Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1320 – Progressing By Leaps and Bounds

Chapter 1320 – Progressing By Leaps and Bounds

Progressing By Leaps and Bounds

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Big Yellow’s incredible action helped Jiang Chen confirm that there must be some relations.h.i.+p between Big Yellow and the Immortal Execution King, otherwise, there was nothing else that could be used to explain the current situation. The Immortal Execution Sword was the Natal Weapon of Immortal Execution King, but now, it seemed like the sword belonged to Big Yellow.

Back when Jiang Chen got one of the pieces, he wasn’t able to exert even an ounce of power from it, as such he almost wanted to throw it away as a sc.r.a.p metal. Big Yellow on the other hand, had no problem stirring the power inside the sword and through using it, Big Yellow had even saved Jiang Chen’s life.

At that time, Jiang Chen wasn’t sure why Big Yellow was able to exert the power of the broken sword. He could only make a simple guess that it was because of Big Yellow’s bloodline. Now, he finally understood a little more, but because of this, his interest in Big Yellow’s secret was piqued.

Big Yellow’s expression had turned incomparably grim. His hands kept on casting mysterious dharma seals that not even Jiang Chen could understand. As Big Yellow had already mastered the Formation Holy Book, it was only logical that he could cast these various ancient seals.

Reforging the Immortal Execution Sword was already a very remarkable act by itself. If anyone from the outside knew what Big Yellow was doing, the person would definitely be petrified whilst gaping at the scene. Once the new Immortal Execution Sword was born, Jiang Chen was afraid that it would stir up another wave of gossips even though it was only an Emperor Weapon.

Likewise, reforging the Immortal Execution Sword was an extremely difficult and tiring process. As the Immortal Execution Sword’s pieces were integrating, more and more energy was drained from Big Yellow. His body began to show signs of s.h.i.+vering.

“Big Yellow seems to be losing his strength fast. Do we have to help him?”

Tyrant asked with concern.

“We don’t have to. Since Big Yellow has already chosen to act, it shows that he’s certain in what he’s doing. We don’t have to worry about it. Besides, if we lend him a hand, the external force will most likely lead to a backlash from the Immortal Execution Sword. If that happens, Big Yellow would be rejected by the sword and receive serious harm.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The reason that the Immortal Execution Sword could be reforged was because Big Yellow had gotten the sword’s recognition. Once Jiang Chen and Tyrant joined the process, it would cause the sword to repel them and even Big Yellow. The result would be hard to imagine. Big Yellow might be seriously injured because of the severe backlash.

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, Tyrant couldn’t help but sigh. Fortunately, he didn’t act rashly, otherwise it would ruin the whole thing.

The whole reforging process lasted exactly half an hour. At this time, Big Yellow was already lying on the ground, exhausted, but he was still persevering. The blood-red coc.o.o.n outside the Immortal Execution Sword had vanished completely. All the blood spat out by Big Yellow was completely absorbed by the sword.


All of a sudden, the sword produced a sharp sound while emitting a wave of powerful energy. A crystal clear long sword was drifting back and forth in the sky. With the ancient imprint on the sword, with just a single glance anyone could tell that it was not a piece of sc.r.a.p metal anymore.

“What a powerful sword Qi! It sure is an Emperor Weapon.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but be astonished. Jiang Chen’s eyes were staring at the Immortal Execution Sword, feeling enchanted by its divinity. However, both of them understood that even if they had the sword, they wouldn’t be able to exert any of its power. The sword was, after all, a Great Sovereign Weapon, it had its own spirit. It would never allow anyone that it didn’t recognize to wield it.

The sword was magnificent, especially the two ancient words ‘Immortal Execution’ engraved on it. It fully demonstrated the value of the sword.

After rebuilding the sword, Big Yellow was now lying on the ground, immobile. Both of his sworn brothers hastily moved forward to prop him up.

“Don’t come over here. Master Dog’s encounter has just arrived.” Big Yellow spoke hurriedly.

After hearing this, Jiang Chen and Tyrant stopped in their tracks and retreated a few steps.

At this point, the Immortal Execution Sword automatically flew towards the top of Big Yellow’s head. Rays of bright light radiated downwards, like drizzles falling into Big Yellow’s body.

After being revitalized by the light, his body shook violently and the Qi in his body began to climb, quickly recovering him from his previous withered state.

“What was that?” Tyrant was dumbfounded.

“I know. That’s the essence in the Immortal Execution Sword. After obtaining Big Yellow’s blood essence, it has fully recognized Big Yellow, it then exuded the hidden essence inside it. d.a.m.n! This sure is a great encounter. This essence is too precious. Plus, they are connected to Big Yellow’s origin. After absorbing this essence, his cultivation will definitely improve drastically. I have no idea what kind of scary stage he can advance to.”

Jiang Chen marveled. He could deeply feel the unusual encounter – the essence of the sword entering into Big Yellow’s body. Anyone who stood here watching would be filled with envy.

“For G.o.d’s Sake, this dog is truly amazing. I have a feeling that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was a powerful existence in this world before and was reincarnated to Saint Origin World. Now that he’s back here and has gotten the recognition of the Immortal Execution Sword, his future progress will be smooth-sailing.” Tyrant said.

No matter what kind of ident.i.ty Big Yellow has, or what kind of secrets he was hiding, as brothers of Big Yellow, they couldn’t help feeling happy for him to have such a fortunate encounter.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s expression turned incomparably tensed. Their eyes were staring at Big Yellow unblinkingly.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

As the light shone from the sword entered Big Yellow’s body, his Qi was also getting stronger and stronger. He had yet to advance, but his brothers already understood that his advancement would only be a matter of time. Presently, Big Yellow was just refining the essence. Once it exploded inside of him, the extent of his advancement would be immeasurable.

After an hour, the Immortal Execution Sword stopped. At this time, Big Yellow had already finished refining all the essence. His Qi began to climb continuously along with his cultivation base. The huge Qi waves forced Jiang Chen and Tyrant to take a few steps back again.

Big Yellow’s Qi had returned to its peak state. He intended to break through to the half-step Golden Immortal realm after this, but there were more tidal-like energy in his body that kept on boosting his energy.

“He has already reached the half-step Golden Immortal realm. At what level do you think will he stop?” Tyrant gulped.

“Judging from this, I’m afraid that he will at least advance to the peak of early Golden Immortal realm or even to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen was incomparably excited. Big Yellow’s great encounter had pushed his cultivation to another terrifying level.

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