Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1355 – Humiliating Tian Muyun (2)

Chapter 1355 – Humiliating Tian Muyun (2)

Humiliating Tian Muyun (2)

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“Awesome! Who is this Evil Lord? The name itself implies how extraordinary it is.”

“This is definitely related to the Evil Abyss. This black-robed man surely is a powerful figure in the Evil Abyss. Think about it, how was Jiang Chen able to get out of the Evil Abyss by himself? Who could have such a great ability? So I think that the reason Jiang Chen was able to walk out of the Evil Abyss alive was probably because of this Evil Lord. This man is highly likely a mighty Immortal King, even more powerful than Pavilion Master and Daoist Yufeng.”

“Jiang Chen is truly amazing. He was able to come into contact with such a great expert in his first trip to the Evil Abyss. Plus, he was able to get the Evil Lord to help him. It seems like he has come prepared today. Elder Yang Shu is in real danger now. Not even the Pavilion Master can save him.”


Yang Bufan’s presence once again attracted the attention of everyone. They were afraid that a figure that could scare Tian Muyun must be an Immortal King. There wasn’t a single Immortal King in the whole One-Line-Sky, so it was almost imaginable how much a deterrent force he was.

“I’m Tian Muyun, the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion. Greetings, Evil Lord. However, what’s happening today is an internal affair of Skycloud Pavilion. So I hope that Evil Lord won’t get involved in this matter.”

Tian Muyun held his fists at Yang Bufan. In the face of an Immortal King, despite his arrogance, he wouldn’t dare show any neglect. If the figure was an ordinary Immortal King, perhaps Tian Muyun wouldn’t care too much about it, but apparently, this black-robed expert wasn’t an ordinary Immortal King. This could be seen from Yang Bufan’s age. Who could achieve the Immortal King realm at such a young age? Yang Bufan must be a genius of the geniuses. Furthermore, Tian Muyun could even feel that Yang Bufan’s talent wasn’t below his, and Yang Bufan’s current cultivation was already at the peak of early Immortal King realm, leaving him one more step to break through to the intermediate Immortal King realm, becoming another level of supreme expert. Tian Muyun was totally no match for an expert like this.

“Internal affair? Jiang Chen doesn’t seem to be a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion anymore. Besides, when I, Evil Lord, have decided to get involved in something, I won’t care if it’s an internal affair of your sect or not.”

Yang Bufan’s tone was extremely casual, but the pressure exuded from it was extremely discomforting.


As soon as the words came out, Yang Bufan struck. A palm slapped violently on Tian Muyun’s face. The sound of the slap reverberated throughout the square. This slap caused Tian Muyun to circle three rounds on where he stood. Yang Bufan was just too fast. Even with Tian Muyun’s talent, he had no chance of resisting it.


It stirred a commotion from the crowd. The slap hit right on the face of their Pavilion Master, the legendary genius of One-Line-Sky, one of the One-Line Eight Immortals. Today, he had been hit on the face in front of everyone. This was pure humiliation.

Tian Muyun’s face was filled with fury, but he didn’t choose to fight back, because he was certain from the slap that he was absolutely not an opponent to this black-robed man. If he resisted, the opponent was likely to crush him to death with a finger.

“What? You seem very upset that I have slapped you.” Yang Bufan smiled and sent another slap.


Another side of Tian Muyun’s face was slapped, causing him to spin three rounds once more.

*Pa…* *Pa…* *Pa…* *Pa…*

Next, Yang Bufan kept on attacking. His palms launched at Tian Muyun’s face like fireworks. Tian Muyun was helpless. After a few dozen slaps, Tian Muyun’s face changed completely, turning into something that looked like a pig’s head. He swayed unstably as he stood on the ground, as though his mind was still spinning.

“I hate your kind of people the most. If it wasn’t because of Brother Jiang’s request, you would’ve been already dead by now. However, killing you is going to dirty my hands anyway. Bah!”

Yang Bufan said, not forgetting to spit a phlegm on Tian Muyun’s face. Such an act was beyond humiliation. Currently, the fury inside Tian Muyun’s was like a volcano, waiting to erupt.

Tian Muyun just stood there silently. He was extremely clear about the situation today. Jiang Chen had come prepared, with a powerful Immortal King that no one in the entire One-Line-Sky could match. Even if all One-Line Eight Immortals joined together, they would be swatted to death by this Immortal King like flies.

Therefore, the hatred in Tian Muyun’s heart grew, but in order to live, he could only endure.

“This man surely is scary. Despite being humiliated to such a degree, he can still bear it.”

Jiang Chen saw everything in his eyes. This raised his impression of Tian Muyun a few more notches, but his resoluteness to kill Tian Muyun remained unchanged.

The atmosphere of the square was incomparably tensed. Many elders revealed a hint of anger upon seeing their Pavilion Master being slapped frenziedly by someone. This not only humiliated Tian Muyun, but also humiliated the entire Skycloud Pavilion.

However, none of them dared to stand out, none of them was a fool. Standing out to oppose the Immortal King was akin to seeking death. Their opponent would have no problem killing them with just a blow of wind.


Yang Bufan harrumphed coldly, then turned around. Today, as long as he stood here, there would be an absolute pressure to everyone.

Yang Shu had lost all his hopes. Even the Pavilion Master was humiliated before everyone, who else could he hope to save him? There was no one. He had totally become the fish in Jiang Chen’s chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered.

“Yang Shu, do you see it now? No one can save you. Like I’ve said earlier, you will receive punishment today.”

Jiang Chen’s voice sounded like the King of h.e.l.l. Every word he used was like sentencing Yang Shu to death.

“Kill me, Jiang Chen. Kill me now!”

Yang Shu roared. Being pinned down by Jiang Chen’s force, he was lying on the ground, immobile. His head hadn’t been lifted from the ground yet.

“You want to die? But I won’t let you. Aren’t you a person with a n.o.ble position? The master of Law Enforcement Hall? Today, I will let you taste the experience of falling from the top of the pyramid. Whatever you did to my master, I will do the same to you, crippling your cultivation. I would like to see how you are going to establish your prestige and n.o.bility then.”

Jiang Chen said it word by word. Sometimes, crippling someone was crueler than death, especially when this situation happened to a mighty Golden Immortal such as Yang Shu. He would never be able to bear such an incident. Countless people would certainly roll their eyes if this really happened.

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