Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1361 – The Brutal War

Chapter 1361 – The Brutal War

The Brutal War

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The whole Evil City was stirred. Such a big movement had already shaken the human race in Evil City. Even if the human army was well-prepared, most of their hearts couldn’t help but tremble by such a large-scale and terrifying formation.

Nevertheless, the humans weren’t afraid. They believed that as long as the Evil Lord was present, they would be able to stand their ground. Regardless of how chaotic the human race used to be, they were absolutely united at this time.

This was a crucial moment. Every one of them had to step up. Perhaps, they felt reluctant to partic.i.p.ate in such a tragic battle, but they had no other reason to back down, they had already been destined to stay here in Evil Abyss. Since they were going to stay here anyway, they must survive no matter what, and the Evil Clan was their biggest threat.

Now, the Evil Clan was attacking on such a large scale. Every one of them had to do their best if they didn’t want to die. Although they’re alive for now, once their forces were defeated, the Evil Clan would regain control of the whole Evil Abyss. By that time, each of them would surely face a cruel end, which was akin to absolute destruction.

Therefore, every human cultivator had to confront the enemy, even though that meant using their own life and blood to defend their territory.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The devils roared frenziedly. The devil army had blotted out the sky. The goal of the Evil Clan was extremely obvious – to annihilate Evil City, which would foreshadow the destruction of human race. Thousands of demonic devils had already appeared, yet there were still demonic devils coming out from the spatial pa.s.sageways. It seemed like the demonic devils were pouring out from their nest. Their number was just too great.

Anyhow, this was a situation that Jiang Chen wanted the most to see. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was now thirsting for a frenzied ma.s.sacre. This time, he would like to see to what extent he could advance to, and whether he would be strong enough to deal with Tian Muyun after this battle.

The human army had also made full preparation for the war. Yang Bufan was incredibly prescient. Apparently, he had already antic.i.p.ated that Evil City would become the final target of the Evil Clan. That was why he had summoned a huge number of experts from the outer and middle region. In other words, the current forces in Evil City wasn’t any weaker than the devil army.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Powerful silhouettes were rus.h.i.+ng out of Evil City one after another. Every one of their Qi was incomparably powerful. There were four half-step Immortal King chiefs, and numerous Golden Immortal experts.

“What a huge formation.”

Tianji Zi sighed, he couldn’t believe that there were actually so many experts in this strange spatial zone. Putting the Evil Clan aside, the human army alone could wipe out the entire forces in One-Line-Sky.

Yang Bufan hadn’t showed up yet. He now seemed very indifferent and calm, like he was waiting for something, or was it because these demonic devils weren’t worth his time at all. In the Evil Clan, there was only one demonic devil that was worthy to be his opponent and he was waiting for the frenzied devil to appear.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Both sides of the army started the war without speaking much. The battlefield was incredibly large, covering hundreds of miles in every direction. The Evil City was within the scope of the battlefield. Both armies were already prepared for this fierce battle. They knew that it was only a matter of time before both of them engaged in a violent and b.l.o.o.d.y war. Every human and demonic devil only had one goal in their hearts – that was to kill and tear their opponent apart.

This was a battle of survival. No one would dare to show any neglect. It was destined that blood would flow like river in this battle.

After this battle, Evil City would certainly turn into a true City of Evil as the entire region would be filled with the stench of blood and evil.


A half-step Immortal King expert in the human army raised his brilliant Immortal Weapon and yelled. Then, all the cultivators unleashed their strongest momentum and summoned their Immortal Weapons. The Qi of numerous weapons lingered in the sky above, intertwined into multi-colors, sweeping away the dark devil Qi in the sky.


A ferocious devil grabbed a human expert with its hands, tearing the human apart with a ‘Chi La’. Then, the devil placed the arm of the human into its mouth and started chewing it. The whole scene was violent to the extreme, giving creeps to everyone who saw it.

But before the devil could finish chewing the arm, its body was penetrated, ripped apart by an Immortal Weapon.

Such a scene could be found everywhere, almost at every corner of the battlefield. This was the most fundamental kind of violence and ma.s.sacre. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had already experienced it. So they didn’t feel anything about it, but Tianji Zi’s facial expression had changed completely. Although he had already lived for quite some time and had experienced numerous earth-shattering events, it was his first time witnessing such a fierce war. It was hard to imagine how difficult it was for the human experts to survive in this kind of environment.

“Master Dog can’t wait any longer. Today, I have to have an intoxicating ma.s.sacre.”

Big Yellow shook his head, shooting to the battlefield in a ray of golden light. As he rushed into the battlefield, a dozen demonic devils were smashed to death, immediately causing chaos in the battlefield.

“Grandpa Monk will join too.”

Tyrant’s body radiated the golden Buddha light. The string of beads hanging at his neck shone divinely, making him look like an eminent monk. Similarly, he lunged at the battlefield, but he caused more chaos than Big Yellow. Under the impact of the Buddha Light, a storm of blood was created.

“What a horrifying war! This is going to make people’s blood boil. It’s a real pity that I can’t join in this war.”

Tianji Zi sighed. It was impossible for someone to experience such a war in his lifetime. Although Tianji Zi got to witness the war, he couldn’t partic.i.p.ate. And this made him feel suffocated. He wanted to charge into the battlefield and slaughter the enemies ma.s.sively like what they did. Unfortunately, he wasn’t capable to fight the demonic devils. Given his current condition, he wasn’t even qualified to enter the battlefield. The shockwave of the war could even rip him apart.

“Master, I don’t know how long this war will last. This is the great counter-attack of the Evil Clan. It’s an all-out effort of the devil army. When this war is over, I’m afraid that the entire Evil City will be crushed into pieces. As such, it’s too dangerous for you to stay here. Come into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.”

Jiang Chen said, then opened the doors of the paG.o.da. Right now, Tianji Zi needed protection and the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was the safest place given the current situation.

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