Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1353 – Trampling the Face Madly

Chapter 1353 – Trampling the Face Madly

Trampling the Face Madly

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Jiang Chen felt a lump in his throat after hearing what Tianji Zi had said. He couldn’t help feeling guilty about his master’s current condition. If it wasn’t for him, his master would still be the highly respected, domineering and arrogant elder that no one would dare to offend.

But because of Jiang Chen, it had given Tian Muyun and the others the reason to harm Tianji Zi. Therefore, Jiang Chen had to blame himself for that.

That was why someone had to pay a price, a very hefty price for what happened to Tianji Zi. Yang Shu would never get a good outcome today.

Meanwhile, Yang Shu’s face was full of dread. He looked at his severed arm that was still gus.h.i.+ng out blood, however, he felt no pain from it. All of his senses had been overwhelmed by fear. Even now, he had yet to regain his senses after Jiang Chen’s attack because it was just too quick and scary.

The Vice Hall Master was stunned. All his momentum disappeared. His body went limp as he stood there with a pale-looking face, not even daring to speak a word.


Daoist Yufeng couldn’t help but sigh heavily. He wanted to help Yang Shu, but there was nothing he could do. With Yang Bufan’s presence, it could make the entire One-Line-Sky s.h.i.+ver.

Furthermore, Daoist Yufeng was feeling very angry, thinking that Yang Shu deserved what he got. Although Jiang Chen had been violent, he proved himself to be a man of righteousness, which was definitely worthy of praise.

He felt that if it wasn’t because Yang Shu destroyed Tianji Zi’s cultivation, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have been so angry, or at least he wouldn’t have killed all the Law Enforcement elders, causing the Hall to plunge into an irrecoverable situation.

After saving Tianji Zi, Jiang Chen felt a slight relief, but the matter hadn’t been resolved yet, definitely not by just saving the person he wanted to save.

As soon as Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated, he turned to Yang Shu with eyes so red, cold and contained the killing intent of a devil king. This expression alone caused Yang Shu’s soul to tremble, this represented the difference between him and Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen had already grown and killing him was as easy as moving an arm.

“Jiang… Jiang Chen. Don’t kill me. I have already realised my mistakes. Given that you were once a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion, I beg you to spare my life.”

Yang Shu pleaded. Everyone was vulnerable before death. Even the majestic Golden Immortal Elder Yang Shu was scared to death right now. Most importantly, he could already see the outcome of the situation and had completely lost hope.

Jiang Chen didn’t come alone, he brought a powerful Immortal King. Not even Daoist Yufeng dared to move a muscle in front of this black-robed man, let alone saving him. Even the Pavilion Master wouldn’t be able to save him.

Besides, he had already lost the only trump card he had. There was no other trump card he could use to threaten Jiang Chen, moreover he had fallen completely into Jiang Chen’s hands. His life was already completely in Jiang Chen’s hands now.

Despite knowing that there was only a slim hope for Jiang Chen to let him go, he would have to do whatever it takes for him to survive, because he really didn’t want to die.

“Kneel down!” Jiang Chen shouted at Yang Shu.


Yang Shu was stunned. His face turned incompletely unpleasant.

“Jiang Chen, you should know that I’m still the Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall. If I kneel down before the public, I will lose my reputation severely. How could I ever maintain my prestige in Skycloud Pavilion in the future?”

Yang Shu sounded a little offended. Given his status, if he knelt down before the public, all of his dignity in Skycloud Pavilion would be lost. Even if he remained the master of the Law Enforcement Hall, he wouldn’t be able to command his subordinates as no one would be willing to listen to him after this. He would then become a laughing stock for all. This was something he could never accept.

“Yang Shu, it seems like you have yet to recognize the reality. Even at this time, you are still thinking about setting a foothold in Law Enforcement Hall. That’s a ridiculous idea. Since you don’t want to kneel down, I will beat you until your knees fall to the ground and kowtow to atone for what you have done to my master.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was incomparably indifferent. Then, very powerful waves surged out of his body, spewing towards Yang Shu like a tide.


Feeling Jiang Chen’s power, Yang Shu was absolutely certain that he was no match for Jiang Chen. Even if he hadn’t lost his arm and was at his peak state, he still couldn’t fight Jiang Chen. Immediately, he turned into a ray of light and fled to a far distance.

“Even if you are equipped with wings, you won’t be able to escape from my Five Elemental Spheres.”

Jiang Chen had long expected that Yang Shu would choose to escape at the last minute. As soon as Yang Shu moved, Jiang Chen launched his attack, striking the True Dragon Palm. An enormous blood-red dragon claw pressed Yang Shu’s head, like a tremendous red barrier.


Yang Shu let out a wail. His end was just like the previous Vice Hall Master. He was smashed to the ground, creating a crater in it.

Jiang Chen moved forward, grabbed Yang Shu on the neck and lifting him like a chicken in front of Tianji Zi who now looked incomparably fl.u.s.tered. Jiang Chen had broken Yang Shu’s last arm, which severely affected Yang Shu’s combat strength. Even if Yang Shu resisted with all his might, he wouldn’t be able to stand against the half-step Golden Immortal Jiang Chen.


Under Jiang Chen’s suppression, Yang Shu’s knees was forced to the ground, kneeling before Tianji Zi.

“Kowtow,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Haha… Yang Shu, I didn’t expect you to have such an end.”

Tianji Zi lowered his head to look at his arch enemy and let out a sneering laugh. Thinking of how he was treated by Yang Shu these past few days, he lifted his leg and stamped on Yang Shu’s face. Due to Tianji Zi’s shoes being dirty, a big shoe print was left on Yang Shu’s face.

“Go and f*ck yourself!”

Tianji Zi wasn’t some ordinary old man. When there was an opportunity to have his revenge, he naturally wouldn’t miss it and would empty all the grudges nursed inside of him. He hurled his legs constantly at Yang Shu’s face in front of everyone, producing sounds like that of firecrackers.

“Son of a b*tch! Tianji Zi, Jiang Chen, kill me now! I dare you to kill me now!”

Yang Shu completely lost it. Such an insult was killing him inside, forcing him to even plead for his death.

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