shan was shocked, but it was just the beginning.

Two b.a.l.l.s of flame shot out from Jiang Chen’s palms and turned into a flame sea. Underneath Jiang Chen’s control, all ingredients were thrown into the flame sea at the same time.

Guo Shan was stunned by Jiang Chen’s actions. These five herbs of different elements were restricting each other, and it would be extremely hard to merge them together, even if they had been purified separately. Jiang Chen had the audacity to purify them all together, this was unbelievable! It required precise control from the alchemist himself, any neglect would turn all ingredients into ashes.

“Older brother, although the five elements are restricting each other, they are also engendering one another. As long as you can find the turning point within, it is actually pretty simple to concoct the Five Elemental Pill. Purifying all five herbs together is actually much simpler than doing it one by one.”

Jiang Chen explained.

Guo Shan became even more astonished. Pill concoction required complete concentration from the alchemist, but Jiang Chen could actually talk to him while concocting a pill, and more importantly, he could still maintain the stability of these herbs. He wouldn’t have believed this if he hadn’t witnessed it himself.

Besides, what Jiang Chen said had struck Guo Shan. Everyone knew the theory of restricting and engendering one another, but few knew the true meaning behind it. Jiang Chen had showed him the answer with his actions. So, it was actually easier to purify all five elements together than doing it separately. It was actually a trap that many alchemists were unaware of, and it had caused them all difficulty with concocting the Five Elemental Pill.

Guo Shan held his breath as he stared at Jiang Chen’s hands. Jiang Chen kept forming different mysterious seals with his fingers as he controlled the fire. Underneath the scorching flame, all five herbs had begun their purifying process. They were tumbling and rolling within the flame sea, and underneath Jiang Chen’s precise control, they never showed any signs of turmoil because of restricting and engendering one another.