Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1354 – Humiliating Tian Muyun (1)

Chapter 1354 – Humiliating Tian Muyun (1)

Humiliating Tian Muyun (1)

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The scene was brutal. Seeing the master of the Law Enforcement Hall being disgraced, none of the disciples or elders who were watching made an attempt to stop it. For some reason, such a scene made plenty of them feel a trace of excitement, but to Yang Shu, such a humiliation was an agony.

“I know that you want to die now, but I won’t let you. I’ll show you later that death is a luxurious desire.”

Jiang Chen said in an extremely cold and emotionless tone. Sometimes, for a man, death wasn’t necessarily the scariest thing. What was scarier was that one couldn’t ask for death.

“Hold it!”

All of a sudden, a loud shout sounded. Then, a very strong figure materialized in the square. It was a handsome young man. Though he seemed under thirty years old, his Qi was at its extreme, a lot more powerful than Daoist Yufeng. He had already reached the peak of half-step Immortal King. Half of his leg had already stepped into the Immortal King realm. Such a figure was undoubtedly the scariest of all.

In Skycloud Pavilion, there was only one such person, and that was Tian Muyun.

Before this, he had been in seclusion, attempting to break through to the Immortal King realm, but because he was disturbed by the commotion coming from the Law Enforcement Hall, he felt compelled to come out from his seclusion. Despite that, the seclusion had benefited him a lot judging from the momentum he radiated.

After the Pavilion Master appeared, his eyes swept around the square. As he saw Yang Shu kneeling down, anger rose inside of him instantly. A surge of killing intent filled his eyes especially when he sensed Jiang Chen’s cultivation.

That’s right. Jiang Chen’s abnormal growth aroused his envy of Jiang Chen, and this envy was not ordinary. Due to Jiang Chen advancing too fast, it completely caught him off guard. What made it hard for him to accept was that Jiang Chen’s combat strength was even more frightening than his speed of growth. Jiang Chen was able to suppress late Golden Immortals easily while just being a half-step Golden Immortal. He was afraid that no one else was as strong as Jiang Chen across the entire Immortal World.

“Jiang Chen, you sure are bold. How dare you come here and wreak havoc? Are you not putting me in your eyes at all?” Tian Muyun said coldly.

“Tian Muyun, I haven’t settled the old scores between you and me yet.”

Jiang Chen darted Tian Muyun a glance. With Yang Bufan on the scene, he wouldn’t have to put Tian Muyun in his eyes.

“Help me Pavilion Master, help me, quick.”

Seeing Tian Muyun gave Yang Shu the glimmer of hope once more. In his point of view, Tian Muyun was the number one expert in One-Line-Sky and had always been a legend in One-Line-Sky. Perhaps, Tian Muyun could really rescue him from such a situation.

Indeed, he was right that Tian Muyun was strong, extraordinarily strong. Tian Muyun’s current combat strength had already exceeded the power of the other seven One-Line Immortals. With his present ability, if Yang Bufan wasn’t present, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to save Yang Shu from Jiang Chen’s hands.

Unfortunately, all of Yang Shu’s hope would only amount to nothing because of Yang Bufan’s presence.

“Jiang Chen, you do have the audacity to come here and rescue your master. I admire you for this, but you really shouldn’t have chosen to oppose me, because that is just seeking death. I want you to release Yang Shu now, so that you and Tianji Zi won’t end up too miserable.”

Tian Muyun looked down from above. His tone was high and mighty. He didn’t seem to notice Yang Bufan’s existence. Even if he saw Yang Bufan, he wouldn’t pay much attention to him, because Yang Bufan was too ordinary to attract people’s attention. Besides, Tian Muyun was proud enough to recognize himself as the number one expert in One-Line-Sky and wouldn’t put anyone in his eyes, however, he would never have thought that the Evil Lord would be invited into his pavilion.


However, Jiang Chen simply ignored Tian Muyun. A formidable force fell upon Yang Shu’s body, causing Yang Shu’s head to pound on the ground heavily.


Upon seeing what just happened, Tian Muyun was furious. A chilling intent rushed out of his eyes. This Jiang Chen was totally not putting him in his eyes. One should know that he was the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion and yet, Jiang Chen wasn’t giving him any face in front of all the elders and disciples. This made him extremely angry.

A powerful Qi surged out of his body. Judging from his look, he would certainly launch a strike at Jiang Chen. If he remained idle while the master of Law Enforcement Hall was being humiliated, no one else in Skycloud Pavilion would look up to him anymore.


Just as Tian Muyun moved, a black shadow appeared like a specter, blocking his path.

Feeling the obstruction, Tian Muyun’s facial expression changed slightly, and immediately stopped in his tracks. He lifted his head and saw a black-robed man standing before him composedly. Although he didn’t unleash his Qi, Tian Muyun was stunned by this mysterious man.

“Immortal King expert.”

Tian Muyun wasn’t a fool. Given his eyesight, it was natural that he could feel Yang Bufan’s scariness in such a close distance. The air currents that rippled around Yang Bufan’s body was enough to prove that he was an Immortal King expert.

“You are Tian Muyun?” Yang Bufan asked.

His eyes were full of contempt and disgust. It was really difficult for him to look straight at a deceitful disciple who killed his own master. In fact, he didn’t even bother to take another glance at such a person. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen, he would’ve slapped Tian Muyun to death.

“Who are you?”

Tian Muyun’s face seemed fairly calm. After all, he had a strong cultivation base and was strong enough to fight an early Immortal King with all his might.

“Evil Lord.” Yang Bufan announced his name openly.

“What? The Evil Lord.”

Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng who was standing beside him exclaimed. The others might not know who the Evil Lord was, but they had heard of this name before when it came to the topic of the Evil Abyss. They couldn’t have imagined that the black-robed man who had been standing here was the Evil Lord. One should know that the Evil Lord was a mighty existence who could establish a foothold in Evil Abyss, a figure whom none of them could afford to offend.

At this time, even a fool would know why Jiang Chen could walk out of the Evil Abyss successfully. The truth was that Jiang Chen had befriended the Evil Lord and had gotten the Evil Lord’s help to act as a deterrent. In fact, such a figure was powerful enough to deter even the whole One-Line-Sky.

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