Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1356 – It wasn’t a Showdown

Chapter 1356 – It wasn’t a Showdown

It wasn’t a Showdown

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Each word that Jiang Chen spoke was like a knife stabbing in Yang Shu’s heart. Destroying his cultivation base? Crippling him? This was something he had never thought of, an outcome he had never dreamt about, but when he thought about it now, his whole body trembled as that was a hundred times worse than being killed.

Being the master of the Law Enforcement Hall, he had made lots of enemies in the past. Once he fell miserably from the top of the pyramid, he would become a laughing stock for all. Every time people saw him, they would surely show the expression of either disdain, sarcasm or pity.

Those he had bullied would step on his head ruthlessly or even spat on him. At that time, his world would be dark and gloomy. He would be the object of ridicule everywhere, like a street-pa.s.sing rat. All his dignity would be gone. This was a cruel world, a world that was based on strength. When one didn’t have strength, then one wouldn’t be able to set a foothold in this world. When that time came, Yang Shu not only would face problem in the Law Enforcement Hall, but also in the entire Skycloud Pavilion.

“No!” Yang Shu roared. He couldn’t imagine what his future would be like. That would be worse than death. Plus, he absolutely didn’t have the courage to kill himself. So dying in Jiang Chen’s hands right now was the best choice.

“Kill me now, Jiang Chen. Quickly kill me now!”

Yang Shu had completely lost himself and his composure as an elder. Now, he only wanted death, because he was totally in despair. Jiang Chen had really grown up to the point where he could only watch in admiration. Also, not even Tian Muyun could save him. Therefore, he had no extravagant expectation and hopes anymore.

Jiang Chen didn’t care if Yang Shu was in despair. He struck out his dragon claw and hit Yang Shu’s head with a thump. A wave of destructive energy drilled from Yang Shu’s skull into his body. The sound of ‘Ka Cha’ could be heard continuously.

A while later, the whole body of Yang Shu seemed limp as he lay on the ground like a dog. Many of them could see his body twitching incessantly. The energy in his body was losing rapidly. This wasn’t just akin to the consumption of energy. This time, the energy inside was gone for good. Comparing this with Tianji Zi’s encounter, Yang Shu’s condition was even more agonizing.

Yang Shu’s Qi Sea and all the meridians in his body were destroyed. Even his soul was injured severely. This was an injury that couldn’t be recovered. That was to say, from here on out, Yang Shu was completely a useless person or even worse than that, because there was nothing else that he could do besides having the strength to walk.

It was sorrowful for a dignified Hall Master to end up as such.

“Ai! Elder Yang Shu is too pitiful. He doesn’t even have the right to die.”

“A man that looked pathetic must have some things hated by other people. Jiang Chen is only returning the favor to him. If Yang Shu hadn’t treated Tianji Zi that way, I believe that Jiang Chen wouldn’t have been this ruthless. It was all Yang Shu’s fault. Jiang Chen is a person whom you can’t oppose, unless you wish to have an unpleasant end.”

“The Law Enforcement Hall is completely ruined. Today, Pavilion Master is being humiliated, making this an unprecedented blow to our pavilion. Although Jiang Chen is overly ruthless, he’s a man who values relations.h.i.+p and righteousness. If one could be his friend, it would be a pretty good choice.”


Numerous people were lamenting on Yang Shu’s fate, but no one else could be blamed for this except Yang Shu himself. This day was already fated the moment he harmed Tianji Zi.

“Get out of here, old b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Jiang Chen stomped another foot at Yang Shu’s body, sending him 30 meters away. Currently, Yang Shu’s body curled up on the ground, seemingly a few decades older, like a poor old rat, but no one came forward to help him.

Tian Muyun’s eyes were sparkling with anger when he saw all of these. He had never encountered such a humiliating day in his life. These were all thanks to Jiang Chen, but all he could do now was to nurse his anger. He wouldn’t have the audacity to attack Jiang Chen now as the scary tiger standing beside him could certainly take his life at any moment.


After crippling Yang Shu, Jiang Chen turned to look at the last Vice Hall Master. The Vice Hall Master was already scared to death. As he was now within Jiang Chen’s domain, there was no room for him to resist.

“Jiang Chen, this has nothing to do with me. I didn’t touch Elder Tianji.”

The Vice Hall Master’s voice began to quaver, fearing that Jiang Chen would kill him out of anger or make him a cripple like Yang Shu.

“Chen Er, don’t kill him.” Tianji Zi shook his head.

After hearing this, Jiang Chen withdrew the lingering murderous intent around his body. Just like what happened to Daoist Yufeng, this indicated that this man was still worth sparing.

As a matter of fact, this Vice Hall Master was the only elder in Law Enforcement Hall that had a good rapport with Tianji Zi. Furthermore, after Yang Shu crippled Tianji Zi, this Vice Hall Master was reasoning with Yang Shu furiously. From this point alone, he didn’t deserve to die.


Seeing Jiang Chen’s receding killing intent, the Vice Hall Master let out a sigh of relief, like he had just walked out the gates of h.e.l.l. Then, he found out that his clothes were soaked with sweat as the scene was just too terrifying.

He glanced at Tianji Zi with eyes filled with grat.i.tude. Given Jiang Chen’s style of action, if it wasn’t because of Tianji Zi’s words, he would already be a dead man by now.

After killing so many experts and almost destroying the whole Law Enforcement Hall, Jiang Chen’s fury settled down. The next thing now would be the matter between him and Tian Muyun.

Jiang Chen retracted his dragon form and reverted back into his original self, white-robed, and good looking. With his present appearance, it was hard for others to connect him to that killing devil a moment ago, but they were the same person.

Jiang Chen approached Tian Muyun. Looking at Tian Muyun’s resentful and ruthless eyes, Jiang Chen sneered.

“Tian Muyun, today I will bring my master with me, but I will be back for Skycloud Pavilion in the future. When the time comes, your life will be mine and you will also know why I will come.”

Jiang Chen said plainly. He didn’t take out the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd or have a showdown with Tian Muyun, as he felt that it wasn’t the time yet. If he took out the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, Tian Muyun would immediately be able to figure out what had actually happened.

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