Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1344 – Yang Bufan’s Decision

Chapter 1344 – Yang Bufan’s Decision

Yang Bufan’s Decision

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A formless anger began to s.h.i.+mmer from Jiang Chen’s body. His facial expression turned strangely indifferent all of a sudden. Those who knew Jiang Chen better such as Big Yellow and Tyrant knew that Jiang Chen had become truly angered this time.

That’s right. Jiang Chen had gotten really angry. The moment he used the Great Divination Art, he was able to receive the message sent by Tianji Zi. The message was not affected even though he was in the Evil Abyss. Therefore, he now knew everything that had happened in One-Line-Sky since his departure. The response of the three major powers were within his expectation, however, Tian Muyun’s response was beyond his imagination.

“What actually has happened?” Big Yellow asked.

“When the three major powers couldn’t find me, they ran to Skycloud Pavilion to exert pressure on them. In front of all people, Tian Muyun announced that he has expelled me out of Skycloud Pavilion and imprisoned my master, wanting to use my master to lure me out. What a good Tian Muyun! It seems like it’s time for the two of us to settle our grudges once and for all.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably cold. He originally planned to return to face Tian Muyun and have a life-or-death battle with him after the matters in the Evil Abyss were settled. Now, it seemed like he had to return no matter what as soon as possible. Although he and Tianji Zi knew each other for only a short time, there was a true bond between them as master and disciple. Now that his master was in trouble, Jiang Chen naturally couldn’t stand idly by.

“Humph! That brat is truly cunning! He has to be jealous of your talent and wants to get rid of you. He is a guy who even killed his own master, so there’s nothing he won’t dare to do.” Big Yellow harrumphed coldly.

“I must get master out as soon as possible with everything that I have. A man like Tian Muyun will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. If I don’t show up, I’m afraid that my master’s life will be in real danger. As you said, if he can even kill his own master, he certainly won’t hesitate to kill others.” Jiang Chen said. He had already made a decision in his heart.

“Little Chen, what do you plan to do?” Tyrant asked.

Although he had never been to One-Line-Sky, he had heard a lot about that place, especially the matters and experts related to Jiang Chen. He basically had already known some important figures such as Ouyang He, Tian Muyun, Tianji Zi and the others. Besides, he also knew Jiang Chen’s purpose of going to Skycloud Pavilion. Given his understanding of Jiang Chen, when Jiang Chen knew that his master was in trouble, Jiang Chen would certainly not sit here and do nothing. It seemed like he had already decided to return to One-Line-Sky.

Although Jiang Chen was very ruthless to his enemy, he was a person who attaches great importance to love and righteousness. If Jiang Chen reacted the opposite way by standing idly by even after knowing his master’s condition, Tyrant would feel that something was wrong.

“We’ll return to rescue some people. Let’s go and find the Evil Lord.”

Jiang Chen strode towards the exit of the courtyard. In order to leave Evil Abyss, he would need the help of Yang Bufan as the pa.s.sageways to the outer world were controlled by him. If Yang Bufan refused to help, no matter how extraordinary Jiang Chen’s means were, he wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

In the Prefecture, the place where Yang Bufan retreated was very private, no one was allowed to enter under normal situation, but due to the urgency of the matter, Jiang Chen had to pay the Evil Lord a visit.

“Come in.”

Yang Bufan’s voice came from inside, and immediately, the doors opened. The perceptive ability of an Immortal King was extremely strong. As soon as someone approached his territory, he would immediately detect it.

Jiang Chen strode into the room and saw Yang Bufan, sitting composedly on his throne and smiling at Jiang Chen.

“What can I do for you, Brother Jiang?” Yang Bufan asked.

“There’s a very important thing indeed. I have to return to One-Line-Sky at once…”

Jiang Chen told Yang Bufan everything that happened in One-Line-Sky without hiding anything, including how he got in contact with Ouyang He, the promise he made to Ouyang He, how he entered Skycloud Pavilion and how he became the disciple of Tianji Zi. He could tell that Yang Bufan had sincerely treated him as a friend. In that case, he naturally have to show his sincerity. Besides, going back to One-Line-Sky would require the help of Yang Bufan one way or another.

“Humph! He even dared to kill his own master? I hate this kind of ungrateful people the most. I, Yang Bufan, have killed countless people, but all of them are my enemies, unlike Tian Muyun, a person who has no grat.i.tude.”

Yang Bufan harrumphed coldly, seemingly very angry. Both Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen valued relations.h.i.+p. They had their own bottom line whenever they did things. What Tian Muyun did had exceeded their bottom line. People like him made them feel deeply disgusted.

“Now that my master is being held hostage, if I don’t show up as soon as possible, Tian Muyun will probably do something to my master. So I have to return now, I hope Brother Yang can understand.” Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Yang Bufan.

“You said that Tian Muyun has already reached the half-step Immortal King realm? And he possesses an extraordinary talent? With your current strength, if you return now, not only can’t you save your master, you won’t be able to save even yourself.” Yang Bufan said.

“There are some things that I have to face myself. I, Jiang Chen, will never do things that I will regret later. Even though I’m no match for Tian Muyun for now, I still have to return. If I waited until I’m strong enough to go back, I won’t be able to imagine what would happen to my master. There are things that I needed to do so that I won’t regret it later.”

Jiang Chen said plainly and heroically. Tyrant and Big Yellow were nodding their heads lightly. The reason they and Jiang Chen were sworn brothers was because of Jiang Chen’s sentiments. They believed that if any one of them were in trouble, Jiang Chen wouldn’t hesitate to rescue them even if Jiang Chen had to go through immense dangers and difficulties.

“Good! I, Yang Bufan, surely didn’t pick the wrong person. Brother Jiang is a man who values relations.h.i.+p. So I will naturally help you and I’m ready to go along with you to One-Line-Sky. I would like to see what kind of hateful b.a.s.t.a.r.d that Tian Muyun is.”

Yang Bufan suddenly stood up from his seat, expressing his desire to go along with Jiang Chen to One-Line-Sky. This had stunned Jiang Chen, this scenario had never crossed his mind.

“Brother Yang, this doesn’t seem very good. Currently, the situation in the Evil Abyss isn’t good. If you leave now, you may give chance for the Evil Clan to strike back.”

Jiang Chen said with a frown. Even though he was grateful for Yang Bufan’s good intention, he didn’t feel very optimistic about the situation here.

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