Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1319 – Reforging the Immortal Execution Sword

Chapter 1319 – Reforging the Immortal Execution Sword

Reforging the Immortal Execution Sword

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When the word about the Great Sovereign Weapon came out of Big Yellow’s mouth, Jiang Chen and Tyrant felt as if they were having some difficulty breathing, especially Jiang Chen, as he had seen the Immortal Burying Coffin before and knew the scariness of a Great Sovereign Weapon. Every Great Sovereign Weapon was as powerful as an Immortal Sovereign and is the pinnacle existence of the world.

“Unfortunately for the items of the Immortal Execution King, even if we have collected all of the broken swords, we won’t be able to restore the original state of the Immortal Execution Sword.”

Jiang Chen shook his head in disappointment.

“*Jie* *Jie*, if I was someone else, even someone as great as an Immortal Emperor or even an Immortal Venerable, he wouldn’t be able to reforge the Immortal Execution Sword, but I, Master Dog, surely can.” Big Yellow laughed triumphantly.

Upon hearing what Big Yellow said, both Jiang Chen and Tyrant were stunned, totally changing their view of Big Yellow and strengthening their belief in his extraordinary abilities. It was truly inconceivable that Big Yellow could reforge the Great Sovereign Weapon. If it was someone else who made such declaration, both of them would only treat it as typical boasting.

When these words came out of Big Yellow’s mouth, it suddenly became totally different. They had already known Big Yellow for far too long. This dog’s divinity was beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

“You all don’t have to be so shocked. I, Master Dog, can surely reforge the Immortal Execution Sword, however, due to this sword being broken for too long, it has already lost majority of its essence. It wouldn’t be a mighty Great Sovereign Weapon anymore, it can only be an Emperor Weapon even after it is reforged. It will take some time for it to truly become a Great Sovereign Weapon.” Big Yellow said.

“Emperor Weapon?”

Both Jiang Chen and Tyrant rolled their eyes. What was called an Emperor Weapon? In the Immortal World, an Emperor Weapon was an invaluable weapon that only Immortal Emperors were ent.i.tled to possess. Comparing Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd to an Emperor Weapon made the halberd a useless trash.

Speaking of the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, given Jiang Chen’s present strength, he could already cast the Third Level of the First Style of Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes. Additionally, he wouldn’t experience a weakened state even after casting the skill as he was now strong enough. Under his full strength, he could kill any ordinary intermediate Golden Immortal expert. So at this point, he could already try casting the Second Style of the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes.

Jiang Chen handed the main sword to Big Yellow. He had already known it for a long time that only Big Yellow could exert the power of the sword. Back in the ancient tomb, he had fought Diao Yong hard just to get this broken sword for Big Yellow.

Big Yellow seemed somewhat excited while receiving the fragment of the main sword. A sense of familiarity washed over him.

Later on, he opened his mouth. The three broken swords which he had kept drifted out. Feeling the existence of the main sword, the three fragments of the sword trembled all of a sudden and produced strident howls. This was the first time that these three broken swords reacted so aggressively. Back when they first discovered them, they were merely pieces of sc.r.a.p iron. Who would have thought that they would be a.s.sociated to a Great Sovereign Weapon?

It was extremely hard to reforge all of the broken pieces of a Great Sovereign Weapon and not everyone could do it. In addition, due to Big Yellow not being the sword’s original master, reforging these sword pieces wouldn’t be as easy as Jiang Chen reforging his Heavenly Saint Sword’s fragments.

The next scene amazed both of them once more. The four fragments converged in the air, dancing back and forth in front of Big Yellow, seemingly incredibly delighted. It seemed as if Big Yellow’s Qi didn’t bother them at all.

The first step to reforge these fragments was to melt them and form a new combat weapon, but with Big Yellow present strength, it was undoubtedly impossible for him to craft a Great Sovereign Weapon, not even a powerful Immortal Emperor would be able to do so.

But judging on Big Yellow’s looks, he seemed to have another way of dealing with it.

He opened his mouth wide and spat out a big mouthful of fresh blood. That was blood essence, the blood essence of a Divine Beast which was incomparable to any ordinary blood. His spirit began to languish a little after spitting out a huge amount of blood. Anyone that spat out as much blood as Big Yellow did would feel the same way or even pa.s.s out on the spot.

His blood essence fell on the broken swords. Suddenly, the four fragments became agitated. ‘Chi-Chi’ sound was heard from the surface of the swords. Every one of them was absorbing the blood essence joyfully, as if they were getting some kind of rejuvenating juice.

The preciousness of the blood essence of a Dragon-Horse Divine Beast was beyond ordinary. After absorbing the blood essence, the four fragments began to combine. Blood-red Qi waves rolled on top of each fragments’ surface, forming a big blood-red coc.o.o.n.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

A strong buzzing sound came out of the coc.o.o.n and gave rise to a powerful ancient power. Under this power, Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s face changed. It wasn’t the power that shocked them, but the pressure that was radiated from it. It was the pressure of a Great Sovereign, and not everyone could bear it.

“What kind of secret existed in Big Yellow’s body? His blood essence could actually reforge the Immortal Execution Sword. I wouldn’t have believed this if I didn’t see this with my own eyes.”

Tyrant was astounded, mystified by the secrets inside Big Yellow.

“Do you feel that there’s a Qi of origin similar to Big Yellow’s inside the Immortal Execution Sword? Although it isn’t very strong, but it is still there. This type of Qi is just like my Qi and the Heavenly Saint Sword’s. Which means that Big Yellow has gotten the recognition of the Immortal Execution Sword. Plus, Big Yellow knew how to restore it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. With his careful observation, he was almost sure that there was a relation between Big Yellow and the Immortal Execution Sword, but he still didn’t have a clue about what it was. As long as Big Yellow didn’t tell them his secrets, they would never know about it.

“Could it be that Big Yellow is the reincarnation of the Immortal Execution King?”

Tyrant’s eyes became stern when he spoke out these words, he was afraid.

“That’s impossible. Although Big Yellow and the sword have a similar Qi of origin, it doesn’t mean that it’s his Natal Weapon. Besides, the Immortal Execution King isn’t someone that will fall so easily. Big Yellow will never be the reincarnation of the Immortal Execution King, however, I guess this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is probably related to the Immortal Execution King. His secrets are even unimaginable to me. Our level is after all too low. When we reach that kind of level, I believe Big Yellow will tell us his secrets.” Jiang Chen said.

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