Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1317 – Big Yellow’s Troubled Mind

Chapter 1317 – Big Yellow’s Troubled Mind

Big Yellow’s Troubled Mind

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It’s not only Yang Bufan who was astonished, but also the other experts in the hall after realizing that Jiang Chen was able to advance three levels in just a few days’ time. Is he still even human? Even a formidable heaven defying genius still wouldn’t be able to do so.

“This time, when I returned to One-Line-Sky, I happened to meet the opening of an ancient tomb. Inside, I have obtained tremendous benefits, which helped me drastically improve my cultivation. With my current strength, I won’t have any problems killing an intermediate Golden Immortal opponent with my full-fledged attack.” Jiang Chen said.

This wasn’t just a boastful remark. One should know that he was now at the peak of intermediate Divine Immortal realm, which was incomparable to the intermediate Divine Immortal realm. His combat strength was so much stronger, making him capable enough to kill early Golden Immortal geniuses like Yun Canglan. As the combat strength of an early Golden Immortal genius was as strong as an ordinary intermediate Golden Immortal expert, claiming that he could kill any ordinary intermediate Golden Immortal opponent was no exaggeration.

As to what benefits he had gotten, he didn’t say. The Immortal Execution Order in particular couldn’t be mentioned as it would create more troubles.


Everyone in the hall was shocked. Killing an intermediate Golden Immortal opponent while only being a peak intermediate Divine Immortal? Wasn’t this a joke? They would never believe it if this didn’t came out of Jiang Chen’s mouth. Since it was said by Jiang Chen, they had reasons to believe it. After all, all of them were crystal clear about his performance in the Evil Abyss previously. They knew that this man was a freak, an abnormal being. It had totally overturned their point of view.

“Haha! Good! I didn’t misread you after all. Brother Jiang has come back just at the right time. Due to the previous incident, the Evil Clan is preparing a large-scale attack. You are going to kick their a.s.ses again this time. As long as we join forces, we will only be days away from fully conquering the Evil Clan.”

Yang Bufan laughed delightfully. He was impressed by Jiang Chen, and he couldn’t help admiring this young genius. He called himself a rare genius, but compared to Jiang Chen, his talent was nothing. He surely couldn’t be compared to Jiang Chen if they have the same cultivation base.

Seeing the current Jiang Chen suddenly filled him with confidence in taking control of the Evil Clan. With his strength and Jiang Chen’s special devil-slaughtering means, it wouldn’t be long before this day came.

“The Evil Clan is becoming restless. That would be great. I was worried that I would have nothing to do as soon as I came back.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Now that he was back in Evil Abyss, his objective would be to wipe out the whole Evil Clan. His Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already reached the twenty-fourth level. The demonic devils would become the paG.o.da’s nourishment. His paG.o.da had to condense thirty-three levels as soon as possible so that he could unlock a few secrets of the paG.o.da, thus bringing ma.s.sive benefits to him.

“En, since Brother Jiang has just returned, rest first. We will talk about the matter of the Evil Clan later.” Yang Bufan said.

“All right.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Yang Bufan, then led Big Yellow and Tyrant out of the hall. At this time, the higher ups of Evil City had a very good impression of Jiang Chen, even though they were jealous of Jiang Chen before.

After all, everyone who was qualified to speak directly to the Evil Lord were all late Golden Immortal experts. All of them were powerful experts, except for Jiang Chen who was still a shrimp-like expert. But now, this small shrimp grew impressively fast. More importantly, just by how Jiang Chen stood up for the two had warmed their hearts.

Those two experts who doubted Yang Bufan’s judgment in particular knew very well that if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s timely rescue, even if the two of them didn’t die, they surely wouldn’t be able to escape a severe punishment.

In an elegant courtyard in the Prefecture, the three brothers gathered together.

“Quickly tell me, what kind of f*cking luck do you have this time? What benefits have you gotten that allowed you to advance this much?”

Big Yellow couldn’t wait anymore and asked as soon as they reached the courtyard. Tyrant also seemed incomparably interested. Jiang Chen’s improvement was, after all, too great. If it wasn’t because of some great benefits, he would never have such a big advancement.

“Big Yellow, have you heard of the Great Sovereign Zang Xian and the Immortal Execution King before?”

Jiang Chen’s tone turned solemn all of a sudden. He hadn’t forgotten the matter of Yan Chenyu yet.

After hearing these two names, an obvious tremble was happening in Big Yellow’s body. His eyes shone with trembling light, but he masked it very quickly, not even Jiang Chen had detected it.

“I do know something about the Immortal World, but it isn’t something related to Ethereal Immortal Domain. As for those two Great Sovereigns, Great Sovereign Zang Xian and Immortal Execution King, they are almost known to everyone. Why do you suddenly ask about this?” Big Yellow asked curiously.

“An ancient tomb has been opened in One-Line-Sky and I have seen the Immortal Burying Coffin and Immortal Execution Order inside,” said Jiang Chen.

“What? The Immortal Burying Coffin is the Natal Magical Treasure of Great Sovereign Zang Xian. It’s a mighty Great Sovereign Weapon. How could it appear in the ancient tomb? And that Immortal Execution Order, why would it also appear in One-Line-Sky? Could it be that Great Sovereign Zang Xian has fallen? Even if Great Sovereign Zang Xian had already fallen, he wouldn’t leave his burial in an insignificant place like One-Line-Sky.” Big Yellow was astounded.


Jiang Chen turned his palm and the Immortal Execution Order emerged. Looking at the token, Big Yellow’s eyes turned even more complicated, it was like he was extremely familiar with this token.

“It sure is the Immortal Execution Order.” Big Yellow said flatly.

“Great Sovereign Zang Xian isn’t dead yet. Inside the Immortal Burying Coffin is a female corpse. She looked exactly like Xiao Yu. I don’t know if she’s the real Xiao Yu, but I’m sure that she must be related to Xiao Yu, because no one was able to get close to the Ice Coffin to get the Immortal Execution Order except for me. It must be Xiao Yu who helped me.”

Jiang Chen told them everything that happened in the ancient tomb. There was nothing that he should hide from these two sworn brothers of his.

“How could it be possible? Xiao Yu came from Saint Origin World and she should still be alive. How could she be lying in the Great Sovereign’s Weapon in the ancient tomb?”

Tyrant was shocked. In fact, anyone who heard this news would be shocked as well. At that time, Jiang Chen was just as shocked as his sworn brothers.

“Xiao Yu… how could this be related to Xiao Yu?”

Big Yellow knitted his brows tightly and murmured. His expression had become unusual.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant could discern that something wasn’t right with Big Yellow. Jiang Chen in particular knew that Big Yellow must have some kind of secret, but Big Yellow refused to talk about it. Although this dog hadn’t been to the Immortal World before, he had known many things in this world. It seemed as if the emergence of the Immortal Execution Order and the Immortal Burying Coffin had brought back some of Big Yellow’s old memories.

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