Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1314 – Searching for Jiang Chen

Chapter 1314 – Searching for Jiang Chen

Searching for Jiang Chen

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“What exactly happened inside?” Yun Zhonghe looked over at a disciple of Yun Family and asked.

“Patriarch. All valuable treasures in the ancient tomb have been gotten by Jiang Chen…”

The disciple told him everything that happened inside the tomb without attempting to hide anything. His voice was loud and clear. Everyone on the scene heard it clearly.

The wondrous rock, the heart of magma, the Immortal Burying Coffin, the female corpse and the Immortal Execution Order – every one of it came out of the disciple’s mouth, causing the One-Line Eight Immortals to gape at him, especially when they heard about the Immortal Execution Order and the Immortal Burying Coffin. Their reaction was almost identical to those who were in the ice palace before.

The Immortal Burying Coffin and the Immortal Execution Order were related to Great Sovereign Zang Xian and Immortal Execution King. If they knew that these great items were inside the ancient tomb before, they would’ve joined the expedition themselves.

“My G.o.d! I had never thought that this miniature ancient tomb could hide such a huge secret. Even the Immortal Burying Coffin and the Immortal Execution Order were in there. Great Sovereign Zang Xian is a renowned sovereign in the Immortal World. How could his Natal Weapon appear in a small place like One-Line-Sky?”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t go in and witnessed that legendary item.”


Everyone was shocked. Although they were the overlords of One-Line-Sky, a mighty Immortal Sovereign was still an unsurpa.s.sed existence to them, an existence that they could never reach in their lifetime. Every Great Sovereign that was born was destined to be extraordinary and well-known.

“So, does this mean that Jiang Chen has also taken the Immortal Execution Order?” Dugu Sheng asked coldly.

The Immortal Execution Order was what they were most concerned about. The wondrous rock and heart of magma weren’t something as important. Anyone who obtained the Immortal Execution Order could make a request from the Immortal Execution King. Thus, the order itself was an invaluable treasure, it was incomparable to any kind of treasures as that was akin to a promise made by the Immortal Execution King himself.

Even if they weren’t capable enough to meet the Immortal Execution King, with the Immortal Execution Order in hand, it would be possible for them to do so.

“Yes indeed, Jiang Chen has also taken the Immortal Execution Order,” someone replied.

“Good, good. That son of a b*tch really is insane. He has killed so many of our geniuses just for the Immortal Execution Order. I definitely won’t let today’s matter rest.”

Huangfu Yaotian was furious, he was filled with hatred especially since his son was killed. Plus, Jiang Chen’s existence had made him feel a sense of crisis. Looking back, the time Jiang Chen stepped into one of his ore mines and destroyed it up to the present wasn’t a long time. To be able to grow from an insect-like figure to this extent within such a short period of time was heaven defying. No one would believe it if it wasn’t for real.

By this time, the only thing that the three major powers could do was to eliminate him as soon as possible. A man like him was just too scary. They couldn’t allow him to continue growing, or else, it wouldn’t take long before they lost control over him. The moment Jiang Chen matured, it would surely be their end.

The three overlords exchanged a glance with one another and understood what their next move was. The three of them turned to Skycloud Pavilion’s group at the same time.

“Tian Muyun, you have used a really good card, aren’t you? All of us have been fooled by you,” Dugu Sheng said coldly.

“Dugu Sheng, what do you mean?”

Tian Muyun was in a terrible mood, so he naturally didn’t sound very kind.

“What do he means? Tian Muyun, do you still want to pretend even at this time? You have announced that you have already sent Jiang Chen into the Evil Abyss personally, but Jiang Chen has just appeared in the ancient tomb. How do you explain this? We have lost so many geniuses and this has a direct relations.h.i.+p with you.” Yun Zhonghe spoke coldly.

They weren’t fools. They were able to figure out the dirty trick that Tian Muyun had used. They all believed that although Jiang Chen was heaven defying, he could never walk out of the Evil Abyss alive. So the only explanation was that Jiang Chen had never entered the Evil Abyss to begin with. All of these were just a conspiracy. It was a method that Tian Muyun used to protect Jiang Chen, secretly buying time for Jiang Chen to grow.

Yang Shu, who was standing next to Tian Muyun, was frowning at the Pavilion Master. At this point, even he had some doubts. After all, he was absent when Tian Muyun sent Jiang Chen into the Evil Abyss. He, too, thought that Jiang Chen had never entered the Evil Abyss, he also didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could do the impossible, exiting the Evil Abyss alive.

The one who understood Jiang Chen’s situation best was Tianji Zi. He was certain that Jiang Chen had been sent into the Evil Abyss. He didn’t care how depressed the others were feeling right now because he was overjoyed that his disciple was so capable.

“Humph! I, Tian Muyun, have always acted in an open and transparent manner. Like I said, I have already sent him into the Evil Abyss. As to how he could exit the Evil Abyss, I don’t know. I can personally a.s.sure you that I have sent Jiang Chen into that world. Whether you believe it or not is up to all of you. I don’t think that there’s a need for me to explain this in detail to you all.”

Tian Muyun spoke coldly. Given his haughtiness, he would never make a lengthy explanation to anyone.

“Tian Muyun, I don’t care if what you are saying is true or false. Now that this incident has happened, we have to claim our justice. My son can’t die in vain. I hope you can hand over Jiang Chen to us.” Yun Zhonghe said.

Upon hearing this, Tian Muyun felt the urge to explode. He himself also wanted to find Jiang Chen, he wanted to find this young genius even more than anyone here. He wanted to know how Jiang Chen got out of Evil Abyss and how the Immortal Execution Order looked like.

“Yun Zhonghe, are you blind? We have been standing here all the while. Have you ever seen Jiang Chen come out? If you all don’t know where he is, how am I going to know? If I were you all, I won’t be standing here talking nonsense, but instead look for traces of Jiang Chen.”

Tian Muyun spoke. As a matter of fact, he wanted to look for traces of Jiang Chen himself. One thing was certain, Jiang Chen had indeed walked out of Evil Abyss alive, but he had never appeared here. This indicated that Jiang Chen had already antic.i.p.ated this situation ahead of time and secretly escaped.

Dugu Sheng and the others faces were sullen, however, what Tian Muyun said was true. After all, it was impossible for Tian Muyun to hide Jiang Chen right in front of their faces. The only explanation was that Jiang Chen had already fled. What they needed to do now was to look for him and take him out to prevent him from growing any stronger.

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