Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1316 – The Dignity of Immortal King

Chapter 1316 – The Dignity of Immortal King

The Dignity of Immortal King

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In the discussion hall of the Prefecture in Evil City!

Yang Bufan was sitting on top with a resolute face. Below him sat more than a dozen powerful experts. Those of whom who could sit here were at least late Golden Immortals. Two among them had already reached the half-step of Immortal King realm. This group of experts had surpa.s.sed the whole One-Line-Sky. To put it bluntly, if Yang Bufan led these experts into One-Line-Sky, they would become the strongest power and make the other four existing major powers surrender.

However, to Yang Bufan, the battle with Evil Clan in the Evil Abyss was far more exciting and fulfilling than any conquest outside.

Tyrant and Big Yellow were also here too. Given their cultivation, they shouldn’t be ent.i.tled to have a seat here, but due to their relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen, their status changed. Plus, Tyrant was an eminent monk of Buddha Sect. The Edifying Light that he had could ward off all devils. Therefore, this made the other experts not disdain him.

Furthermore, many of them thought that Tyrant was an eminent monk of White Dragon Temple—an important place for Buddha Sect in the Immortal World. Although it held itself aloof from the world, it still had a great fame and influence.

“City Lord, because Jiang Chen had killed a large number of demonic devils before, the Evil Clan was stirred. Many cities have already been entangled with the demonic devils. It seems like the higher ups of the Evil Clan are prepared to fight us again.”

A half-step Immortal King expert spoke. Although he had already reached a powerful level, he was still polite and courteous in front of Yang Bufan.

“Don’t be so anxious. It isn’t the first or second time that the Evil Clan has been stirred. That is why I’m here, to deter them.”

Yang Bufan’s face was full of indifference, totally not putting the Evil Clan in his eyes. He would still be fearless even if he had to wage a war against the Evil Clan now.

“City Lord. I think that the situation this time isn’t the same as before. Judging from how the Evil Clan reacted, it seems as if they want to go on an all out war with us. In their heads, the Evil Abyss is their territory and we, Humans, are just invaders. So it’s only a matter of time before a war breaks out between us,” someone said.

After hearing this, Yang Bufan knitted his brows. He wasn’t afraid of the Evil Clan, but in the absence of absolute certainty, he wouldn’t want to start a fight against the enemy.

“Kaka! Why are you all so worried for? When Jiang Chen returns, he will deal a heavy blow to the Evil Clan. I, Master Dog, can a.s.sure you that Jiang Chen has definitely gotten tremendous benefits this time and his cultivation has already improved by leaps and bounds.”

Big Yellow laughed loudly. With the haughtiness of his n.o.ble bloodline, he wouldn’t have to be courteous even in front of so many powerful experts.

“City Lord. After letting that Jiang Chen return to One-Line-Sky, I’m afraid that he won’t return again. After all, this isn’t a place that anyone could come and go to.”

“That’s right. It’s a little hasty that City Lord allowed Jiang Chen to return on the surface. In my opinion, there’s an eighty percent chance that Jiang Chen won’t come back.”

The two men spoke, thinking that Jiang Chen would never return. In fact, it’s not only them that thought this way. If Jiang Chen was an ordinary person, he would never come back to such a h.e.l.l like place again.


As soon as their words fell, Yang Bufan’s gaze fell upon them like blades. A cold and chilling pressure settled over them, causing them to s.h.i.+ver. Immediately, they lowered their heads, not daring to look at Yang Bufan in the eye.

“Are you two questioning my judgment?”

Yang Bufan’s tone was flat, but to the two men, it was terrifying.


Both of them fell to their knees. “this Subordinate didn’t dare. It’s subordinate’s fault. City Lord can punish subordinate for our rudeness.”

The two powerful late Golden Immortal experts were kneeling down, trembling, not daring to even lift their heads. Such a scene shocked Tyrant and Big Yellow, changing their views of Yang Bufan.

This was the power of deterrence, and inviolable dignity . In Evil Abyss, Yang Bufan was the true lord. No one would dare question him. These two experts realized how stupid they were to speak those words. Doubting the Evil Lord’s will here was no different than seeking death. Although they were mighty late Golden Immortal experts, Yang Bufan would only need to lift his finger to kill them.

At this time, the void inside the hall tremble all of a sudden. Then, an invisible door was opened. A silhouette flashed out from inside and landed in the hall. He wore a white robe. If he wasn’t Jiang Chen, then who could it be?

“Calm down Brother Yang. They were merely giving their two cents. It wasn’t their intention to offend Brother Yang.”

After Jiang Chen appeared, he immediately clenched his fists at Yang Bufan. He had heard and saw what had happened while he was at the end of the tunnel.

Now that the situation in the Evil Abyss was critical, these two men could be of great help in battle. More importantly, saying good things about them would make them feel gratified in Jiang Chen, which would help Jiang Chen in establis.h.i.+ng his position in Evil City.

“Get on your feet.”

Yang Bufan retracted his icy cold gaze and said plainly.

“Thank you City Lord.” “Thank you City Lord.”

Feeling the fading invisible pressure, they made a sigh of relief. Even though the pressure only lasted for a few seconds, it still felt like a few hundred years for them, as though they had circled h.e.l.l once.

“Thank you Brother Jiang. We should not have questioned Brother Jiang’s character.”

The two of them clasped their fists at Jiang Chen and one of them spoke. They now had a very good impression of Jiang Chen, he had just saved their lives in time.

Moreover, they felt guilty about what they thought and said about Jiang Chen. It was like they slapped themselves when they said that Jiang Chen wouldn’t return and in the next moment, Jiang Chen appeared right before them.

“We are a family. There’s no need to be overly polite.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Little Chen, you are back.”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s return, Tyrant and Big Yellow were incomparably delighted.


Jiang Chen nodded, then looked over to Yang Bufan. At this time, Yang Bufan was studying him from top to bottom. So did the other experts in the hall. When they noticed the changes in Jiang Chen’s Qi, they were astounded, including Yang Bufan.

“Brother Jiang is truly a rare genius. It has only been a few days, but Brother Jiang has already grown so much. If I’m not seeing this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Yang Bufan praised. He seldom praise someone, but Jiang Chen’s improvement really impressed him. Before Jiang Chen left, he was merely a late Heaven Immortal expert. In just a few days, Jiang Chen had actually reached the peak of the intermediate Divine Immortal realm. Such a huge leap rendered everyone speechless.

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