Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1348 – In Agony

Chapter 1348 – In Agony

In Agony

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“Jiang Chen, what are you doing? Could it be that you really want to conduct a ma.s.sacre here? I hope you don’t continue making the same mistake. Repent now so you can be spared, or else, you will die today.” An elder shouted.

“Hand over my master, or else you all will die.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was as indifferent as before, so cold that it s.h.i.+vered people’s heart. He understood very well that the Law Enforcement Hall had already fallen into Tian Muyun’s full control. All of these elders in front of him were Tian Muyun’s loyal subordinates. He would never even blink once even if he killed all of them.

In his point of view, these experts should die because they were members of the Law Enforcement Hall, the place where his master was tortured. Although it was done by Yang Shu, none of these elders expressed any sign of regret or pain for what had happened to Tianji Zi.

Tianji Zi’s cultivation had already been crippled and the Law Enforcement Hall should pay the price for it, not only the one who did it.

Seeing that Jiang Chen was about to start a ma.s.sacre, everyone was shocked. Even the disciples didn’t think that Jiang Chen would act so ruthlessly. It seemed like Jiang Chen was going to exterminate all the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall. This seemed to have gone too far.

“Jiang Chen, don’t kill us. Tianji Zi is being detained by the Hall Master. Besides him, no one else can save your master,” an elder said.

“In that case, you lot don’t need to live anymore.”

The killing intent that was radiated from Jiang Chen’s body had solidified after combining with all the compressed anger inside his body.

“Jiang Chen, don’t kill the innocent. This matter has nothing to do with us.”

Another elder hastily spoke. In the face of Jiang Chen, there was nothing else they could do besides cowering in fear.

“Nothing to do with you all? Humph! In any case, my master is a highly dignified genius in the pavilion and he has earned great credits from all of his contributions. Today, he has been crippled by Yang Shu, but that matter didn’t seem to disturb any of you. I think that you all are still enjoying your life. The lot of you are merely dogs to Yang Shu and Tian Muyun. So, killing you all is just akin to slaughtering dogs.”

Dragon roars rang out from his body unceasingly. Powerful true dragons rushed out of his body like sharp swords, heading towards every elder. It was already almost certain that the moment Jiang Chen send out his Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal within the Five Elemental Spheres, all of these elders would surely die. None of them would live.

Many of them were holding their breaths, and didn’t dare to look at the murderous scene before them. If so many elders were killed, it would surely be a great blow to Skycloud Pavilion. No one could imagine the consequences of it.


Just at this time, a loud yell rang out from the Law Enforcement Hall all of a sudden. Subsequently, three incomparably powerful silhouettes emerged. In the middle was Yang Shu, the Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, while the other two were the Vice Hall Masters. They all had unparalleled positions in Skycloud Pavilion, totally incomparable to any ordinary expert.

“Jiang Chen, you sure have the audacity to cause trouble in the Law Enforcement Hall and slaughter the elders here, absolutely unscrupulous!”

When Yang Shu saw Jiang Chen, he chided immediately, not hiding his killing intent from Jiang Chen. Back when the Pavilion Master sent Jiang Chen to Evil Abyss, he initially thought that Jiang Chen would die for sure, but unexpectedly, the young genius was standing before him, very much alive and had gotten even stronger. Such an outcome was unacceptable to him. Looking at the present Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help thinking about his dead disciple, Qu Yuan. This was a grudge that he couldn’t let go.

“Old dog, let my master go.” Jiang Chen looked at Yang Shu maliciously. He had never wanted to kill someone so much that he gritted his teeth.

“Jiang Chen, I suggest you to release all the elders immediately. If you dare to kill one more elder, I will immediately kill Tianji Zi, then bring you back for interrogation,” Yang Shu said.


However, just after Yang Shu’s words faded, a real dragon came out roaring, biting off an elder’s head with a “Ka Cha’ sound, causing the elder to die on the spot, making the scene extremely b.l.o.o.d.y. The other elders were already frightened to death because at this moment, there was a frenzied dragon swinging its tail suspended before their face. Which meant that these dragons only needed to bite to end their lives.

“Old dog, I don’t want to waste time talking c.r.a.p with you. Release my master immediately. Or else, I will kill all of them. Don’t doubt my decisiveness. I can show you right away if you still don’t comply.”

Jiang Chen was enshrouded by combat dragons, making him look like a majestic war G.o.d. No one could threaten him, not even Yang Shu.

Upon seeing what just happened, the elders that were restrained by Jiang Chen were staring at Yang Shu with pitiful looks. By this time, they didn’t have any doubts about Jiang Chen’s audacity anymore. Their lives were now in his hands. All of them would die unless Yang Shu released Tianji Zi.

“Good… Jiang Chen. You dare to threaten me?!”

Yang Shu was about to cough up blood. As the master of the Law Enforcement Hall and given his n.o.ble status, no disciple had ever dared to threaten him in such a way.


However, right after Yang Shu voiced another word, the frenzied dragon attacked once again, biting off the head of another elder.

Violent, ferocious and tyrannical, totally not giving the opponent a chance to retort. These were the true essence of the dragon transformation skill, and they had all been displayed by Jiang Chen perfectly.

“Jiang Chen, stop!”

Another elder next to Yang Shu couldn’t take it anymore and shouted.


It was a pity that after saying such a remark, it immediately led to the tragic death of another elder. These elders were the most pitiful of all. They had become the meat on Jiang Chen’s cutting board, completely helpless. They could only wait for Jiang Chen to kill them.

“I’ll go and get Tianji Zi now.”

Another late Golden Immortal elder couldn’t bear Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness anymore, immediately, he turned and headed towards the interior of the hall. In just a few breaths of time, the elder returned with an old man.

This old man wasn’t a stranger. He is Tianji Zi.

Seeing Jiang Chen, he felt warm in his eyes, and almost cried. Was this still the arrogant and proud Great Master Tianji like before?

There was no Immortal Qi surrounding his body. His cultivation had already been completely crippled. His Qi Sea and meridians had all been broken, turning him into a real old man with grey hair and wrinkled face. Only his eyes still seemed bright. That was the essence of a person. Even if one’s cultivation was crippled, the essence would still remain in one’s body.


Jiang Chen's throat became dry. His voice quavered. The moment he saw Tianji Zi, the anger in his chest no longer could be controlled.

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