Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1343 – The Sense of Great Divination Art

Chapter 1343 – The Sense of Great Divination Art

The Sense of Great Divination Art

The Evil Clan was defeated. Countless devils were slaughtered while the rest fled like dogs that had lost its master. The last city in the outer region was now reclaimed by Jiang Chen, and thus completely uniting the whole outer region again. The morale of the human army was booming. Each and every one of them couldn’t help feeling excited.

Jiang Chen would surely rise to fame after this battle. His name would reverberate throughout the entire Evil Abyss. Not only would he become the hero of the human race, but he would also become a serious threat that the Evil Clan had to get rid of even in their dreams.

“Even Mo Ying was killed. Sir Commander is just too mighty. During their battle, did you all see that Sir Commander has turned into a true dragon? That’s shocking!”

“That’s right. I have to say that Sir Commander is the most heaven defying genius that I have ever met. I have never thought that he could kill Mo Ying. One should know that was Mo Ying, a rare genius that possess the Evil Body.”

“This time, Sir Commander has dealt the Evil Clan a terrible blow and caused them to suffer greatly. I’m afraid that they won’t be causing us any more trouble for a period of time.”


Discussions about Jiang Chen were heard everywhere. After the annihilation of Mo Ying, everyone’s morale was boosted and Jiang Chen’s fame exceeded even Yang Bufan’s, making him the most important figure and the hero in Evil Abyss.

In Evil City, Yang Bufan personally led the group of higher ups to welcome the victorious return of the three superior brothers. This was the first time in the whole Evil Abyss that such a high standard treatment was exhibited. Only Jiang Chen could cause such a sensation.

“Brother Jiang, you truly are full of surprises. It seems like I have underestimated you before.”

Yang Bufan said with a smile. What he said was right. Although he had always thought that he had looked up to Jiang Chen, now it seemed like Jiang Chen was even greater than what he had imagined. Initially, he antic.i.p.ated that even if Jiang Chen won the war, they would still suffer high casualties. Instead, the devil army was killed effortlessly and not even a single body was left behind. What surprised Yang Bufan even more was that Jiang Chen actually killed Mo Ying, and thus igniting the fire of every expert.

“Helping Brother Yang to fight the Evil Clan is what I should do. Now that the Evil Clan has suffered such a heavy loss, I’m afraid that there won’t be big movements in the Evil Clan for a short period of time, however, I’m sure that they won’t be able to stomach this loss. I’m certain that their higher ups are already planning for a comprehensive counter attack right now. I’m afraid that time can only tell about the final battle between the devils and us.” Jiang Chen said.

“You are right. Just like what I had thought. So, we’re not going to be idle during this period. We have to make full preparation for the final battle.”

Yang Bufan nodded. Although the Evil Clan had suffered a severe loss this time, the death of Mo Ying had also aroused the violence and anger of the Evil Clan. Once they struck back, it would surely become fierce and unprecedented. So the peace right now would only last for a short period of time until the storm hit them. They were afraid that the next battle would take place in the sky right above the Evil City.

“I have obtained quite a lot of benefits in the battle and I’ve already advanced to the half-step Golden Immortal realm. This is the right time for me to go into seclusion.” Jiang Chen held his fists at Yang Bufan.

“Brother Jiang may go and rest now. No one will be allowed to disturb you.”

Yang Bufan said. He has taken a greater liking to Jiang Chen right now. He understood that Jiang Chen was a man with great fortune and would bring him boundless benefits in the future.

Jiang Chen brought Tyrant and Big Yellow back to the courtyard. As there wouldn’t be any battle for the time being, Jiang Chen could use a few days of peace.

“Little Chen, your advancement is just too fast.”

Tyrant said, feeling speechless. Comparing his advancement speed to Jiang Chen always made him inferior.

“Having a war with the Evil Clan is indeed a great thing to me. Not only have I advanced to the half-step Golden Immortal realm, my paG.o.da has already condensed the twenty-ninth level, leaving me only four more levels to achieve the thirty-third level. I hoped that I will be able to reach that level during the final battle with the Evil Clan. By then, some secrets of the paG.o.da will be revealed. This is what I antic.i.p.ated the most.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He was always in eager antic.i.p.ation of the paG.o.da, especially when the paG.o.da reached the thirty-third level. This was the level where he would uncover the secrets of the paG.o.da.

Although his cultivation had improved, he now faced another problem – the problem of Immortal Meta Stones.

“There isn’t much Immortal Meta Stones with me right now. After I advance to the Golden Immortal realm, I have to find a way to get new Immortal Meta Stones. d.a.m.n, such consumption rate is crazy!”

Jiang Chen sighed. The Dragon transformation skill was after all a bottomless abyss. At the beginning, he received the resources from Ouyang He, but despite the huge number of Immortal Meta Stones, it could only help him reach the early Golden Immortal realm. If Ouyang He knew about this situation, he was afraid that he would be angered to death.

“Little Chen, I wonder what’s happening in One-Line-Sky right now. Those three major powers were surely looking for you right now. Haha!”

Big Yellow laughed loudly. He couldn’t help feeling delighted while thinking about the three foolish major powers.

“I have now reached the half-step Golden Immortal ream, which means that my Great Divination Art is enhanced once more. Let’s see if I can divine some of the situations in One-Line-Sky.”

Jiang Chen said. Back when he caused havoc in the ancient tomb, he had killed too many geniuses. One-Line-Sky must be in chaos right now and the three major powers would surely never let the matter rest.

He closed his eyes and casted the Great Divination Art, silently divining for things.

However, just as Jiang Chen casted the Great Divination Art, a sound suddenly rang in his head. He could hear the voice of Tianji Zi that was completely fused with divine sense.


Jiang Chen opened his eyes abruptly. Two rays of brilliant lights shot out from his eyes, turning the entire courtyard incredibly cold.

“What’s wrong?”

Tyrant and Big Yellow were alerted. Judging from Jiang Chen’s condition, he must have divined something important. Something must have happened in One-Line-Sky.

“My master is in trouble. Tian Muyun has expelled me out of Skycloud Pavilion and imprisoned my master. My master used the Great Divination Art to resonate with mine, sending me a compressed message in advance. So once I casted the Great Divination Art, I was able to detect the message.” Jiang Chen said in an extremely cold way.

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