Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1342 – Half-Step Golden Immortal

Chapter 1342 – Half-Step Golden Immortal

Half-Step Golden Immortal

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Mo Ying was thus slashed and killed, but not a single remnant of his flesh was left behind. Even the Evil Origin had been seized away. Although Jiang Chen seemed to have divine might when casting the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes to kill Mo Ying, the fact that Jiang Chen won this match was mainly because of the suppression of his dragon transformation skill and flames. Under such suppression, Mo Ying wasn’t able to exert his full combat strength. Or else, even with the halberd, he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Evil Body of Mo Ying.

“Young Master…!”

Seeing Mo Ying’s tragic death, his subordinates cried out. Several late Golden Immortal demonic chiefs charged at Jiang Chen, wanting to kill this nasty human genius at all costs. They knew the importance of Mo Ying to their clan all too well. Mo Ying’s death today had totally provoked the fury in their hearts.

Furthermore, they felt that after Jiang Chen killed Mo Ying, the Qi in Jiang Chen’s body began to weaken and was not as strong as before. So, choosing this time to strike together was the best time to get rid of Jiang Chen.


How could Big Yellow let them succeed? Immediately, he turned into a ray of golden light. At the same time, the late Golden Immortal human experts rushed out together. Now that Mo Ying was officially dead, the morale of the human army skyrocketed. Jiang Chen had now become the hero of the human race, the G.o.d in everyone’s heart. Therefore, they must not allow anything to happen to Jiang Chen at this time.

*Hong Long……*

The two armies fought intensely and inextricably.

Jiang Chen was holding the black Evil Origin. A trace of a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He lifted his head, raised the halberd and waved it at the devil army. “Kill them all!”

*Hoh!* *Hoh!* *Hoh!*

Jiang Chen’s command immediately ignited the fire in the human army’s heart. Each of them began to raise their Immortal Weapon and yelled, storming towards the devil army. Jiang Chen knew very well about the right opportunity. He knew that this was the period where the devil army’s morale was the lowest. So naturally, he wanted to take this opportunity to send a huge blow to the devil army.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The demonic devils went wild and an earth-shattering battle immediately began. This battle was destined to be incomparably tragic. Although the momentum of the devil army might seem strong, the death of Mo Ying had left an indelible trauma in their hearts. As long as Jiang Chen was here, they were destined to be afraid.

Aside from that, even if Jiang Chen didn’t fight, Tyrant and Big Yellow could. Tyrant, in particular, played a critical role in a situation like this. His Edifying Light was shooting back and forth within the devil army and the demonic devils were edified, one after another. Then, these edified devils turned and killed their own kind, causing chaos in the devil army.

Behind, Jiang Chen stood in the air. His eyes were looking at the battlefield ahead. His dark hair fluttered in the wind. He liked the feeling of commanding his army and the demeanor of disdaining the world below him. Although the Regretless Falling Dragon had consumed his energy greatly, it wasn’t a big deal to him as it was too easy for him to recover.


With a wave, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da left his body, flew upwards and suspended in the sky. The terrifying doors were opened, sucking away all the demonic devil corpses from the battlefield. Currently, the paG.o.da had already condensed the twenty-eight level. After this battle, it wouldn’t seem to be a problem for it to condense the twenty-ninth or even the thirtieth level fully.

Jiang Chen didn’t join the battle. As the saying goes, sometimes, one needed time to cultivate. He took out the Evil Origin from his body to refine it.

“I currently already have 830 000 dragon marks, but advancing from late Divine Immortal to the half-step Golden Immortal would be a difficult hurdle. But now that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was absorbing energy endlessly, and with this bead of Evil Origin, there shouldn’t be a problem for me to rush to the half-step Golden Immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Once he became a half-step Golden Immortal, his combat strength would reach a terrifying level once more.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

After the Evil Origin entered Jiang Chen’s body, it immediately turned agitated. The strong Evil Qi was spreading to his limbs, wanting to control Jiang Chen’s thought by fully corroding it, but in the face of the dragon transformation skill, these Evil Qi couldn’t make an impact at all.

When the suppressive effect of the dragon transformation skill and True Thunderfire affected the Evil Origin, all the Evil Qi inside was immediately cleared, leaving only the pure energy for Jiang Chen to absorb.

As the Evil Origin was being refined, the number of dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea began to increase. While he was refining the Evil Origin, he had recovered to his peak condition. With a flutter of his dragon wings, he flew towards the battlefield and shot out the Edifying Light, edifying a large number of demonic devils.

“Retreat… Retreat…!”

One of the demonic chiefs shouted. Mo Ying was dead and Jiang Chen was overpowering. Given their situation, if they continued with this battle, the outcome would be unimaginable. No one could tell how many devils would die. It was even possible that the entire devil army would be annihilated.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Numerous demonic devils began to roar, sounding very reluctant, however, they had no choice as they were no match for their enemies. If they stayed, they would only end up as prey.

Tens of thousands of demonic devils began to retreat frenziedly while the human army chased after them to kill them. This was a fulfilling excitement that no humans had ever felt before even though they had been battling the Evil Clan for so long.

Jiang Chen didn’t chase after the devils. Today, he had already gotten the greatest benefit. The Evil Clan had lost a vital bone and would never start any big movements within a short period of time. Furthermore, he didn’t annihilate the devil army so hadn’t managed to fully provoke the Evil Clan, and thus buying him some time. It was already destined that wiping out the entire Evil Clan couldn’t be done overnight.

*buzz…* *buzz…*

Jiang Chen’s Qi began to stir. After the Evil Origin was fully refined, the dragon marks in his Qi Sea finally reached over 850 000, succeeding in advancing to the half-step Golden Immortal realm. Large amount of Immortal Meta Stones were consumed.

Meanwhile, the twenty-ninth level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already been fully condensed. Adding the fact the Evil Origin had already been refined, the dragon marks in Jiang Chen’s body reached 860 000, and could already be considered to have laid a solid foundation at the realm of half-step Golden Immortal. With his current strength, he could easily kill any late Golden Immortal. Of course, he was still far from enough to confront a half-step Immortal King. After all, there was an unsurpa.s.sable gap between the Golden Immortal and Immortal King realm. They weren’t on the same level at all.

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