Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1321 – The peak of early Golden Immortal realm

Chapter 1321 – The peak of early Golden Immortal realm

The peak of early Golden Immortal realm

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Big Yellow’s cultivation could already be described as incredible. At this rate of advancement, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to break through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. Although Jiang Chen and Tyrant felt astonished inside, they knew that this was just normal for Big Yellow.

After all, Big Yellow had a different ident.i.ty. Big Yellow knew plenty of ancient secret arts. His body possessed the Dragon-Horse bloodline. Plus, he had received the nourishment of the Immortal Execution Sword. The nourishment was the essence of the Great Sovereign Weapon. Such essence was an unparalleled treasure that was incomparable to any ordinary treasure.

In other words, although Big Yellow hadn’t gone along with Jiang Chen into the ancient tomb, he was the one who got the most benefits.

There were no treasures that could be compared to the Immortal Execution Sword nor the essence inside the sword.


Finally, a crisp sound was heard. Streams of indistinct Qi began to emerge on Big Yellow’s body. That was the true Qi of Great Luo. At this time, Big Yellow broke through to the true Golden Immortal realm.

The momentum of his Qi was still rising after arriving at the early Golden Immortal realm. The essence in the Immortal Execution Sword was just too powerful. Under the rush of this essence, Big Yellow’s Qi continued to climb.

Very quickly, Big Yellow’s Qi reached the peak of early Golden Immortal realm and would soon break through to the intermediate Golden Immortal mark. If someone else were to see such a scary advancement speed, he would surely be so shocked that his soul would part from his body. The Golden Immortal realm was a level where one comprehended the Profound Meaning of Great Luo. It was a level that countless of cultivators dreamed of. Innumerable people had stopped in the half-step Golden Immortal realm and couldn’t take any further step, however, not only was Big Yellow able to jump through it, but his Qi is still rising and was about to advance to the next level. This was just too annoying!

“It isn’t a good thing for Big Yellow to advance so much.” Tyrant frowned and said with concern.

“That’s right. The essence in the Immortal Execution Sword is too aggressive. Based on the momentum of the essence, it won’t have any problem pus.h.i.+ng Big Yellow’s cultivation to the Immortal King realm, however, Big Yellow’s current body won’t be able to bear the surge of the essence. His physique won’t be able to bear the level of Immortal King. He has to stop at once, or else, his foundation will be destroyed, and would put him in an extremely unfavorable condition in his future cultivation.”

Jiang Chen nodded, agreeing with what Tyrant said. Demonic beasts were the same as humans. Cultivation wasn’t the only thing to consider in advancing. The physique of the cultivator also played a crucial role. Once the physique was ruined, everything would be in vain. Although Big Yellow’s present physique was strong, it obviously wasn’t strong enough to withstand the Immortal King realm. Therefore, if he continued to advance recklessly, although he would obtain tremendous power and cultivation temporarily, it wouldn’t be good to his future cultivation. It might cause him to stop at the Immortal King realm for the rest of his life.

These circ.u.mstances happened in the world before and there were many of them who had fallen victim to it. Plenty of experts took large amounts of advancement pills thinking that they could obtain tremendous powers and advance within a short period of time, however, such act destroyed their entire cultivation.

This was also why Jiang Chen couldn’t keep on advancing even though he was cultivating the dragon transformation skill. Advancing rapidly would cause problems in his foundation.

“Big Yellow, stop advancing further!”

Upon seeing that Big Yellow was losing himself, Jiang Chen shouted loudly, trying to wake Big Yellow from his trance.

Big Yellow’s body trembled when he heard Jiang Chen’s shout and quickly regained his senses. At this point, his cultivation base was almost about to break through to the Intermediate Golden Immortal realm, however, Big Yellow roared and willed the advancement to a halt.

His forehead was beaded with sweat. The remaining essence in his body was compressed. He lifted his head to look at Jiang Chen, his eyes full of grat.i.tude. “Motherf*cker! I almost made a mistake that would surely cause me a lifelong of regret. I had never thought that I, Master Dog, will lose control of myself. Little Chen, if you didn’t wake me up from my trance, everything should’ve been over.”

Jiang Chen moved forward and patted Big Yellow’s head. “Don’t be too greedy in advancing next time. You have already gotten a great deal of benefits this time. Plus, the essence from the Immortal Execution Sword is still in your body. You can refine them slowly in the future. This essence should be enough for you to break through to the Immortal King realm. Besides, with your current strength, you already have no problem killing any intermediate Golden Immortal opponent. I’m afraid that not even those ordinary late Golden Immortal experts is a match for you.”

Seeing Big Yellow’s huge improvement, Jiang Chen was naturally overjoyed. All along, Big Yellow had been his greatest a.s.sistant. Now that Big Yellow had advanced to a terrifying extent, he would be able to help Jiang Chen even more.

Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had made progress in their cultivation. This increased Jiang Chen’s self-confidence and shorten the gap between him and Tian Muyun, which meant that it wouldn’t be long before the two of them engaged in a life-and-death battle.

“You are right. With Master Dog’s present cultivation, no ordinary late Golden Immortal opponent is my match. I can even kill anyone below half-step Immortal King realm easily.”

Big Yellow sounded complacent. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the Immortal Execution Sword into his belly. “*Jie* *Jie*… If I go full-force with the Immortal Execution Sword, I’m afraid that even a half-step Immortal King will have to die.”

“The Immortal Execution Sword is now a formidable Emperor Weapon, however, such a treasure shouldn’t be used casually. Even if you can control the sword and exert some of its power, the price of wielding it is certainly big. It can easily lead to a fatal disaster the moment the Emperor Weapon is exposed.” Jiang Chen said.

As the saying goes, a common man’s only crime is to carry a jade. An Emperor Weapon was extremely precious. Once it was revealed to the public, it would inevitably arouse the greed in people. Jiang Chen was almost certain about this.

“What the h.e.l.l! You two abnormal b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Both of your cultivation have already exceeded mine in next to no time. How sad!”

Watching his two abnormal brothers, Tyrant couldn’t help sighing. Since he practiced the Bright Buddha Body, his cultivation had already reached the late Divine Immortal realm, but in just a few days of time, both of his sworn brothers had surpa.s.sed his level. It was impossible for him not to feel depressed right now.

“Right, Tyrant, I have a treasure for you.”

Upon hearing Tyrant’s complaint, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something. He hastily turned his palm, and a piece of lotus leaf appeared in his hand. Back when he and Tyrant met, he was only focused on eliminating the demonic devils. He hadn’t recalled this matter even after coming to Evil City. If Tyrant refined this piece of lotus leaf, it would be very easy for him to advance to the half-step Golden Immortal realm.

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