Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1346 – The Rage of the Frenzied Dragon, Killing Whoever that Blocks the Way

Chapter 1346 – The Rage of the Frenzied Dragon, Killing Whoever that Blocks the Way

The Rage of the Frenzied Dragon, Killing Whoever that Blocks the Way

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“Yang Shu...” said Jiang Chen coldly.

He wasn’t very optimistic about letting Yang Shu detain his master. He secretly vowed that if something were to happen to his master, it would be the death of Yang Shu today. This time, he would surely cause havoc in Skycloud Pavilion.

Without paying attention to the disciples, Jiang Chen flew towards the Law Enforcement Hall in maximum speed. None of the disciples dared to stop Jiang Chen. Anyone could tell that Jiang Chen was very angry right now. So blocking him at this time was akin to seeking trouble. The person could be slapped to death, and die a meaningless death.

“It seems like there’s going to be a good show today. Brother Jiang is back, along with a helper too.”

“Ai, Brother Jiang is too impulsive. He shouldn’t have come back at this time. It’s no use bringing a helper with him. He won’t be a match for Pavilion Master.”

The disciples began to feel worried for Jiang Chen, however, they were sure that Skycloud Pavilion would surely lose its peace this time. Back when Jiang Chen was still in Skycloud Pavilion before, the pavilion had never been serene, however, he was really angered this time.

It was unavoidable for him to pa.s.s by the outer, inner and core disciples on the way to the Law Enforcement Hall. Many were able to sense the strong Qi and fury that whizzed past the air, and some had even caught a glimpse of Jiang Chen.

“I think I just saw Brother Jiang, or is it because something is wrong with my eyes?”

“That’s right. That was Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen has returned. He’s heading to the Law Enforcement Hall. It’s over. There’s going to be chaos in the Law Enforcement Hall today. Jiang Chen must have returned to save Elder Tianji. He’s being too reckless.”

“Let’s head over there and check it out. It seems like Jiang Chen is really angered this time. But Pavilion Master has already announced that Jiang Chen is already expelled out of the pavilion. He’s no longer a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion now. The moment an outsider trespa.s.ses into the Law Enforcement Hall, he will be killed on sight.”


Everyone was shocked. For a moment, the entire Skycloud Pavilion became turbulent. The supposedly still atmosphere changed all of a sudden the moment Jiang Chen appeared. Most of the disciples thought that Jiang Chen’s return was a reckless move. No matter how angry he was, it was virtually impossible for him to save Tianji Zi.

Outside of the Law Enforcement Hall was a large square. Above the square stood a few powerful disciples. They were all disciples of Law Enforcement Hall. Their status was higher compared to others in the pavilion. When they saw Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance, they felt incomparably shocked as well. Immediately, they moved forward, blocking Jiang Chen’s path.

“Get lost.” Jiang Chen said plainly.

“Don’t make this hard for us, Brother Jiang. You are no longer a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. This is the Law Enforcement Hall, the most important place in Skycloud Pavilion.”

A disciple spoke. Given their pride, they seldom acted so politely in normal days, but in front of Jiang Chen, their pride was no longer important.

“I don’t want to kill you all. Get lost.” Jiang Chen’s tone had already gotten icy cold.

A disciple wanted to say something, but was pulled aside by another disciple. The rest of the disciples moved aside too, making way for Jiang Chen.

“Senior Brother, letting him in just like this seems like we aren’t performing our duty,” a disciple whispered.

“Stupid! Is duty more important than your life? To him, killing us is as easy as pinching an ant to death.”

The Senior Brother darted the man a glare. He was a man with self-consciousness. Knowing that he couldn’t stop Jiang Chen, if he insisted, it was no different than asking to be killed.

*Dong…* *Dong…* *Dong…*

Jiang Chen strode forward. Every step he made on the hard ground sounded like a war drum. Cracks were left on the ground where he stepped. Yang Bufan followed Jiang Chen from behind. His arms were crossed, seeming as if he was just here for a casual tour.

“Who is it?”

Powerful silhouettes flew out one after another. They were all elders of Law Enforcement Hall. A few of them were Golden Immortal experts. Each of them seemed infuriated. The Law Enforcement Hall was the most important place of Skycloud Pavilion. It represented the dignity of the pavilion. No one had ever dared to come here and cause trouble.

However, after they saw clearly who the incomer was, they couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Jiang Chen, I never thought that you would still dare to return.” An elder said with astonishment.

“Cut the c.r.a.p and hand over my master now.” Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time. His tone was extremely cold.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you really have the audacity. Do you think that the Law Enforcement Hall is a place where you can simply come and cause trouble? You are no longer a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. Any stranger who trespa.s.ses on the Law Enforcement Hall only has one outcome – death. Tianji Zi has insulted Pavilion Master and spoke impolitely to Grand Elder. He has already been crippled by the Grand Elder.”

An early Golden Immortal harrumphed coldly and said in a proud way.


Hearing Tianji Zi’s cultivation being crippled, the surging rage inside Jiang Chen could no longer be suppressed. It rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body with a roar, turning into real flames, burning on top of his head.


Jiang Chen moved. With a flicker of his body, he came to the elder’s front like a specter, containing the elder without giving the elder the chance to respond. Jiang Chen’s palm turned into a blood-red dragon claw, clasping the elder’s neck.

The threat of death spread across the elder’s body. This was his first time ever having such a feeling. He had never felt as frightened.

“Jiang Chen, what are you doing?” The other elders were alarmed.

“What did you just say? What happened to my master?”

Jiang Chen p.r.o.nounced every word with clarity. His eyes had already turned completely blood-red. Currently, he was already on the brink of outburst. He couldn’t accept the fact that Tianji Zi’s cultivation was crippled by Yang Shu.

“I have said that because of Tianji Zi’s impolite response to Grand Elder, his cultivation has already been crippled by Grand Elder personally. Jiang Chen, don’t be too arrogant. This is the Law Enforcement Hall. If you dare to strike here, you will only end up worse than your master.”

The elder spoke maliciously. Even though he was controlled by Jiang Chen, he seemed fearless, he thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to kill him.


Jiang Chen raged, and then exerted force on his palm. A surge of destructive energy flowed out like tidal waves. The elder’s skull exploded completely. Mist of blood danced in the air. He would never feel guilty killing such a person.

It was only a matter of time before Skycloud Pavilion had to be cleansed entirely. Tian Muyun had been running the pavilion for two years and already had a group of loyal subordinates. The Law Enforcement Hall had long been controlled by him. To put it bluntly, all the elders in the hall were Tian Muyun’s loyal followers. They would obey Tian Muyun’s orders without question. So Jiang Chen would never show any quarters when killing them.

Moreover, Jiang Chen was in great and unprecedented anger now. Today, the blood in Law Enforcement Hall was destined to flow like river.

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