Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1315 – Supreme Order to Kill

Chapter 1315 – Supreme Order to Kill

Supreme Order to Kill

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The three major powers originally wanted to exert pressure on Tian Muyun, or even exterminate the whole Skycloud Pavilion, however, they couldn’t do so because Jiang Chen’s existence threatened them. Such a threat was even greater than Skycloud Pavilion. Therefore, their immediate priority was to eliminate Jiang Chen first instead of waging war against Skycloud Pavilion.

Whether Jiang Chen was personally sent into the Evil Abyss by Tian Muyun or not was no longer important to them. What was more important was to find Jiang Chen as soon as possible. As for their score with Tian Muyun, they would have to settle it later.

“Jiang Chen, as long as you are in One-Line-Sky, you won’t be able to escape even if you have three heads and six arms.” Dugu Sheng clenched his teeth and said. He had reasons to believe that there was nowhere that Jiang Chen could hide in One-Line-Sky.

“Every expert of Huangfu Family, listen up! Begin the search for Jiang Chen. We have to find him even if we have to dig our way into the ground!” Huangfu Yaotian clamored.

“I now issue the Supreme Order to Kill Jiang Chen to everyone in Yun Family. Seek for the traces of Jiang Chen across the entire One-Line-Sky. All rogue cultivators, listen up, if any of you can provide any news of Jiang Chen, Yun Family will reward you handsomely,” Yun Zhonghe commanded.

For an instant, the three major powers issued the order to kill to Jiang Chen. This had become the biggest event in One-Line-Sky.

Jiang Chen’s reputation was destined to rise to the peak. It was the first time that the three major powers had joined forces just to hunt down one man. This fact alone could spread Jiang Chen’s name across the world.

Afterwards, the experts of the three major powers left with the knowledge that from today onwards, there would be no peace in One-Line-Sky anymore, not until they find Jiang Chen.

“Pavilion Master, what do we do now? If the three major powers can’t find Junior Brother Jiang, they will eventually vent their anger on our Skycloud Pavilion.” Bu Qingfeng said with concern. As a first-rate genius, he was qualified to speak in front of Tian Muyun.

“Humph! Skycloud Pavilion isn’t a sect that can be easily bullied. I’m going into seclusion within the next few days. The moment I advanced to the true Immortal King realm, it will be their end.” Tian Muyun harrumphed coldly.

“Congratulations Pavilion Master. It seems like Pavilion Master has already grasped the threshold of the Immortal King realm,” said Daoist Yufeng.

Daoist Yufeng had seen Tian Muyun grow up and knew Tian Muyun’s extraordinary talent. He had long expected that Tian Muyun would become the first Immortal King in One-Line-Sky. Now, it seemed like it wouldn’t take long for this day to come. As long as Tian Muyun advanced to the Immortal King realm, it would be the rise of Skycloud Pavilion. By that time, they would surely conquer the entire One-Line-Sky.

“That’s right. I am incredibly close to the Immortal King realm now. All I need now is time. When I go into seclusion, you all will go look for Jiang Chen. If he’s found, bring him to see me,” Tian Muyun said.

“Rest a.s.sured Pavilion Master. Jiang Chen is one of the most remarkable talents that we’ve ever seen in ten thousand years. We will naturally attach great importance to him.” Daoist Yufeng said.

Ouyang He and Daoist Yufeng went way back. All these years, the both of them had built Skycloud Pavilion together, making it one of the four strongest major powers. Daoist Yufeng earned half of the credit for that. Naturally, Ouyang He’s death made him grieve. Fortunately, Tian Muyun was still alive, which had given him some hope.

He was thinking that if Tian Muyun could conquer the whole One-Line-Sky one day, Ouyang He would certainly be gratified.

Unfortunately, the poor Daoist Yufeng had been kept in the dark. If he knew that Ouyang He’s death was caused by Tian Muyun, it was highly likely that he would certainly go wild instead of speaking so politely to Tian Muyun.


Tian Muyun nodded, he then turned into a ray of light and vanished. The experts of Skycloud Pavilion soon followed.

“Elder Yang, my monstrous disciple isn’t dead yet. I’m sorry that you are disappointed.”

How could Tianji Zi miss out the chance to sneer at Yang Shu? It was because of Yang Shu that Jiang Chen was sent to the Evil Abyss, and this matter had been bugging him until just a while ago. But now, seeing Yang Shu’s sullen face made him feel ecstatic.

“Why are you being all over yourself? That son of a b*tch has created such a mess. Do you think that he can still actually survive this?” Yang Shu said coldly.

“It’s very unfortunate that this matter would certainly disappoint Elder Yang Shu again. This old man has just divined that my disciple would live for hundreds of years and won’t die so easily.”

After Tianji Zi finished speaking, he waved his sleeve and left in an arrogant way. Of course, he hadn’t divined anything for Jiang Chen, his Great Divination Art couldn’t divine anything from Jiang Chen, not even Jiang Chen’s luck. However, he still believed that Jiang Chen was going to live a long life. A person who could exit the Evil Abyss and escape from all the experts of One-Line-Sky would never die so easily.

“Conceited old man!”

Yang Shu couldn’t help but curse Tianji Zi’s fading image. The fact that Jiang Chen was still alive had put him in a very bad mood. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was just too scary. There would certainly be endless troubles if that b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn’t killed. Given the grudges between him and Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen would certainly not let him go.

Therefore, he had decided that he would personally look for Jiang Chen. Once he found him, he would kill him straightaway and root out any future troubles.

Soon, all the experts had left the scene. The atmosphere across the entire One-Line-Sky was filled with the smell of gunpowder (tension).

“Jiang Chen is truly amazing. I was afraid that he would be discovered by the higher-ups as soon as he come out. But I had never thought that he would just vanish without a trace, just like how he disappeared while fighting Yun Canglan.”

“Although he managed to escape, One-Line-Sky won’t have its peace. The three major powers have already issued the Supreme Order to Kill, which was the first time in the history of One-Line-Sky. I’m sure that only Jiang Chen could have such glory.”

“Do you all think that they can find Jiang Chen?”

“I think they can’t. Although the joint efforts of the three major powers is huge, Jiang Chen isn’t very easy to find. You all should already know that after witnessing his means.”


Many people were in discussion. The incidents that happened in the ancient tomb would surely spread across the entire One-Line-Sky sooner or later in great speed. The three major powers had virtually covered the whole One-Line-Sky, leaving Jiang Chen no place to hide, but plenty of them still believed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be easily found, as he had already created too many miracles.

As a matter of fact, even if the three major powers overturned the entire One-Line-Sky, they still wouldn’t be able to find a trace of Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen wasn’t in One-Line-Sky anymore, he had already returned to Evil Abyss.

The spatial talisman given by Yang Bufan was directly connected to Evil City, the place where Yang Bufan resided. As long as Jiang Chen used the spatial talisman, he would be able to arrive in Evil City and reunite with Yang Bufan.

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