Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1359 – Nourishing the Body

Chapter 1359 – Nourishing the Body

Nouris.h.i.+ng the Body

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Tianji Zi was very shocked. He felt very sorry about the death of Ouyang He. He even doubted Ouyang He’s death, because Ouyang He was overpowering. Given Ouyang He’s ability, he shouldn’t have encountered an accident that would cost him his life. Tianji Zi suspected that there must’ve been some unrevealed incident within, but he wouldn’t have thought that Tian Muyun would be the culprit. In fact, not only him, but also Daoist Yufeng would never suspect Tian Muyun.

In the eyes of an outsider, Tian Muyun was the top genius of Skycloud Pavilion and Ouyang He treated him like his own son. That was why after Ouyang He’s pa.s.sing, Tian Muyun a.s.sumed the position of Pavilion Master in Skycloud Pavilion smoothly. Not even Daoist Yufeng had any objection to that. Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion had incomparable respect and absolute obedience towards him.

However, none of them knew that their Pavilion Master was just a wild deceiver that killed his own master.

“This man dared to kill even Master Ouyang. I should have straightaway killed him when I had the chance last time.”

Tianji Zi smiled sneeringly. At first, he felt incomparably angry and stifled when Tian Muyun treated him so badly, but thinking about it now, he felt that they all made sense now. Tian Muyun even dared to kill Ouyang He. How could he treat someone like Tianji Zi better than how he treated his own master? Such a man would always do whatever it takes to achieve his personal goal.

“I promised Senior Ouyang that I will kill him with my own hands. That was why I spared his life today. Besides, killing Tian Muyun has been my biggest and only objective when I joined the Skycloud Pavilion. I must accomplish it myself, without relying on Brother Yang’s a.s.sistance. Although Tian Muyun is still stronger than me now, it’s only a matter of time before I kill him,” Jiang Chen said.

His face was full of confidence. Ever since he cultivated the dragon transformation skill, he had never doubted himself. Self-confidence was the most basic requirement of a truly strong expert. No matter how strong the opponents were, he believed that he could trample them with his leg one day. This had always been the case in Jiang Chen’s path. Innumerable geniuses who had unparalleled abilities had turned into his stepping stones that allowed him to grow continuously.

“Good, very good. That’s what a man should be. You’re full of uprightness. This was why I made an exception and accepted you as my disciple. Chen Er, your achievements in the future will be limitless. Even my Great Divination Art can only prosper in your hands. I, Tianji Zi, am contented with my life and will die without regrets having you as my disciple, even if I don’t have the chance to recover.”

Tianji Zi praised Jiang Chen generously. Having an apprentice like Jiang Chen, there was nothing about Jiang Chen that he could be picky about. Comparing the current Jiang Chen and the previous Jiang Chen that had just been accepted by Tianji Zi as disciple, he had already grown too much. Even if Tianji Zi’s cultivation was still with him, he had already been far surpa.s.sed by Jiang Chen, and the gap would only continue to get wider and wider as the time pa.s.sed.

Jiang Chen’s means were ferocious, which was the basic law of survival in this cruel Immortal World. A man must be ruthless in order to stand on his feet. Moreover, Jiang Chen was ruthless only to his enemy. When it came to his allies, he would always attach great importance to them. This what Tianji Zi felt deeply.

“Don’t worry, master. Even if your cultivation has already been completely destroyed. I’ll certainly find a way to help you recover. I believe that there’s nothing in this world that can’t be done. For now, I will help you nourish your body, to preserve your vigor and essence. When the matters in the Evil Abyss and One-Line-Sky are resolved, I will find a way to help you recover.”

Jiang Chen said. He had always thought that nothing was impossible in the world. Even if Tianji Zi had suffered a permanent injury, he would still find a way to heal it.

“The leaves of the Regenerative Lotus can help him reshape the meridians and Qi Sea.” Big Yellow said loudly.

“Regenerative Lotus?”

Jiang Chen thought of the two remaining lotus leaves and took them out.

“Master, these are the lotus leaves. Take them first. Although the leaves doesn’t have similar effects as the lotus heart, it can still bring incomparable benefits to your current condition. Unfortunately, there’s only one lotus heart, otherwise, your injury is nothing at all.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. Last time, in order to help Han Yan regrow his arm, they had ventured into One-Line Mountain and stole the Regenerative Lotus. Eventually, the lotus heart had helped Han Yan regrow his arm, but no one at that time knew that someone they knew would suffer injuries even more severe than Han Yan.

Unfortunately, there’s only one Regenerative Lotus. Even if there was another one, who in the world knows where it is. Such a treasure could only be encountered by chance, not by force. Looking for it intentionally would be akin to dredging for a needle in the sea, absolutely unrealistic. So Jiang Chen didn’t place all of his hopes on the ethereal Regenerative Lotus. These two lotus leaves could temporarily recover some of Tianji Zi’s essence Qi. He would talk about the other matters in another time.

Seeing the Regenerative Lotus, Tianji Zi was stupefied before bursting into laughter.


Tianji Zi laughed so much that he coughed and got a cramp in his stomach, causing Jiang Chen who was standing next to him chuckle. By this time, even a fool knew what had happened on One-Line Mountain.

“Awesome, Chen Er! I really want to know how you did it. The disappearance of the Regenerative Lotus was known as an unprecedented case since the first thousand years of existence of One-Line-Sky. The One-Line Eight Immortals looked everywhere for the thief, but nothing was found. I didn’t expect that it was actually stolen by you.”

Tianji Zi’s expression got richer as he looked at Jiang Chen. He was filled with curiosity because at that time, Jiang Chen still hadn’t joined Skycloud Pavilion yet. Back then, Jiang Chen was merely an Earth Immortal. Tianji Zi knew that the Regenerative Lotus was closely guarded by eight late Golden Immortal experts the whole time. He couldn’t imagine that Jiang Chen could steal it under such circ.u.mstance. Regardless of how Jiang Chen got it, the fact remained that Jiang Chen was the one who seized it. Tianji Zi couldn’t help but admire what Jiang Chen did.

“I naturally have my own ways of getting it. At that time, I have a brother whose arm had been amputated by an expert of Profound Sun Sect. He needed the lotus heart to regrow his arm. Therefore, I risked going into One-Line Mountain to steal it. However, there are only two lotus leaves left now. Master, quickly refine these two leaves as they can help you fortify your foundation and enhance your essence Qi.” Jiang Chen said.


Tianji Zi nodded. He skipped all the formalities, s.n.a.t.c.hed the lotus leaves and swallowed them into his belly.


A terrifying energy collided in Tianji Zi’s body like a tidal current, causing his body to tremble violently. If it was before, it would be a very simple thing for him to refine the Regenerative Lotus’ leaves, but now, his Qi Sea and meridians had been destroyed. He simply couldn’t bear such magnificent energy. The impact on his flesh was too great.

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