Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1360 – The Beginning of the War

Chapter 1360 – The Beginning of the War

The Beginning of the War

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“Keep your mind steady,” Jiang Chen shouted, then grabbed Tianji Zi.

A great deal of wood spiritual Qi was channeled into Tianji Zi’s body like a tide. The wood spiritual Qi was like a clear stream and Tianji Zi’s body was like a dried lake. As such, Tianji felt a sudden rush of comfort in his body.

“The Qi current is mystical. I can feel signs of being vigorous again. How miraculous! My disciple’s heaven defying means has far exceeded my imagination.”

Tianji Zi felt surprised, but he didn’t dare neglect what Jiang Chen said. Although his cultivation had been destroyed, he had the experience of a Golden Immortal. It was relatively easy for him to settle his mind down.

Tianji Zi had no worries about Jiang Chen. He opened his mind completely, allowing Jiang Chen to fully control his body. The energy of the Regenerative Lotus had already been controlled by Jiang Chen’s wood spiritual Qi. Under the control, the energy inside turned gentle and was absorbed by Tianji Zi’s body bit by bit.

To Jiang Chen, absorbing these energy was as easy as drinking water. He was able to absorb every bit of them in a blink of an eye, but to Tianji Zi, it wasn’t as easy. It was like when an ordinary man was drinking water, he needed to drink sip by sip instead of finis.h.i.+ng it all at once. If he forced himself to take too much, he would choke or even die.

Patiently, Jiang Chen was helping Tianji Zi absorb the energy which lasted for three days straight. Tianji Zi had absorbed every bit of the two lotus leaves and a large amount of wood spiritual Qi.

The lotus leaves and wood spiritual Qi had undoubtedly provided a very great nourishment to Tianji Zi’s body. Currently, Tianji Zi’s state was much stronger than what he was three days ago. Although his cultivation hadn’t recovered fully, his state had been restored. His Qi essence and appearance had returned to his original state. He no longer was that old and shaky man. He now looked like a forty or fifty year old man. Of course, looking from the surface, Tianji Zi’s condition still seemed fragile. After all, his current state couldn’t be compared to the time when he was still a Golden Immortal.

“Master, how do you feel?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Much better. I can live at least twenty more years.”

Tianji Zi seemed rather optimistic now. After all, the fact could never be changed and he could only accept it. He still had to continue the road ahead. Life was fickle. No one knew what would happen in the future. Besides, he was very confident in his disciple. Perhaps, Jiang Chen could really find a way to recover his injuries some day. Therefore, he must live in order to have hope.

“In less than twenty years. I estimate that at most, it will take one year for me to find a way to cure your injuries.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. He would never let Tianji Zi go on like this all the time. After the things in the Evil Abyss and One-Line-Sky were resolved, the first thing he needed to do was to find a way to recover Tianji Zi’s cultivation.

“En, master believes you. This isn’t my first time coming to Evil Abyss, but why is there a sense of tension in the air? What has happened?”

Tianji Zi regained his senses, and began to pay attention to the situation in the Evil Abyss. After all, he was well versed in the Great Divination Art and was able to perceive plenty of things.

“There’s something master doesn’t know yet. There’s another incomparably powerful race that exists in this world, they are called the Evil Clan. As a matter of fact, the Evil Abyss was named after this race as they were once the master of this place. Then…”

Jiang Chen explained everything related to Evil Abyss to Tianji Zi, including the present situation and some of the things that had happened here.

After listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Tianji Zi had even more respect for Yang Bufan. One man fought the entire clan? No one wouldn’t want to admire such a man.

“The war against the Evil Clan is about to begin. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide any help.”

Tianji Zi sighed and sounded somewhat disappointed. It was impossible for an expert not to feel a thing about it.

*Hong Long…*

Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say, then suddenly, an earth-shattering rumble was heard from afar. The sky above Evil Abyss was torn apart. Dozen of spatial pa.s.sageways were blown open. Boundless devil waves began to roll. Frenzied roars resounded from the inside of the pa.s.sageways. For an instant, the Heaven and Earth changed colors. The sky was blotted out by dark clouds, turning the entire Evil City incomparably eerie.

Subsequently, powerful demonic devils rushed out of the pa.s.sageways one after another. Every one of them was thumping their chest and stamping their feet. Each one of them looked as if they came from the underworld, emitting light that frightened people.

In just a few breaths of time, thousands of huge demonic devils appeared out of the dozen of pa.s.sageways.

“Not good, the Evil Clan is attacking.” Tyrant’s face changed.

“It seems like the Evil Clan is going serious this time by launching an attack at Evil City. This is an indication of a life-and-death war against the human race.”

Big Yellow shook his st.u.r.dy tail. Finally, the war is starting. This was much sooner than they had thought.

Demonic devils danced frenziedly in the air. There were so many of them that the sky turned black. The scene seemed like the end of the world. Not just the void was torn, even the land was ripped open, and some demonic devils drilled their way out of it, making the scene extremely ferocious and horrifying.

This was a scene which Tianji Zi had never seen before. His facial expression turned somewhat ugly. Comparing this ma.s.sive war to the fights between the major powers in One-Line-Sky was pointless. No wonder no one was willing to come in Evil Abyss. Almost every cultivator regarded the Evil Abyss as a tiger’s cave. The ferocity and evil of this place was indeed beyond the imagination of the outside world.

“That’s a half-step Immortal King demonic chief. Several of them have appeared at the same time. d.a.m.n! It seems like the Evil Clan is really serious this time. Haha! But Master Dog likes it.”

Big Yellow seemed extremely excited. This time, the Evil Clan came prepared. It could be said that they had sent one of their strongest forces into war. Despite it being just the beginning of the war, a few half-step Immortal Kings were sent out to lead the army. If such a terrifying army was put in One-Line-Sky, they could dominate that place without trouble. Of course, these devils also had very honorable ident.i.ty in the Evil Clan. They were either the chiefs of a large tribe or an existence greater than a demonic chief.

“This war is bound to be earth-shaking. This will affect the future of the Evil Clan.”

Tyrant, too, seemed extremely excited. Going to war was always their favorite thing to do.

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