Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1357 – Returning

Chapter 1357 – Returning


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Once the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd was revealed, it would immediately show the relation between him and Ouyang He. By then, Daoist Yufeng and the others would surely question him continuously. Even if they didn’t, they would have their own guesses, causing Skycloud Pavilion to lose its peace entirely.

Today, Tian Muyun was severely humiliated. He definitely would nurse resentment. Once his secret of killing Ouyang He was revealed to all, he would most likely do some crazy things. If that really happened, Daoist Yufeng’s and many other elders’ lives would be in danger. Skycloud Pavilion would perish in Tian Muyun’s hands.

This was something Jiang Chen didn’t wish to see. In any case, Skycloud Pavilion was Ouyang He’s blood. He would never let Ouyang He’s brainchild end in Tian Muyun’s hands.

So, Jiang Chen didn’t choose to have a showdown with Tian Muyun right now. As long as Skycloud Pavilion was under the control of Tian Muyun, the pavilion would still be in peace. He had to wait until he got stronger, until he was capable enough to fight Tian Muyun. By that time, he would declare war against Tian Muyun, and eliminate this menace in front of all the elders and disciples, so that justice could be returned to Ouyang He.

“Jiang Chen, I, Tian Muyun, will remember today’s event.” Tian Muyun said coldly.

“You’d better remember it, not only today’s incident, but also many other things.”

Jiang Chen left his final words, then supported Tianji Zi with his hands. “Master, let’s go.”


Tianji Zi nodded. A man who had his cultivation base destroyed had nothing much to expect in life, but having a disciple like Jiang Chen was his biggest pride and grat.i.tude.

Jiang Chen brought Tianji Zi to Yang Bufan’s side. “Brother Yang, let’s go now.”

“Huh? You want to let him go just like this?” Yang Bufan glanced coldly at Tian Muyun.

“Like I said, I will come back to kill him one day.”

Jiang Chen smiled, rose into the air and disappeared along with Tianji Zi. As for Yang Bufan, he came and left without a trace, so when the others tried to look for him, he was already nowhere to be found.

Looking at the direction where Yang Bufan vanished, an extremely ruthless expression finally surfaced from Tian Muyun’s eyes. A torrent of anger surged out of his body, forming into a solid essence drifting back and forth in the air above.

“Jiang Chen, Evil Lord, for the humiliation that you have given me, I will return this favor twice as much sooner or later. Just wait. When I have advanced to Immortal King realm, it will be your time of death. At that time, I will head to the Evil Abyss myself and exterminate all of you.”

Tian Muyun was a person who wouldn’t let anyone get away even with a hostile look. Today, he had suffered such humiliation due to his insufficient power, this was a humiliation which he would firmly remember for the rest of his life.

He vanished in a flash and went into seclusion once more.

As a matter of fact, the humiliation that Tian Muyun suffered had in a way helped in his growth. Instead of dampening his spirit, it stirred up his fighting spirit, allowing him to grow quickly, speeding up his advancement to the Immortal King realm.

Thousands of miles away from Skycloud Pavilion was a deserted mountain where three men landed.

“Master, I have gotten us into great trouble this time.”

Jiang Chen sighed, feeling unhappy upon seeing the current condition of Tianji Zi.

“Haha! A man doesn’t need to dwell on the past.”

Tianji Zi let out two laughs, but his laughter was full of sadness. When a Golden Immortal supreme expert became a useless person all of a sudden, even if he has a very strong mental state, he wouldn’t be able to stomach it entirely. That was to say, it was impossible that this state hadn’t left a scar in Tianji Zi’s heart.

“Master, let me have a look on your injuries.”

Jiang Chen said, then grabbed Tianji Zi’s palm. A wave of divine sense went into Tianji Zi’s body through the broken meridians. After running his body for a cycle, Jiang Chen frowned even more.

“All of Tianji Zi’s meridians have been cut off and his Qi Sea has been destroyed. There’s no way to recover such injuries. Even a formidable Immortal Emperor or even an Immortal Venerable can do nothing about it. However, if it was an Immortal Sovereign, he could defy the heavens and help him rebuild his Qi Sea and repair his meridians.” Yang Bufan said.

Immortal Sovereign? Hearing these two words, Tianji Zi couldn’t help shaking his head. That was a legendary supreme great sovereign. An existence which he didn’t even have a chance to see. A great sovereign was a high and mighty figure in the Immortal World. He stood at the top of the Heavens and Earth. So it was totally unrealistic to look for a powerful great sovereign to treat his wounds.

“Master, let me introduce you to Evil Lord, Yang Bufan, an early Immortal King supreme expert. The human ruler in Evil Abyss. It is thanks to Brother Yang that I can save you this time. Last time, it was also with Brother Yang’s help that allowed me to leave the Evil Abyss and come to the Ancient Tomb.” Jiang Chen said.

“Greetings, Evil Lord.”

Tianji Zi bowed slightly to Yang Bufan. He wouldn’t dare address such a powerful Immortal King using the word ‘brother’ as that was a great disrespect for the Immortal King. Besides, Yang Bufan had saved him today. He was very grateful to this Immortal King.

Tianji Zi had never been to the Evil Abyss before or heard the name of Evil Lord, but he wasn’t a fool. From Jiang Chen’s introduction, he could already determine how extraordinary Yang Bufan was. Calling oneself the lord of Evil in Evil Abyss was a clear indication of his influence.

“There’s no need to be overly polite.”

Yang Bufan waved, signaling Tianji Zi that formalities weren’t required. Of course, this was entirely due to Jiang Chen. Or else, given Yang Bufan’s ident.i.ty, he definitely would never take care of the business of an outsider. Given Tianji Zi’s cultivation base, Yang Bufan wouldn’t waste time to say even a word to him.

“Master, there are still great things that needed to be dealt with in Evil Abyss. Let’s return to Evil Abyss for now. As for the matters here, I will be back sooner or later. The grudges between me and Tian Muyun is deeper than what you can see on the surface. I will explain more about that when we return.” Jiang Chen said.

Today, Tianji Zi had already become a crippled man, but Jiang Chen would never abandon him. From now on, he would never allow anyone to harm Tianji Zi who would become one of the most important figures in his life.


Tianji Zi nodded. He had never expected that he would one day go into the Evil Abyss to hide, however, the current situation was different. Although the Evil Abyss was still a scary place, he didn’t feel as frightened as before as there was the presence of the Evil Lord. And with Jiang Chen’s current ability, even if he was in Evil Abyss, he was an existence that no one would dare to provoke.

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