Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1347 – An Onslaught

Chapter 1347 – An Onslaught

An Onslaught

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Jiang Chen was completely angered. He was blaming himself for returning late. The only thing that calmed him down was that Tianji Zi was still alive. Even so, that was enough to infuriate him.

He rarely got angry, especially enraged. Yang Shu and Tian Muyun had truly succeeded in doing so.

Yang Bufan was shaking his head behind. His eyes revealed a trace of pity as he looked at those elders. He knew very well that given Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness, none of these old men were going to have a good end. He was afraid that blood would surely flow like river today.


Jiang Chen launched a strike without giving them any face, which immediately set off a wave of uproar. No one had thought that Jiang Chen would have such audacity. One should know that this was the Law Enforcement Hall. Such an act was really unbridled and lawless. Ever since Skycloud Pavilion was established, there had never been a disciple that came to Law Enforcement Hall and slaughter the elders there. This was the first time.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you trespa.s.s in here and kill our elders? Not a single disciple that was as outrageous as you has ever appeared in Skycloud Pavilion. What you’re doing right now is completely lawless, totally not putting the laws of Skycloud Pavilion in your eyes.”

An intermediate Golden Immortal elder reprimanded loudly, although he was shocked in his heart as this was his first time seeing such a lawless disciple.

“I’m no longer a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. The laws of Skycloud Pavilion no longer applies to me.”

Jiang Chen said, and his body burst all of a sudden, turning into his dragon form straightaway. This indicated that he would never let today’s matters rest. Some people were doomed to pay a hefty price for the harm that Tianji Zi had suffered.


Jiang Chen’s fury had gone totally out of control. He roared at the sky, causing the entire Skycloud Pavilion to shake. Terrifying energy rushed out of his body. Lines of cracks appeared in the ground like it had experienced a great earthquake.

“My G.o.d! Brother Jiang is going mad. He has already killed an early Golden Immortal elder of the Law Enforcement Palace.”

“I have never seen Brother Jiang so furious. Today, something big would surely happen. I noticed that Brother Jiang’s strength is even more terrifying than before. He has already reached the half-step Golden Immortal realm. Currently, both Pavilion Master and Daoist Yufeng are in seclusion. I doubt if there’s anyone else that is a match for Brother Jiang.”

“Elder Yang Shu’s cultivation has already reached the peak of late Golden Immortal realm, only a step away from the half-step Immortal King realm. Even if Brother Jiang is already a half-step Golden Immortal expert right now, I’m afraid that he’s still no match for Yang Shu. Besides, there are two more late Golden Immortal elders of the Law Enforcement Palace. Therefore, I think that it won’t be an easy task for Brother Jiang to save Elder Tianji successfully today.”

“Come on. Let’s go over there and watch the good show. As for me, I hope that Brother Jiang could save Elder Tianji. This incident is Pavilion Master’s fault. He shouldn’t have let Yang Shu detain Elder Tianji. Due to Jiang Chen killing his disciple, Qu Yuan, last time, he has already been nursing grudges against Elder Tianji. Now that he had the chance, how could Elder Yang Shu let it go? Ai!”


Many disciples shook their heads and sighed. The incident in the ancient tomb had left them a lasting impression of Jiang Chen. Countless disciples had very good impression of him. So, most of them were standing on his side.

Numerous disciples flew towards the Law Enforcement Hall, they already knew that there was a good show today. Skycloud Pavilion was destined to lose its peace today.

At this moment, the square outside the Law Enforcement Hall had already been wrecked by the destructive energy unleashed by Jiang Chen. The dragon-like Jiang Chen moved once more, flas.h.i.+ng like a flickering shadow and appeared next to the intermediate Golden Immortal elder who shouted earlier. An immense Qi instantly sealed the elder’s position.


That elder’s expression changed drastically. No one could understand the power of Jiang Chen without fighting him directly. Despite being an intermediate Golden Immortal, the elder was entirely locked by Jiang Chen’s Qi. He felt as if he was already falling into the depths of h.e.l.l and his soul was turning extremely cold.

He attempted to resist, but found it useless under Jiang Chen’s suppression.

“No way. How can this brat be this powerful all of a sudden? Despite being an intermediate Golden Immortal expert, I don’t even have the strength to resist him.”

The elder was astounded. He could already feel the trace of death.

“Release my master.”

Jiang Chen’s pair of blood-red eyes just looked like the eyes of a devil king, staring at the elder unblinkingly. These eyes already sentenced the target to death.

“Jiang… Jiang Chen, don’t you act unscrupulously. This is the Law Enforcement Hall. Your master has been detained by the Hall Master. Only he can release your master.”

That elder must be frightened out of his wits because he was stammering. If it was before, he was still confident that Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill him, but after witnessing the death of the other elder, all of his confidence had vanished. Standing before him right now was a really ruthless and violent man, a devil that killed without hesitation.

“Then go to h.e.l.l.”

Jiang Chen struck resolutely. The sharp dragon claw penetrated the elder’s chest with a ‘Pu Chi’ sound, crus.h.i.+ng even the heart inside.


That elder could already feel his vitality losing rapidly. His heart was full of reluctance. He was one of the highly respected elders in Skycloud Pavilion, and had an incomparably n.o.ble position. He had never thought that he would die one day, much less die in the hands of a junior disciple.


The other elders’ faces changed dramatically. Subconsciously, they retreated one after another. They gawked at Jiang Chen, like they had seen a devil king. Their eyes were full of fear. They were all Golden Immortal experts, but they were merely early or intermediate Golden Immortals. None of them was a match for Jiang Chen.

“Violent. This is too violent!”

“d.a.m.n! This is the true temperament of Brother Jiang – killing violently. The same situation occurred back in the ancient tomb.”

“Brother Jiang is a person who values sentiments. This is how a pa.s.sionate man should act. When his master is in trouble, he won’t hesitate to kill anyone to save his master. If he was replaced by me, I would have done the same thing. However, I’m far from being capable enough to do what Brother Jiang did.”


When those disciples witnessed their own sect’s elders being killed, not only were they not angry, instead, they felt incomparably excited. Such a scary performance was undeniably a miracle. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen could do such a thing.


Jiang Chen moved once more, unleas.h.i.+ng his Five Elemental Spheres. An enormous domain enshrouded all elders of the Law Enforcement Hall within. The Golden Immortal elders could feel a strong binding force acting upon them. This was an invisible pressure that was as heavy as a mountain, causing them to suffocate.

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